Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Strange letter from the Lib Dems (EU Yellow)

Living in Woking can be hard sometimes. It's great for being a short train ride from the City.

It's got good motorway connections. Near but not too near to the airports. It is lovely and green and has decent shopping and amenities. My God do we pay for some of that through extortionate local taxes and sure the council is envirofascist to the point of insanity, but that isn't the reason it can be hard.

The reason it can be hard is that we have the Lib Dem clowns as the second biggest party here. Labour were destroyed a long time ago, so if you want an alternative to Blue Labour (formally the Conservatives), then our media tells us that is the Lib Dems.

Now the Lib Dems came quite close to the Tories at one point. Indeed, they through a lot of resources at Woking in the last GE, only to lose ground and it would seem a lot of heart since then.

We were getting their pitiful rag "Focus" regularly and come election time, they must have wiped out vast chunks of the Amazon rain forest to make the leaflets. None of them ever said anything meaningful, with the usual two horse race garbage and complete drivel that only the Lib Dems could think was useful. You still had to respect their hard work and activist base though. Posters were up all over the place. Each leaflet was hand delivered by what must have been a dedicated team.

That has all changed now though. The leaflets have dried up. I can't remember the last time I had Focus and for the EU elections, I really wondered if they were even going to bother with it. After all, they seem to be just as happy as Labour and Blue Labour in ignoring the EU issue most of the time. There are no posters anywhere and too be honest, I like it that way.

Today though, both I and my wife received a letter. It is made too look like it was delivered by post, but it is actually nothing to do with the post office. They have printed off all the addresses on the electoral role and addressed it to people. I'm sure this must help get people to read it, rather than just bin a leaflet as you would with a pizza leaflet. So well done on that.

But, the contents of the letter really is dire. No worse than dire, pathetic.

It starts off telling me how everywhere she goes, people are telling her it is hard. Well, I'm sorry, but you have never asked me, so exactly where do you go Rosie Sharpley (Lib Dem Campaigner for Woking she is address as at the top).

She tells us that Gordon Brown has failed our country and it needs urgent action to get it back on track. No mention of the fact that Britain takes its orders from the EU and that over 75% of our law comes from there now, but then this is the Lib Dems.

It then goes on to say we need to work with other countries to create jobs and tackle crime. Well no, business may choose to work with other countries, but that should be their call. 80% of trade is domestic, with 10% coming from the EU and 10% the rest of the world. Free trade with the whole world is the best idea, but getting our own markets deregulated and efficient (IE low tax) is the best idea. The EU won't let us do that though.

She says sadly not everyone agreed, which is true. The BNP think we should shut up the gates and stop free trade and cooperation with the world, but that isn't who Rosie goes on to attack.

"UKIP would withdraw from Europe completely" she says. Errrr, how would they do that Rosie. Europe is a continent and while UKIP thinks Britain should trade and co-operate with other countries in Europe, it simply doesn't believe in centralising power into a few out of touch, undemocratic and corrupt hands. So no need to tell lies Rosie, even if that is the Lib Dem way.

She says the Conservatives are divided on the issue. True to a point, but not when it comes to the Tory leadership. They are big fans of the EU running Britain, as I guess they don't think they are capable of doing it themselves. While I do think the Tories are useless, I would rather I could sack the people that are screwing up. We can't do that with the EU commissioners.

She then goes on to say how Lib Dem MEP Shown Bowels have been fighting Conservative plans for an incinerator in Surrey. This is epic weasel words, from the party of weasels. The only reason why county councils are having to look at incineration, is because the EU (yes that organisation the Lib Dems love so much) has decreed that Britain can't do landfill any more. What exactly would you do with the rubbish Rosie and Sharon? Recycling is failing now that no one wants the recycling. Warehouses are filling up with the junk, because China no longer is willing to take it and there are less boats to take it now anyway. What exactly would you do? Because you don't bother to tell us in your letter.

She then comically goes on to slam "record breaking Council Tax bills". Yes Rosie, because your party spends money like a drunken sailor when it comes to other people's money. You support all the big government, big waste schemes forced on us by the EU. You support the EU running this country, even though the EU is running this country into the ground. You hypocrite. You liar.

Then we get the biggest joke of all, with Rosie calling for more transparency and less waste here and in Europe. Pulling out of the EU would save us billions and we could then focus on our own elected government, instead of the out of touch crooks in Brussels. They just add another layer of politicians that we don't need. When it comes to corruption and waste, the EU is king, yet Rosie and the Lib Dems (who are neither Liberal nor democratic) slavishly bow down to it.

"Sharon has backed action in the European Parliament that has led to the arrest of thousands of criminals". What? How vacuous can you get. What EXACTLY can an EU parliament do to improve our law and order system, that Westminster couldn't have done. Nothing is the answer and Sharon "backing" the EU will have had precisely zero affect on anything. They couldn't care less what a nobody like her does.

They even go on and try to nick UKIP's tag line of "lending" it your vote.

What a bunch of clowns they are.

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