Monday, 25 May 2009

Who represents the working class?

I grew up thinking that the Labour Party was the party of the working man. After all, my Dad worked his arse off, as did his Dad and they both supported Labour. The Tories were the party of the rich, the selfish and the greedy, while good old Labour were for us, the worker, the normal family whose parents had to work for a living.

What a total lie we lived under all those years. No, not just now that the Labour Party has become the party of war, lies, sleaze, corruption and surrender of power to the EU. Even back then the party was one big lie. Under Michael Foot, Neil Kinnock or anyone else, they never really stood for the working man.

Would a party that stood for the working man, looks to steal the fruits of that working man's labour? Would they hate that man, the harder he worked, the more he worked or the better he worked? Well that's what the Champagne Socialists in Labour always have done!

Sure they see themselves as very special. Very important. So important in fact, that the rules that the rest of us mugs have to follow, don't apply to them. They deserve THEIR huge wages, giant allowances and big kick backs. They work so hard, making 20% of this countries laws after all. Sure they outsourced 80% of the work to the unelected EU commission, but they are such diamonds that they deserve much more than doctors, teachers or any private industry worker. That's why they think abusing the expenses system is justified. They just can't believe us utterly ungrateful plebs could question this fact in their mind.

They have nothing but utter love for themselves and utter contempt for us. Yes us, the working people of this country that fill their troughs. Us the people who have REAL jobs, that produce REAL wealth and not the non-jobs they created with a mind to create ready made voters for their wretched party.

The Labour Party and Socialism as a whole, is the biggest scam the world has ever seen played on its people. It pretends to be for the people it actually despises. They will suck the REAL worker dry, in order to build their voter base. That voter base being the lazy, the feckless and the immoral. Stop falling for it people, the workers of this country deserve a lot better than this shower of shite will ever offer.

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