Monday, 3 November 2008

Spam has a pop at the symptoms

MSM drivel

Senior staff at the BBC are being paid more than they should be, Conservative leader David Cameron has said.
He argued that director-general Mark Thompson - who earns more than £800,000 a year - had "one of the best jobs in the country".
He told BBC Radio 4's The World at One: "I don't think it's quite necessary to pay such high wages to staff."
But Mr Cameron said he was not "piling in" to the row over prank phone calls by Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross.

Errr, yes you are piling in Spam and what is worse, is you have nothing useful to say. Instead of using this as a good opportunity to ask WHY Thomson is paid so much, when the taxpayer has to fit the bill, you just have a little moan and that's it.

What is overpaid anyway? I think all our politicians are overpaid, as they just pass on instructions from the EU now. In fact, I would say they were obsolete as things stand. Now I would rather return power and make them useful AND accountable again, but that's another issue.

So why didn't Cameron take this chance to suggest that the taxpayer funding of the Beeb, quite possibly is the reason it can throw the money around with gay abandon? That's really the root of the issue here. We have an organisation that doesn't provide anything that warrants stealing for. It shouldn't be funded by the taxpayer, but because it is, gets away with wasting our cash.

They don't even try to be balanced with the News. They employ through Grauniad and boy does it show in their programming. Rabidly pro EU (who they take the coin from), Rabidly pro Global Warming being our fault, give near zero time to smaller parties or the people who don't vote and stack the decks in their political programmes. Watch Question Time and be stunned at how many uber leftists there are, compared to even slightly right of centre types.

The BBC sucks major balls now I am afraid, but Spam doesn't dare put the boot in too hard. He has a real affinity with the BBC, because he too holds the same values.

The BBC is the media of the past. It is controlled, wasteful and can't justify taking our money. Consign it to the history books and allow the new media to take over in full. Sure old favourites from the BBC will survive and maybe the Beeb could go on as a subscription channel, for people who read the Grauniad or can't bare to miss Jonathan Ross. Count me out though, I don't want them any more.

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