Monday, 10 November 2008

After the drinker, came the eater!


Roadside vans offering greasy snacks will be shut down if they fail to offer healthier alternatives, according to new rules.

The snack vans, often found in busy lay-bys, must now offer soup, salads or low fat yogurts with their artery-clogging kebabs.
They must also limit the amount of mayonnaise served - because it has been branded a "very high fat product".
Environmental health officers will inspect menus during routine hygiene checks.
And traders who fail to meet the strict new standards in Guildford, Surrey, will be refused a street trader's licence when it comes up for renewal each year.

The fact no one will buy this shit and the vans will have to put prices up, or go bust to compensate for that, probably is exactly why the fascists are doing this.

Small business being forced to do this, means some will go bust.

And who runs the council in Guildford?

Labour? No.
Lib Dems? No.


Screw the Tories. They aren't the solution. They aren't change.

Don't vote for any of the old Troika.

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