Friday, 1 May 2009

Why I shall be voting UKIP for the EU elections.

I am a Libertarian Party member, yet I am advocating voting for UKIP at the EU joke elections. Why?

Here is why.

LPUK have taken the honest, correct and principled stand of not standing in those elections. This brings a number of benefits.
a) It won't be corrupted by the EU system that is designed to corrupt.
b) LPUK will focus on the elections that truly matter. The UK one's.
c) It is in line with the party's principles, that we don not want or need bigger
d) The party can concentrate on building itself up, instead of being sidetracked by
a joke election.

UKIP on the other hand, have always had one simple and clear goal. That is to
help Britain withdraw from the EU. Now I think that is extremely important, but I also think a true alternative needs to be offered here in the UK. I have never felt UKIP focused enough on that side, hence I am now with LPUK. This EU election though isn't about putting people into to run anything. MEPs don't make decisions, the EU unelected commission does. For that reason, the only reason to vote in these joke elections, is to send a message. Now you could send a message by not voting or not turning up. Fair enough, but that is a message that will get completely ignored. People who vote LibLabCon will make it look like this country supports the EU, even if only 30% of people turned up.

So if you REALLY want to send a message to the career politicians, that have sunk us deeper into the disgusting EU, for the sake of their own careers and self importance, then you have to vote for a party that shouts out the message loud and clear, "WE DON'T WANT THE EU".

Now there are actually a few options if you want to send that message. UKIP is the big one and the loudest one for me, as they have staked their party on the issue from day one. They of course have their problems, but it doesn't matter for this election. We just want to say "Screw he EU" and voting UKIP will do that loud and clear.

The next option is the BNP. For me this is like calling the anti-EU movement a bunch of racist fascists though. Indeed, I think it could do more damage than good to the anti-EU cause, if the political lepers of Britain get a significant vote. People don't like the BNP for a number of good reasons, so I would suggest they are a poor option for simply saying no to the EU.

Then we have NO2EU. Great name I have to say and if you are an out and out Socialist/Communist and truly can't stomach UKIP, then maybe these will have to do you. For me though, the message should be a united and loud NO via UKIP, as they have the best chance of beating the LibLabCon.

The English National partys really frustrate me. They really shouldn't be running in this election. I have a lot of sympathy for some of the things they say, but they are so obsessed, that that will happily ignore the huge issues that are valid for this election, to keep on trying to promote their ideas. Focus on the locals and national elections guys. You are wasting your money on this one.

Then finally, some people way think Libertas are an option. If you are of the opinion that big government can be good and that there are things that Britain is incapable of coming to the right decisions on, then I guess Libertas are an option for you. If you are like me though and don't accept that we need bigger government at all and only want to shout NO MORE to the EU and the puppets who help it in this country, then Libertas are actually the enemy.

Come on everyone. These EU elections are not about anything other than sending a message. A vote for the LibLabCon is a massive YES, keep on going to the EU. A vote for UKIP is the loudest and clearest, NO we have had enough, give us our money back and we shall run our own affairs again. For sure our governments will be useless at times (like now), but we shall have to power to turf the lot of them out.

We don't have that power in the EU. Send the message and put any past prejudices behind you. Then you can choose the party closest to your true beliefs in local and national elections.

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Thanks, every vote appreciated.