Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

He don't get it

Paul Flynn really doesn't seem to understand. Let's go though his latest response to the gift of the book 1984.

This is all very interesting.

Good, maybe it will make you start thinking again. Read the book again and look for some parallels to today's Britain.

Can the 30 or so people who have written to me really believe that UK 2008 is similar to Orwell's 1984? Possibly Zimbabwe, Myanmar, North Korea could be compared with some aspects of 1984.

Thick or facetious? You decide.

But Britain? Many of the Liberation Party

This is his little joke. I found it quite amusing really, because liberation really is what we need from this bunch.

may be opposed to this Government and thy are having a go which they are entitled to do on the shaky basis of a threat to Liberty.

Shaky basis. That's why Britain is sliding down the world rankings on such issues. That's why more and more people are saying the words "police state". That's why they won't even dare let us near them any more. You have no idea do you, all warm inside that Westminster bubble.

Some quote isolated idiocies that occur and are reported in lurid terms by the Tory Press.

Still can't get past the ol' "red vs blue" can you. He's institutionalised to the point, where playing out the puppet show is all he knows. Kick him out and he will be a lost, bewildered and scared. That's what he must be though, kicked out and kicked out soon.

But they are not typical or significant.

Oh some of them are very significant, such as being fined for everything going now. I wouldn't call Brazilians being executed in public not significant either. I could go in to the vast wealth of material that is significant and typical, but all you have to do is go through this blog. Something is very wrong in this country, but our MPs seem to think all is rosy. Or they pretend to anyway.

They are certainly not Government policies, they are rare aberrations that are blown up into absurdities. The absurdities are then attacked.

Does he believe this? Lisbon Treaty, ID cards, Illegal wars, huge taxation, oh I could go on for ever. Sure the EU tells us what to do most of the time now, but that is only because this government allows it. This is 100% government policy. The policy of meek surrender of our freedoms and right to determine our own future.

As an MP I have opposed ID cards, 90 and 42 days and drugs prohibition. Not on the grounds of Liberty because I do not think it is threatened. I have been against these because they do not work and do more harm than good.

Well that makes you better than some, but the fact you don't see liberty as important, or under threat, is quite frankly, frightening. It does explain a lot though. It seems history isn't a hot favourite in the HOC.

This Government has given away more power than any other Government ever, with devolved government in Wales, Scotland and NI and a transparency of central power with FOI.

For a moment their, I thought we were going to get some honesty. They have given nearly all the power away, to the EU. An EU that WANTS Britain split up into warring factions. Divide and conquer.

Tonight the now fully independent National Statistics Authority had a presentation in the Commons. To their great credit, The Government has given them full autonomy to research and publish vital statistics. They deserve great credit for giving freedom to the Authority.

Interesting to see you use the word "They" there. Statistics, lies and more statistics. When I see Labour use the words "fully independent", I take it to mean they are independent of any public scrutiny.

They will be before the PASC Select Committee today. We will work with them to restore faith in National Statistics.

And you really think that by you working with them, that this will happen. Wake up and smell the coffee; no one believes or trusts you. Your base is the 1 in 5 that do well out of the stolen booty. The fact you only get 1 in 5 after doing that, should tell you something.

I can understand anti-Government zealots attacking the Government using liberty as an excuse.

It's the only excuse needed and the reason tyrants and fascists throughout the ages, always get theirs in the end.

But there is little substance in their arguments.

So little, that you can't/won't respond to 99% of them.

There are advantages in all the changes listed.

Nearly all outweighed by the disadvantages. Hence the reason more and more Brits are leaving, to be replaced by the desperate who think Britain will be better than their 3rd world nations.

Yes even a national DNA database would be very valuable resource.

Hitler, Stalin and Pol Pot would have agreed. Will your grandchildren? And you are willing to take that risk, given the worlds history with governments?

You really can't be that stupid, so what are you?

Why let criminals get away with it because of a mild harmless infringements of liberty?

Another stunning quote for use by your enemies. I hope it helps get you booted out.

Is this really a major issue? I cannot see it.

Which is why you were sent the book. Sadly you don't want to see it, so all it has done, is expose you as another Borg fascist.


Technomist said...

Well, you tried. Paul Flynn won't be able to plead ignorance.

Matt Davies said...

No he won't.

I'm hoping that behind closed doors, they are all talking about it.

Reflecting and recognising that they might, just might be getting it wrong.

I wouldn't bet on it though.