Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Is Jaqui Smith the dumbest cow on the planet?

Moron Fodder News

A "presumption in favour of exclusion" is being introduced to make it easier to prevent extremists entering the UK, Home Secretary Jacqui Smith has said.

Hands up who starts twitching when they read statements like this? It is so riddled with holes straight off the bat, that you just worry what is to come. So, let's go through it; bit by bit.

1) Presumption of exclusion of who? We all know that the EU tells us who we can and can't let in within the EU, so for starters, this can ONLY apply to rest of the world.

2) What is an extremist? I think the Labour Party are extremists and have backed their extreme views, with extreme actions. They have created a horrible surveillance society. They have whipped up hatred with preemptive and illegal war. They have surrendered Britain's democracy to a neo communist dictatorship. I wonder if their view extreme, is anyone who believes in freedom.

Ms Smith said it would now be up to the individual concerned to prove they would not "stir up tension" in the UK.

Ah, the old presumption of guilt before innocence. More in line with their masters way of thinking and Britain's long respected tradition of common law, but then this lot see 1984 as a step by step instruction guide.

For the first time a list of the names of those excluded - including so-called "preachers of hate" - will be published and shared with other countries.

Preachers of hate. That'll be anyone who is against them, via blogs etc then. You see where this is going right?

Ms Smith said: "Through these tough new measures I will stop those who want to spread extremism, hatred and violent messages in our communities from coming to our country.

Now the violent messages, when proven I can accept. If people are whipping up others to kill etc, then Britain's long held "incitement" laws had that covered, as long as you can prove it. The other stuff makes me deeply uneasy though. Extremism can be applied to almost anything, if it isn't something you personally don't believe in. The BNP think it is extreme to let people other than white into the country. Imagine if they got into power, with the full totalitarian structure in place, created by this bunch of cretins?

"Coming to the UK is a privilege and I refuse to extend that privilege to individuals who abuse our standards and values to undermine our way of life."

Oh how I laughed at this. It used to be a privilege, but as long as you belong to the Socialist Fascist States of Europa, you now have the RIGHT to come here no matter what. You can be broke, a criminal, extreme or whatever, but as long as your government sold out like ours, then you will be welcome.

The changes will not require new legislation and are aimed at tackling "individuals who foster extremism or hate" - including radical Islamists, neo-Nazis and violent animal rights activists.

Will not require new legislation = we already are in the deep shit. They are making up stuff as they go along now, without any kind of checks and balances. I think they are Neo Nazis, so does that mean they will be stopped when coming back from their holidays? No I didn't think so. Why are animal rights activists singled out too? Why not just anyone who uses violence to further their aims. Oh that'll be because Labour sanctioned violence in Iraq, based on lies. That's not extreme at all is it!

Keith Vaz, chairman of the Home Affairs Committee, said there should be tougher measures to help remove foreigners inciting violence who are already based in the UK

Only you believe that anyone from an EU assimilated part of Europe isn't foreign don't you weasel boy. I'd like to see British people rounded up too, such as Blair and most of the Labour Party. They all incited and COMMITTED some major violence against Iraq.

Blue Labour can't comment of course, because they basically bat for the same team, as do the Lib Dem's. Hence we get the pitiful waffle we see from their EU loving muppets in this article.

When are we going to see the media give a voice to a party, that does actually believe in freedom?

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