Saturday, 15 November 2008

Baby P, My view.

O.K. Let's get this straight. I feel total sorrow for the poor little wretch and all others like him. When your own mother, father or both are evil pond scum, then you were dealt just about the worst card possible.

The parents for me in this situation are the one's who everyone's fury should be directed at. To do what was done to that child, is nothing short of evil and the punishment should fit the crime.

It's situations like this that make me think the death penalty should be an option, but as I can't trust the state to not abuse that and I also think it would be a quick way out for the vermin that did this; I instead come down of the side of life imprisonment (and I mean life), eating bland, low quality food, doing hard labour and no visiting rights.

Cruel? Yes, as I said, that would be a punishment to fit the crime.

Next the media. I think the outrage being poured out is fair enough, but the "solutions" being called for are not. At the end of the day, you will NEVER stop this kind of thing completely. Calls for this never to happen again is all well and good, but the bottom line is evil people, will always find ways of committing.

Look at prisons. Supposed to be about as secure and controlled as it can be, yet you still have beatings, murders, rapes etc. You simply can't stop it, even if everyone was under lock and key, with CCTV watching them every minute of the day.

So let's get this ridiculous notion that in some way society can eradicate such things. All we can do is make it 100% clear that the punishment will be harsh beyond belief if you do hurt others and maybe more so for children (who deserve extra protection).

I keep hearing massive attacks on the council and social workers involved in this case. Well, I'm not going to join the chorus. I don't for a minute think they take cases lightly and we don't know all the facts. The papers are very good in hindsight, but I am positive that there will have been good reasons why they didn't take the child away earlier.

Having said that, I would sack them all. I simply don't except that as a society, we should be outsourcing the role to people, especially using stolen money to pay them. No, instead I think we ALL have to start taking responsibility for such things. Neighbours, relatives, friends, workers, whoever. If we can't all take it upon ourselves, to DO something when we see such evil, then what hope do we have?

If we can't spot such evil, then what chance have "Social Workers" got? They are people like the rest of us, only they are doing it as a job, instead of because they care. Sure they will probably care too, but I don't feel at all comfortable in the state paying people to do what we should all be doing anyway.

The fact we do all keep outsourcing the role to the state, I believe makes it MORE likely that such things will happen more often. I am positive that Socialism, based on the notion that stealing is O.K. and that the State will do everything for you, will created the non-responsible, failing society that we have today.

You will never stop evil, but we sure as hell can stop making the conditions right for it to flourish. That is what I believe we have today and instead of addressing the root of the problem, we have blame of a few individuals and screams for the conditions to be made worse.

Come on people, we need to fix society by making it more free and responsible, not more of the same.


transfattyacid said...

The only problem with your arguement is that it misses the point.

The reason Baby Peter was left to suffer was because the priority was not to protect him, but to come up with a careplan that meant that he was no longer on the at risk register. Because his mother was deemed to be cooperating the child's welfare was entirely overlooked.

This was the basis of Ms Kemal's complaint - and it also explains why when the CSCI investigated they did not uphold her complaint, because their task is to look purely at statistical outcomes and not at the actuality of cases.

The funding of the police and the social services relied on meeting targets, one of which was the number of children removed from the at risk register.

Matt Davies said...

Missing the point is a pretty big problem!

I agree with all you say about hitting targets causing grief, but for me that is all secondary. We are outsourcing the problem, to large, big state solutions.

That in itself causes a vicious circle of dependence and loss of personal responsibility.

We could probably tinker with the current system, slash targets etc, but it would still not stop this sort of thing happening. Nothing would.

However, it is my belief (and that's all it is), that a society based on individual responsibility and freedom, would have less instances of this sort of thing and would have society as a whole looking out for each other, rather than expecting the government to do everything for us.