Sunday, 24 May 2009

So, what's the score with regards to the dead tree press?

I remember when I was younger, reading a newspaper every day. I didn't have the internet for the first half of my life, so the only sources for news were the papers and T.V. When you think that was the case for everyone, that is pretty horrifying. Horrifying, because there are so few owners of these media source. In effect, we have a few puppet masters, all part of the establishment themselves, pulling the strings of their various MSM outlets.

Fast forward to today though and things have radically changed. The Internet is now a solid part of society, meaning not only do you have the old MSM sources, but just about anyone who can be bothered to write a blog, or even just put posts on a forum. The "dead tree press" of course have their stalls set out on the net too, but they now know that people can jump from source to source very easily. I quite often will see a story that comes from an MSM source, then go and find other places that give a bit more info, a different opinion or completely debunks it.

I haven't actually bought a paper for years now. The only time I pick up a newspaper is if it is free, lying on a cafe table or once in a blue moon there will be a CD/DVD bundled that would get me to purchase. Simply put, if you have the internet, then if its all about the actual news for you, then papers are a waste of time. Of course, papers are more than that, with specific articles, pictures of women, etc. All of which I can get on the net too, but if you have a favourite author, then they may lure you back.

Still, just of late, the MSM have managed to claw back a little credibility. Just before the EU and local elections, the Telegraph of all papers has seemingly taken a giant dump in the political establishments pool. Of course we are talking about the expenses scandal here and I have to say, I thank them for that. I even considered rewarding them with a subscription, but I think it may be too soon for that. Let's see how they cover the next general election.

So to wrap up, I will give you my opinion of all the "main" dead tree efforts of late. All of them are feeding from this expenses scandal (which has probably been going on since parliament began), but each one has shown what kind of agenda it's owners have. Baring this in mind, I hope all readers take their "news" from such sources with a large pinch of salt. The most difficult thing today is trying to work out which story is the most accurate, but I feel it becomes easier the more you read.

The Daily Telegraph

Always known as the Torygraph and for good reason. However, with this expenses scandal, the Tories have had the boot put in just as much. Indeed, UKIP of all partys, seems to have been given a fair amount of coverage too, but on the good side. This is unheard of and I am suspicious that it will last. Unless the Telegraphs agenda was to completely destabilise democracy in this country, ready to hand over to out real overlords in the EU, then they should be praised for the expose.

The Daily Mail

This paper is an enigma to me. It has a nasty fascist past and many people still know it as "The Malicious". It definitely has a negative tone to it, but I have to say that in the past year, they seem to have hit some very important points about the erosion of civil liberties etc. However, we now see the REAL Mail coming into view for the GE. Don't vote for the nutters in UKIP they say. Don't even think about picking a non establishment party. Just keep on voting with the EU controlled LibLabCon-sensus and we'll all be fine. No, The Mail is not the people's friend. It is a pressure valve.

The Guardian

The Guardian has been shrinking away for some time. The most leftist paper there is, that has decided that Lib Dems should be it's target audience. They will sneer at anything that doesn't believe in a big state solution. They will pump global warming propaganda your way until you are sick. However, they have been fairly fair about the whole state of politics at the moment. No real abuse of the smaller partys, just an acceptance that they will benefit from the fall out. The BNP of course get abused regularly (but then I can see why), so maybe they really would be happier just to see the vote not go to them.

The Independent

This paper should be shut down for being against the trades description act. There is nothing independent about this rag. It's like the Guardian on steroids, abusing anything that might believe in individual liberty, while pretending to be a supporter. Massive propagandists for MMGW. Huge supporters of the EU, Lib Dems and anything that forces us to live how they think is right. I used to scoff at the term "Liberal Fascists" as an oxymoron, but now I see this is a precise description of this paper. Indeed that would be the best title of this rag "The Oxymoron".

The Times

This is definitely establishment to the core. Cheerleader for the EU, thinly veiled support for Blue Labour and attack dog against any small party that dare run. I have no time for The Times.

The Sun/News Of The World

Same paper really and the lowest common denominator of the media. It's popular, because it isn't too serious and people should remember that. They seem to be focused soley on being popular, so sometimes they will be for the establishment and other times against. They always seem anti-EU, but in a non serious way. That's simply because they know the British people are and hence, they just want the money. Treat it as a comic and it does the job.

The Express

Another interesting one. I actually see a lot of sense coming from this paper, but sometimes they come a little bit too close to the BNP view, while then slamming the BNP. I would say they are the best tabloid at the moment, but like The Sun, I am sure they are simply trying to be popular.

The Mirror

Awful, awful rag. The "New Labour" of the media world. Paint themselves as the "working man's" paper, but in reality, they just mirror the shallow, principle free joke that the Labour Party have become. They have always tried to be the opposite of the Sun, but they have totally lost their way. Their best point was their opposition to the war on Iraq, but since then it has all been downhill. If it became the true voice of socialism again, it would have a place, but as things stand it needs to go.

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