Monday, 25 May 2009

Well I have voted. Here's who and why!

I am not a big fan of postal voting. To me, the only reason you should have a postal vote (adding expense to an already expensive system and wide open to corruption), is if you have a very good reason not to go to a local polling station. I see it as a desperate attempt by the establishment to

a) Give credibility to a system that is losing all of its credibility.
b) Open up avenues to cheat, as long as you are in the established system.

Having said that, I do vote by post, as my job takes me out of the country at a moments notice and I always want to vote. Even if it is to spoil my ballot paper.

We have two elections to worry about this time, the locals, where some powerless rubber stampers are voted in to to push through what the centre tells them. Then we have the EU clown parliament, where we vote for a bunch of rubber stampers, who just take what the EU commission gives them and stamps their approval on it.

Both elections are pretty much a puppet show, so we all have to think why we are voting in them. In the past, I certainly have spoiled my ballot paper with a suitable message. This is a valid form of protest, but unfortunately, there will always be a percentage of people who follow what the media tell them and vote establishment for a party. SO if 90% spoiled their ballots and 10% voted LibLabCon, the end result is a massive win for the LibLabCon. Seems unfair doesn't it, but that is the way it is. The spoiled papers are just ignored and the establishment simply states how it will try harder to "engage" people in the future. No, spoiling the paper is not for me any more. I want to dislodge the cosy consensus and that means we all have to vote.

If I were lucky and lived in Wisbech, I would have a perfect candidate to vote for, Andrew Hunt has the honour of being the Libertarian Party UK's very first candidate, in any election. If you are in Wisbech, you should vote for him in the local election.

Maybe one day I will have time to run again in Woking, but until then, I have to make do with a substitute. So here I will run down through the partys and tell you why I didn't vote for them or in UKIP's case, why I did.


Yes I am going to group all of the mainstream "choices" into one party. They all have roughly the same agenda. All believe in the EU running this country. All believe in big government, big taxes and people outsourcing their responsibilities to the government. All three are to blame for the decline in values, standards and quality in this country. Even before the expenses scandal showed them all up for what we all expected, I would not have pissed on them if they were on fire. I am tired of seeing one puppet party handing over to another, rinse and repeat. The EU elections you should certainly not vote for any branch of this EU consensus, but on the local side, I would suggest you look hard at what your local candidates really believe and what they have achieved. I know some areas do have some good eggs, but I don't. I have the very epitome of what is wrong with politics, with Blue Labour dishing out high taxation and nanny state rules as much as the other two. They are off the list.


Not running in the locals here, which isn't a surprise as even though we have a reasonable mix of races, we all get on in the main and the BNP's lies don't wash here. Norman Tebbit had it spot on, when he called them "Labour with racism". I would add that they also have some even worse leadership than Labour, who really do believe in Hitler's way, so I am glad they are not an option on the local level. On the EU level, again I shun them, because the thought of them getting money from the EU gravy train to promote their National Socialist agenda sends chills down my spine.


You know what. Out of all the left leaning partys out there, the Greens are the least offensive to me. Sure they try and ram the religion of MMGW down our throats and sure they are watermelons (green on the outside, red on the in). There people on the ground though seem to be at least doing it for the right reasons, even if their leader Caroline Lucas is an utter fascist. Some of them are anti-EU, while others think they could reform the EU. If there was really no other option in the EU elections, then I would maybe hold my nose. However there are lots of alternatives, so they go in the bin and they are not running on the local level.


This party is an enigma to me. What exactly do they stand for? They seemed to be reasonable for a while, fighting the Lisbon Treaty and sounding quite EUsceptic. Of late though they have show a darker side. Praising the institutions of the EU. Repeating some of the most outrageous lies that the EUphiles try to con us with and having a weird fixation with attacking UKIP. The fact they have no real manifesto, other than they will polish the EU turd and they really are no option. They only run in the EU election and there are far better options.

English Democrats

This party is one I like one minute, then hate the next. They now say they are anti-EU (it took a while to get this out of them though) and they really do have some good points about the way England is treated. I don't really see why they run in the EU elections though, as their issue truly is local and that's where they should fight it, but they seem to think the publicity is worth the massive bill it costs to run in the EU election. Indeed, I have no idea how they afford it, when you consider their size, but I would say they ARE an option. I didn't choose them for the EU election though, as there is a clearly louder anti-EU voice to vote for. In the locals they are not running.

Roman Party

I have no idea who this person is. Whoever it is, he hasn't shown me he is a serious candidate for the EU's and is not a local candidate.

UK First

This is a spin off of the UKIP. I know some of the people in the party and have some respect for some of them. However, I feel this venture is a joke. They are pissed off with UKIP and want to piss on their parade. Sorry this simply isn't a good enough reason to vote for you in the EU elections. Not an option for me.


I left this party, because of a number of reasons. Unlike others though, I don't have any bad feeling towards them and indeed, they are my pick for the EU elections. Always. The LPUK won't won't in the EU joke elections (good), so they can concentrate on the UK. UKIP does the opposite, so I feel quite happy in voting UKIP to send the loudest anti-EU message. They are running in the locals for me too and the LibLabCon are the only other choice, so by default UKIP win my local vote too.

There are some other partys running, but they are all non runners as far as I am concerned. Peace sounds great, but this isn't about war. NO2EU sounds good, but they are commies. If you really can't stomach UKIP then PLEASE do choose one of the other "fringe" partys. We really do have to send a message to the crooks both in Brussels and Westminster!


Fausty said...

Nicely summed up. I've voted UKIP for precisely the reasons you stated.


Young Mr. Brown said...

Completely agree. I'll be voting UKIP for exactly the same reasons.

I know some people think that spoiling your ballot is a good idea, but if you look at election results in most places (e.g. Wikipedia) there is no mention of the number of spoiled ballots. They are simply ignored. Which means that for all practical purposes, a spoiled ballot is essentially the same as not voting.