Saturday, 24 January 2009

Are Woking Lib Dems fascists?

It's been a long time since I have had to endure one of the Lib Dems comedy leaflets. You know the ones, with the "It's a two horse race" nonsense and liberal abuse of the truth.

I always get a good laugh when one comes through my door, with the pictures of grinning morons standing next to schools or whatever. They try to paint this picture of them working like beavers, when the reality is we only hear from them just before an election.

This issue doesn't disappoint. Yes the usual crapola is all still there, but now Olly "oily" Wells is on the team, a dark slice of fascism is now more evident. The front page is nothing new, with them whining that there is an "underspend". Yes the Lib Dems aren't satisfied with the amount of tax already robbed from the people of Woking; they want MORE. More to spend on joke non jobs like global warming advisers or some other moralising nanny state initiative.

Flip to the back though and it gets more worrying and dark. At the bottom the pathetic Lib Dems try to blame the Tories (who I am no fan of as you know) for the cost of energy. Unbelievable. The Lib Dems and their envirofascism, that has pushed up prices of energy on the back of flaky, all most religious like belief in global warming. They have a massive amount of blame to shoulder, yet try and fob it off onto the Tories. Does anyone buy this? Anyone?

Then we get to the dark part and the part that shows the Lib Dems should be taken to court, for trying to mislead with their name. There is nothing "Liberal" nor "Democratic" about the Lib Dems. Social Autocrats or even Social Fascists would be much closer to the truth.

Oily Wells is at the heart of the article, where they boast how they voted to stop Sainsbury trading the hours they want to trade. Yes, that is right, this horrible bunch of jumped up little Hitlers want to reduce jobs, just as Woking needs all the jobs it can get. They don't care if people want to buy things during those hours. They don't care that this is restricting the freedom of everyone.

Why are they doing it? To punish a few youngsters who Oily alleges are buying alcohol, against the law. Yes, that's right, Oily wants to punish us all, because of a few people bending the laws. Why not target the group that is the problem you bunch of fascists? Haven't you got any REAL issues to be dealing with? Woking is going to be hit hard by the financial mess the LibLabCon have got us into, but Oily wants to pile on the pain.

He even goes on to threaten other businesses with the same treatment.

Go screw yourself Oily. Woking doesn't need a bunch of jumped up, moralising, wannabe dictators destroying our freedoms.

The Lib Dems can't be trusted. They are Labour Mark II and personify the term "Liberal Fascism". Oily and his sneering bunch of career merchant must be removed. I urge all people of Woking to remember their actions come the next election.

Friday, 23 January 2009

Hands up who is getting VERY creeped out by all this Obama baloney?

Pledging to be his servant?

A bunch of overpaid, pampered, preening celebs, telling us to do something?

Seriously, have I fallen into a parallel universe, where being a slave is thought of as good?

It scares me how "liberal fascsism" really is being ramped up now. I think I will get the pitchfork ready.

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Obama exposed

Thank the lord, I am not the only one.

I am not alone!

Watching the T.V. I felt I was the only one. A one eyed man in the land of the blind.

Alone, so very alone.

But no. There are others that see through this latest piece of crap, that has been thrown our way by our masters. Promoted, ramped, hyped and delivered to a mass of morons.

Obama, the Messiah, the saviour. We all know he is none of these, yet so many people are staking all their hopes on him. A tide of disapointment awaits and I am pretty sure the power brokers know this.

So what is their game?

What will be their solution, once this vapid, say nothing, career lackey fails, as they know he will.

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

LPUK 1984 campaign part II

Let's have the arrogant 646

Tuesday, 20 January 2009
The new 1984 Campaign
Douglas Carswell MP (One of the good guys hiding in the Tory Party) has decided not to go with the flow of MP's hiding their expenses and is going to publish his accounts to April 2009 in full. H/T The Devil

We have been looking out for a campaign that would follow up the November 5th send your MP a copy of George Orwell's 1984.

How about the following as a standard letter to cut and paste.

Dear Sir or Madam

Members of Parliament published expenses

I am sure that you will agree with me that one of things that causes such lack of confidence in MP's is the constant attempts by Members of the House of Commons to claim for expenses at charge to the hard pressed taxpayer and then not to publish their expense accounts in full.

Personally I fail to understand why my employer and the HMRC require all expenditure to be properly receipted, yet members feel that they should not supply receipts for expenditure under £25 and have a special exemption under the Freedom of Information Act to cover their expenses.

Will you confirm to me that you will be following the commendable example of Douglas Carswell MP, who has made a public declaration that he will publish his expenses in full upto April 2009.

If you feel that is not something that you want to do, can you explain on what grounds you do not wish to follow Mr Carswell's example.

Yours Sincerely

A Constituent

If you would like to let us know at who you have written to and by St Valentine's day, Feb 14th we can send a Valentines card of shame to the House of Commons with all of those MP's who have ignored you, refused to give a committment to publish, or fudged the issue. Remember that your MP is only required to respond to his Constituent, who is in effect his employer.
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Sorry for the lack of pasts recently. I have been having a break/doing real work. I will try and do a bit more again now.

This campaign is one we can all do, no matter what party we support. We all know one of the big problems with our country now, is the political class have lost touch with reality. Let's hold them to account!