Tuesday, 4 November 2008

10 million to tell us how to make tea!

Daily Fail

In the latest initiative designed to make us more environmentally friendly, Government advisers are calling on businesses to appoint tea monitors to make sure staff don't overfill the kettle at work.

The quango Envirowise is also telling workers to use teapots when making rounds of hot drinks and is calling for a return of old-fashioned tea urns.

Envirowise - which gets £10million a year from taxpayers to advise businesses on being green - says the crackdown will cut greenhouse gas emissions and help beleaguered businesses save money.

Critics pointed out that in the current testing economic times, small firms had bigger problems to worry about than tea bags.

Susie Squire of the TaxPayers' Alliance said: 'This is yet another example of a taxpayer-funded quango doling out useless advice. People are sick of these quangocrats wasting our time and money.'

Envirowise - which is funded by the Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs - estimates that more than 30billion cups of water are unnecessarily boiled each year.

Could you make this up? Oh no.

Now once again, most people paying attention will know that most of these quangos, and indeed DEFRA itself, basically report direct to our masters in Brussels.

Is is 10 million (stolen from the the taxpayer) worth it?

Is it fuck. The only people who should be funding this, IF, they want to, is the business themselves. They have to fund the energy bills and if they want to take an environmental line, that is up to them too. Robbing people to fund this kind of utter shite, is morally repugnant.

Yep the EU is the source of this shit, but they wouldn't be able to do this, if it wasn't for the traitors we have in Westminster.

1984 isn't an instruction manual. Let's hope the 1984 campaign reminds them of that tomorrow.


Ian_QT said...

Why do you feel the need to insult the source you have used for this story in the post?

Matt Davies said...

The Daily Fail?

Because it is an establishment rag in the main, that helps perpetuate the mess we are in.

True it isn't the Guardian, but that isn't enough for me.

When they start identifying the real issues holding this country back, I'll continue to know it as The Daily Fail.