Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Farage of UKIP gets it spot on

Whatever UKIP's faults, Nigel Farage is a beacon of truth in the clown parliament. Seeing little fascists getting upset at him, makes it worth voting UKIP at EU elections.


EU-Critic for Freedom's Sake said...

LOL, that little fascist's political hobby is to call his opponents 'fascists'. A pathetic man who shot to fame solely at the expense of Berlusconi who had jokingly likened him to "Commandante Schultz", a Nazi commander of a POW camp in the American comedy series "Hogan's Heroes", which was very popular in Italy but totally unknown in Germany.

Matt Davies said...

Another one of Nige's fan club I see. I have good friends who have the same opinion, but in my direct personal experience, I have only seen him be a bit of a political eel (which I think you have to be to be successful!)

He is still a beacon of truth, compared to the rest of em, but there are good reasons why I am not still a UKIP member.