Sunday, 23 November 2008

Labour. Theiving robber barons

Murdoch News

Tax rises could be revealed in the Chancellor's pre-Budget report to pay for a possible cut in the rate of VAT and a cash injection of between £15 and £20bn into the economy.

Sky News reporter Jon Craig said: "The Tories have been talking about a tax bombshell - Sky sources have told me that Darling will announce plans for a new top rate of tax to come in after the next general election.

"I'm told this will affect anybody earning perhaps as much as £150,000 per year.

Oh great. More incentives for the hardworking and successful to stop bothering, or ship out altogether.

150k might seem a lot right now, but give it a few years and it'll be the average. People earning overtime will be discouraged and many will simply deploy tactics to get around it.

Why are people accepting this pathetic bitch of the EU, stealing even more fruits of the peoples Labour. They will waste it, like they already waste most of our money. They are parasites.

I hope all those looking smugly at the well off, thinking ah ha it's you and not me, realise who will pay for this in the end. That's all of us, for allowing theft. Oh and if you think people like footballers etc will pay, then think on. They will just get a rise to cover it and clubs will pass it on to the working man through ticket prices.

STEALING IS WRONG AND EVIL. Maybe even more so when it is targetted at the hard working and succesful in society.

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