Saturday, 28 February 2009

Britains towns becoming like a ghost town


England's High Streets are in danger of becoming "ghost towns" unless action is taken to fill empty shops hit by the recession, council leaders have warned.

The Local Government Association (LGA) says four out of five councils have reported an increase in empty premises.

It is calling for new powers to allow town halls to temporarily use shops as sites for community projects.

Councils fear the derelict buildings could become hotspots for anti-social behaviour and cause further decline.

Well we have finally reached the point, where "no more boom and bust" Brown, has delivered massive bust. I guess people didn't realise he meant he was going to end boom once and for all.

The clown Brown will always take the credit, but never the blame. The fact is, the buck stops squarely with him though. He was chancellor for a decade and PM now. He "worked" with the other state control freaks across the planet, to deliver an economic system fit for Somalia.

He removed the power of people to spend their own money as they saw fit. He made Britain a low responsibility society. He is happy to surrender more power to an out of touch, disastrous EU.

The man is an utter idiot and should be held accountable for his ineptitude. His running around like a headless chicken now, trying to find other people to blame is sickening. The damage is done. The pain is going to be long and lasting. Demanding back a few banker's pensions, who he helped encourage and delivered a zombie like British public too, is hardly going to set things right. It is a smokescreen.

Brown should be stripped of HIS pensions and sacked. Not only that, an investigation in to him and his rancid party should be held and prison of those found to be crooked. War crimes, robbing the taxpayer, destroying peoples freedom (IE making them slaves). All these things HAVE to be addressed and justice served on those who carried the deeds out.

In the meantime, giving shops that have been destroyed by Brown over to the government to use would be bad. The only people who should be deciding if they want to lend the space out to charities etc for now, is the owner of the premises themselves. They will need to decide how good it will be for THEIR property and the community as a whole, for their building to be left empty.

If I were a owner, I would be contacting the Libertarian Party and giving them the offices to use. Replacing the wretched bunch of career merchants we have, must be priority number 1 for this country now.