Thursday, 30 April 2009

Tell the EU we don't need them telling us how to live

Swine Flu (hyped up bullshit by government)

Ron Paul again 100% in tune with my thoughts.

I am growing sick of government trying to scare people. Their puppets in the media of course do all the hyping, but they are being fed by all the usual institutions of government.

What does the moron Brown do? Orders 30 million masks. What a tit. If people want to fall for this scaremongering, then they are capable of going and buying a mask themselves. This is simply part of the scare agenda, to make people think they need big brother to look after them,


Tuesday, 28 April 2009

I made this video in 2006

Was I right? Or was I right?

Get rid of Brown petition reaches 25000 in days

It's time to put this disgrace of an unelected Prime Minister down.

Number 10 Clown Emporium

The man has done immense damage to this country, on top of what the EU has done. The EU tells him what to do and he does it with relish.

No one wants him. Why is he still here?

Exciting News

I'm proud to announce that this blog is now delighted to have its first sponsor.
I am very grateful for the offer and will be posting a link very shortly and announcing the who the sponsor is!

It's very nice to know that other people value the work you do and it has fired me up to start doing more on this blog.

Watch this space for more updates and comments!

A big thank you to my new sponsor too!

I have decided as a policy that I will donate all such sponsorships to The Libertarian Party, so if there are other people interested in seeing freedom in our time, I would welcome any further offers for links too!

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Petition to get rid of the useless cretin Brown

Number 10 sham petition site

Yes, yes, this site is a total waste of space really. The government NEVER listen, just come back with feeble defence of their fascist policies.

However, it would be good if Brown understood how much the people of this country hate him. I mean REALLY hate him and hold him responsible for destroying our children's future.

Whatever part of the political spectrum you come from, you must surely want the man gone.

Come on. Let's make this the last time we bother, but go out with a bang.

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Libertarians of the world unite!

Let's show the Commies that we can work together because we WANT to, not because we are forced to!