Wednesday, 26 November 2008

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Over the years the worlds best computer scientists, combined with ever improving hardware and software, have battled to create a piece of software that can predict.

How many big pools wins have they turned up? 0
How many multi-millionaires are there from gambling with them? 0
How many Newspapers print the always winning tips from them? 0

All of these areas have a fairly limited amount of variables, when compared to a planets environment. Even so, they all fail MISERABLY.

Indeed, most of these pieces of crapola are seen as a complete SCAM.

So tell me this. Why do so called scientists give such software the time of day, with something as immensely complex as planetary climate? The complexity is multiple times more complex, with multiple times more "unpredictable" events and huge amounts of more dynamic factors.

We are so far off being able to predict climate, that you might as well pull out a dead chicken, wave it around and use the first number you can think of. It would have just as much chance of being accurate, as computer climate models.

Yet the mentally challenged still put huge amounts of faith in this high tech voodoo.

How did we re-enter the dark ages again? Did we ever leave them?

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