Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Back from America.

Well, I just flew in from a weeks vacation in Florida, so I thought I'd give people a run down of the "state of the nation", from my perspective.

I've never been to Florida before, so I guess I had a few preconceptions about the place. In my mind, this was going to be Bush country. Indeed, I suspected that anyone daring to support the democrats would be shot.

Needless to say, I was solidly wrong on that score. The first thing you notice as you walk around, is while there is certainly a lot of McCain/Palin banners etc, there is at least the same amount of Obama/Biden stuff. This in what should be base for McCain suggests to me that the media have probably done their job in talking Obama to victory.

Walking around the Mauls really does give you some idea of how much effort is being made for the New Messiah. Many of the big chain shops urge people to vote and give credibility to this sham of an election. The fact you couldn't put a fag paper between the two candidates in reality, isn't a view you will hear from the media at all.

This is the same old Red Vs Blue con job that we get crammed down our throats and a largely gullible and unthinking public just swallow it whole. One thing did make me laugh at my hotel in Cocoa Beach. There was a Harley Davidson convention, where lots of ageing bikers came to show off their old bikes and their motorcycles (just kidding ladies). One of the bikes was kitted out with machine guns, rocket launchers and USA flags. I laughed and the owner piped up, "Hey buddy, we call that the Obama Mobile, because if he wins we are going to need it".

That's about the whole election in a nutshell really. A small bunch of pro-war people left, in coalition with racists and died in the wool Republicans, being pitted against the "any change will do", anti-war, Democrats and probably the majority of Black voters. The fact their man has not really suggested much change at all and will probably go an kick Iran's butt, maybe after some sort of excuse is found first.

The president really is just a puppet anyway. A front man for the same powerful interests that brought us the credit crunch, Iraq war, North American Union and the slow, but quicken move towards a 1984 style planet. Personally if I were an American, I would write in Ron Paul, or possibly vote for one of the smaller parties. I think Ron Paul really could do with coordinating his supporters on this issue. Maybe he has or will, I don't know.

Other than that, it would a nice, if expensive holiday. I like the USA for what it was built on (IE freedom), but I see the same cancerous signs that we have here in the UK. One truly absurd thing (absurd is what leftism breeds), is what is happening to their road laws. While they still have no speed cameras (at least none that I saw), everyone drives around scared to go about 70, even if the road is long and straight and they are the only people on it. There are a lot of police patrols, but more it is the signs telling you that fines will double in certain areas etc. I'm guessing the cameras will come at some point.

Even worse than that, is you do have to where a seatbelt in Florida now, by law. That's right, in the land of the free, the Nanny state can force you to strap a seat belt on, even if you don't mind taking the risk. Bikers can ride their bikes (without seatbelt of course), still free to not wear any helmet though. I guess that will change one day, but it just goes to show how ridiculous things can become, as fascism creeps its way slowly into a country's culture.

Smoking is allowed in bars still, but I don't think that will last for much longer. My cousin works in a bar and she had a bit of a grizzle about it. A lot of bars have rules saying you can't spoke near the bar itself, but not all of them. Not sure why my cousin thinks the owner should provide employment to her exact specification, but its hardly a minority view. A lot of people seem to think they are owed a living by someone else and to their exact liking.

I always feel a bit of a sell out going to the States now, as I swore I wouldn't surrender to their Nazi fingerprinting of people. I had to way up the fact that my job requires me to go to the states though, with how much the issue meant to me. If it was this country, I will quit a job over the issue, but I guess I justified my surrender, by the fact it is Americas rules for their people. I still hate the fact, especially as I am sure they won't hesitate to allow access to their database, to our own little bunch of Hitlers.

It has become worse now though, as the theme parks now demand EVERYONE surrender their print. If that was the UK, I would have turned right around and told them to fuck off. Seeing as they already have all of my prints now, it made little difference to me, but it saddened me to see so many Americans submitting to it like sheep. Maybe they trust private enterprise to only use it for the right reasons. What those reasons are I can't think? The only place they seems to be used, was so you could open a locker for bags etc. Nothing a key, password or code couldn't have achieved. Maybe they have a terrorist and paedophile list too. I guess you could justify it on that score.

The Television in the US is still awful. It truly does make you wonder if dumbing down the people is a desired goal for someone. The food is good in some ways, awful in others. The number of all you can eat buffets, truly does encourage you to become fat, but again that is down to people whether they want to do that or not. The beer is weak and piss like.

So in summary, I think the US is in big trouble, like the rest of us, but you never know. There certainly is a growing number of people there who are starting to ignore the mainstream media bombardment of their senses and are beginning to think for themselves. I think the war to regain freedom is still in its very early stages.

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