Monday, 4 May 2009

More gross hypocrisy from David Millipede

Government mouthpiece

The government is seeking to rent a private jet for the use of Foreign Secretary David Miliband.
A tender for the hire of a charter aircraft was issued in February and will last two years, it is understood.
The ministerial code states that scheduled flights should be used unless deemed impractical.
The Foreign Office said its decision was aimed at securing value for money following changes in the availability of RAF flights for ministers.
A spokesman said: "Unlike a lot of other countries we don't have a Foreign Office plane.
"We always try to use commercial airlines but sometimes that is not practical. Until now we have been able to use the RAF in those circumstances.
"Changes in the RAF mean we need the ability to charter aircraft sometimes at short notice - value for money is a top priority."

Yep. Not content with destroying the RAF (in preparation for Britain's complete dissolving into the EU), Dave decided to take the piss some more.

How many times have we had to endure this smug, self satisfied and sanctimonious arsehole, preaching to us on the terrible dangers of global warming? Yes, us plebs must sacrifice everything, while jumped up non-achievers like this Muppet, jet around in their own private jet.

Remind me what this utter twat has ever achieved? Because I am struggling big time.

Hypocrite doesn't describe this tool. Satanic spawn of a pig with flu does.

We have to kick these mugs out ASAP. Replacing them with identimugs from Blue Labour isn't a solution though. It's time we kicked the whole smug consensus LibLabCon-sensus out. Before they make the damage beyond repair.

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