Thursday, 16 October 2008

Lets all go back to the stone ages!


The government has committed the UK to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by the middle of this century.

Climate Change and Energy Secretary Ed Miliband said the current 60% target would be replaced by a higher goal.

He told MPs the government would not "row back" on green issues in the light of the current economic crisis.

What planet do these arseholes live on? Millipede II is just as big a creep as his mega creepy brother.

Just when people are losing their life savings, homes and jobs, this tit of the first order comes out with this.

Well you pleb, I am not here to be your bitch to control. If your wank target is to cut co2 by 80%, then mine is to double my own amount.

Watch as Blue Labour take this manure on in full and help Britain become the 3rd world country they seem to want it to be.


Houseman said...

How very kind of Mr. Miliband to pledge even more of our money in the pursuit of his political ambitions!

You can see how serious a threat global warming is - our ever dependable corporatist media (and their rich sponsors) bang on about it at length, while somehow overlooking the fact that the 2007 global average temperature was 0.69C lower than that of 2006!

May we all look forward to carbon tax rebates from the pockets of Mr. Miliband and his ilk when the "man-made global warming" thesis is finally and decisively laid to rest?

- Houseman

DC said...

I'm sure the U.S. will follow close behind the U.K. in pushing some sort of policy similar to the 80% cut in greenhouse gas emissions you are seeing implamented in the U.K.

-David Carlson