Friday, 31 October 2008

Woking says "Let's try Communism again", as ordered by the EU

Woking Rag

Surrey local authority pioneers scheme to purchase residential sites for social housing

Surrey councils are preparing to spend hundreds of millions of pounds purchasing stalled residential building sites for social housing.

In what is thought to be the first project of its kind, Woking council will vote in December on raising up to £300m to unblock stalled developments.

The council has already committed itself to spending £30m over the next six years on buying up private properties as part of its social housing investment programme. The further funding could be borrowed from the public works loans board, the government agency that funds capital projects.

Ray Morgan, Woking’s chief executive, who initiated the scheme, said: “Perhaps we can help bring forward sites that are stalled or nearing completion but at risk of non-sale through lack of mortgage availability.”

Good old Ray. Never afraid to say "YES" to his masters.

Anyone paying the slightest attention, knows that SEERA calls the shots on housing now. SEERA are directly accountable to the EU and the plan to concreate over Britain, so they can fit the worlds population in continues at pace.

It would seem that our Lords and Master at the EU think that cramming us all into low cost, low quality and crime ridden Megacities is the way to go. This wouldn't happen naturally, so they steal our cash from us and then use it to make it happen.

Why? Who knows. Maybe it is the thought of lots of cheap, easy to control, down trodden serfs that appeal to the elite that push this agenda.

Maybe they, like our MPs, think 1984 is an instruction manual.

Or maybe they think a pyramid scheme of bringing in more and more youngsters, to pay for the old, whose money they have pissed away is a good idea. The fact you will need ever more people, or crammed into one small island doesn't really compute. Unless there is some sort of war or terrorist outrage that could solve it for them.

It all sounds a bit like science fiction really, doesn't it. Yes, but look around you and it's losing the fiction part seemingly every day.

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