Sunday, 2 November 2008

So; How does it feel to be a bitch Italy?


The rescue deal for the Italian airline Alitalia must not breach European Union competition rules, the carrier's bankruptcy administrator has warned.
An investment group, the Cai, made an offer of 1bn euros ($1.27bn; £789m) for Alitalia on Friday, despite the lack of agreement with some unions.
About 3,000 workers will lose their jobs under the rescue plan.

That's right Italy. Just like with the immigration issue and various other things, that you keep on getting in trouble over, you must do as you are told.

You might think you know what is best for you and your people, but you don't. Your sacrifice is necessary for the greater good. For Solidarity with Romania. The fact your country is dropping to their level, well that's a price worth paying.

It is a shame, because I loved Italy as a country. It was unique and fantastic. Sure it wasn't how I would want Britain to be, but diversity is good right?

That can't happen in the EU. We must all be the same and play by the same rules. I never thought I would see the Italians become so subservient and weak, but it looks like that day has arrived.

R.I.P Italia, a once proud and great nation.

Of course they could say the same about Britain too and they would be right. It isn't too late though. We could all get out of the cancerous EU and again shape our own destinies. It will mean booting out the self-serving political traitor classes though. Have we got the nads to do it?

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