Monday, 11 May 2009

Two contrasting videos of an Ahtoritarian and a Libertarian.

First the Libertarian and a calm and measured explanation on why free markets are the way and getting the government out of them the best idea.

No some comedy. Authoritarian George Galloway having his arse handed to him. He's O.K. when he has a clear run to talk on the war, but anything else and he is left wanting. Question the fool and he resorts to abuse. He really is a tool.

Galloway could have simply stated he didn't know a name of the top of his head, but that he could find some, as there are still nutters who do preach hatred of Gays. God hates fags being one such organisation.

But he didn't because he was so blinded by his own bias, that he went down a rat hole.


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