Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Prove me wrong Obama

So, for the first time in years, I didn't bother to stay up to even see one result come in last night. The MSM had already told us who was going to win and I couldn't really care less which of them did. Both the same, both will do nothing to shrink the government back to constitutional size.

When I did turn on the idiot box this a.m. to see if I was right, I did however notice something else. The signals that this would actually be a landslide, were born out and Obama and the Democrats have absolute power to push through the "change" he kept promising.

America has come out in massive numbers and bet big on the Democrats putting things right.

Now I fully expect them to shred the constitution and move further towards the communist model. However, Obama can win me over a bit, IF he proves that he is doing it for the right reasons. I may disagree with his Socialist agenda, but I hope to see that he truly believes in freedom, by

1. Pulling out of Iraq asap.
2. Scrapping the Patriot act.
3. Delivering those tax cuts to the vast majority of American.

Do those 3 things and I might have to eat a bit of crow (as they say in America).

However, I suspect nothing of the sort will happen and instead we will see

1. A further push towards an NAU.
2. Higher taxes for all (not just the super rich).
3. Further military adventures around the world.

To the American people I say this. I understand why you voted the way you did. Your media told you this meant change and you have overwhelmingly given him and his party the mandate to give you change. Sadly though I think you will find that change is to finally dump the constitution in the bin and turn the USA from the land of the free, into another Socialist hell hole.

So if you get the chance to vote again, I hope you remember what you were promised this time. The puppet on the left, may not be all that different to the puppet on the right. So maybe trying someone who isn't a puppet (IE part of the same old two party system) will be the way to go.

I hope to be proven wrong though, so let's see if the main points above come true!

Good luck America. Good luck world. I think we are going to need it.

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