Monday, 10 November 2008

First they came for the smoker. The drinker gets it next


LONDON (Reuters) - Supermarkets should be banned from selling alcohol below cost price and time called on pub "happy hours" to halt a torrent of booze-fueled violence, a parliamentary committee said on Monday.

The level of alcohol-fueled disorder at weekends is distorting police shift patterns as resources are diverted to cope, the Commons Home Affairs Committee said.

In a report on policing, the MPs blamed the availability of cheap alcohol for the level of violence on the streets and called for a minimum price for booze.

Vaz the fascist who loves the EU and wants to make everyone its bitch.

So let's get this straight. Instead of going after the thugs themselves and hitting them hard, they choose to ruin it for all.

I like a drink now and then and after a hard day's production for this wretched government, I like to have a cold cheap beer. Sometimes, I even splash out and have a Leffe!

If the future though, this odious little prick and his chums from the LibLabConsens wants us all to pay big time.

Will it stop the thugs? No, they'll just turn to glue, or black market stuff. No one buys their fags from Britain any more and moron boy wants to drive drink into the criminals hands too.

It's time to make a choice Britain. Freedom or fascism? Which is it to be?

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