Sunday, 9 November 2008

Tories attack tax cuts

Taxpayer funded propaganda

The Conservatives have warned Gordon Brown that any unfunded tax cuts would be irresponsible and merely "pass the debt onto the next generation".
Shadow defence secretary Liam Fox told the BBC Mr Brown had "maxed out the country's credit card and simply wants to open another one to keep spending".
And Tory leader David Cameron warned tax cuts could push up mortgage and tax bills "to pay off the debt tomorrow".

What a pitiful shower of shite Blue Labour are. They didn't say ANYTHING, when Gormless Brown went on a robbing frenzy, to bail out the Tories banking buddies.

Now it looks like Brown might actually stop stealing quite as much (would be great if it stayed that way and they stopped giving money away). What do Blue Labour do? Scream bloody murder.

Seriously, is this the best Britain can do for opposition? A slightly different shade of brown?

Screw you Cameron and all the other careerist, EU cock sucking losers that make up your shambles of a party.

This country needs something new. Not the Lib Dems. Not Labour. Not blue Labour.

REAL change to a party that puts individual freedom first.



Bainsey said...

In all honesty I trust neither party, and the Liberals have no hope either. This country is damned no matter what. I've written an article regarding the British people and our aversion to revolution, I know how messy it can be, I understand the Brits fear of extreme change but unless we realise we haven't much time left, we are doomed. Economically, socially, historically.

I guess the numbers leaving the British Isles will more likely outnumber those arriving in the next few years.

Both left and right of the political spectrum are heading for (or indeed are) already servants of the plutocracy. One little known fact is that our arts industry makes as many billions per year this sceptic isle as our precious financial quarter.

Of course we don't notice when a successful creative individual or group leaves these shores for Europe or America, where both governmental and public support are far stronger, and taxes invariably lower.

Take a look at my link, I've generally slated the apathy of our people for any backbone for political evolution, revolution or mere self-defence. It's heartening to see someone bother to fight their corner, however I am more and more convinced that politics is no longer the answer.

We have one of the highest populated, highest taxed countries in the world. We have few resources left, the kitty is dry, as is the North Sea Oil deposits, we have the most CCTV surveillance in the world and near enough the fewest rights for any so-called democracy.

There are no political options left. Over 200k people leave this country every year, and it's not just the weather they're after. We no longer grow enough food or produce enough energy for the country, let alone encourage the masses to do it themselves.

1)Drop planning for any and all eco energy production (this doesn't include such damaging 'alternative energies' as bio-fuels which is a misnomer.

2)Allow towns to create local barter economies with an opt-out for taxes where community and charity projects have already stepped in.

3)Create a bill of rights and drop 'subject of the Queen' from the constitution (that we do not have as yet).

4)Do what many European countries do and reduce the income of the Monarchy and reclaim most of their property for tourism.

5)Slash all tax on creative ventures such as international film production as with Ireland.

6)Create a Bank of England current account backed by the government bonds.

7)Move government North and lease their London properties to the corporates.

8)Ban PFI's

9)Offer allotments to every social housing development. Offer 5 year leases to squatter initiatives that develop and reconstruct derelict buildings. Reclaim abandoned houses and industrial units for the people if commercial property owners leave them empty for more than five years.

10)Allow guerilla gardening to replenish trees, fruit and vegetables in all run-down city areas.

Sorry for being a blog hog - I just can't stand political parties any more - must be one of those days...

Matt Davies said...

I feel your anger, I really do.

Don't apologise for your comments, they were very interesting.

I think you can sum it up by saying get government off all of our backs.

It has become a parasite doing much more harm, than any real good.