Monday, 3 November 2008

Who do you want to win the US election Matt?

I couldn't care less.

McCain or Obama, you have nothing but a choice of the same.

They both keep using the word change, just like our own snake oil salesman Bliar and more recently his clown (sorry I meant clone) Cameron. What actual change have either of them promised?

Obama has promised to be tough with Iran. Redistribute wealth and errr that's about it. IE exactly the same as now.

McCain has promised to keep up the envirofascist con job, that is global warming and to try and stay in Iraq forever!

Wow, what change. The destination is still the same. They both want a NAU (which then links up with all the other power blocks for their NWO that they keep boasting about.

Just listen to our so called leaders. I say so called, because true leaders represent their teams wishes. These scumbags just represent their own and their masters. Every time you hear these losers calling to reorganise the world, or putting in place world solutions, just remember this. They are the same people who fucked up our local economies and started us on the slide to 1984.

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