Saturday, 8 November 2008

I am now SERIOUSLY beginning to like Jamie Oliver

HT UKIP blog

Anyone thought of sending Jamie Oliver a membership pack yet?

Same woman MP: But EU commissioners are meeting in a weeks time to look at this again, so what is your message to them?

Jamie: I just have no faith that anything good will come out of it. It'll take ages, it'll be disappointing and it'll be unclear, and there'll be loopholes. I wish it [the EU] never existed. And labelling is a perfect example - Britain cannot decide what its minimum standards for labelling and clarity are, because it has to go through the EU, and the EU has a lot more to worry about than just Great Britain, and frankly I only care about Great Britain. I can take you to a supermarket now and it will say sourced in the UK, and on the back it will say 'From Denmark'; how dare they!...It's a big old subject. Don't get me off on one or I will go on a tangent

On how many levels is this right? So many.

Spot on Mr Oliver. Instead of doing what is right for this country and its people, we have to go begging the EU to LET US do it. All for billions of pounds!

It is utter lunacy and Jamie Oliver has just one area where the cancer of the EU is destroying us and other nations in Europe.

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do you know where i can find the video?