Saturday, 22 November 2008

Why are we still in the EU?

Global Research

Fair trade organisations warn against newly increased European Union (EU) quotas for milk production and continued high export subsidies, which will lead to increased milk and butter dumping on world markets. EU dairy products already dominate the African market.

Germanwatch, FIAN and MISEREOR, three German organisations working for global fair trade, today warn about the consequences of the EU's reforms of its Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) for Africa. While the new compromise includes some cuts in production subsidies, it also holds a major increase in milk quotas for EU farmers.

EU Ministers have renegotiated the CAP, which due to heavy subsidies consumes around 50 percent of Union budgets, and had a special tough time reaching a solution on milk quotas, which some countries wanted abandoned altogether. The Ministers at last agreed to progressively lift milk quotas for farmers by one percent each year before lifting them entirely in 2015.

This, according to Germanwatch, inevitably will lead to cheaper milk in the EU and an even greater pressure to export dairy products. Excessive diary products will increasingly be "dumped" at the world markets, the organisations predict.

Especially for milk and butter, EU Agriculture Ministers agreed on further high export subsidies. In the case of milk and butter, says Mute Schimpf from MISEROR, the EU "continues to opt for export dumping in developing countries."

We are causing this. By using our money to fund a thoroughly corrupt and evil "socialist" organisation, we are destroying the capability for the rest of the world to develop as they should.

We don't even benefit, as we pay huge sums up front to subsadise this sham and then are expected to be grateful for the low quality shite that gets produced, by fat, lazy and unproductive EU based business.

Seriously people, when are we going to stop this madness?

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