Thursday, 30 October 2008

The war on smokers (and freedom) continues.

Daily Fail

Smokers could be completely banned from fostering children under controversial proposals branded health 'fascism' by opponents.
Redbridge in East London is believed to the first council in the country to consider a total ban on foster carers who smoke, no matter how old the child they want to look after.

Fascism and persecution rolled into one. Both my parents smoked (until I bullied them into quiting) and they were the best parents there are. They produce 3 independent, hard working and family orientated children. The fact they smoked made ZERO difference to this fact.

How much longer are the British people going to put up with the Nazi influence? The Germans didn't see Hitler coming, but we don't have that excuse. It's time to start taking some serious action.

I am sending my useless MP a copy of 1984 today. Yep I paid for it out of my own cash, but it is important that he realises what his and his buddies inaction is allowing.

Check the Libertarian Party website for more. We have every MP covered now!

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