Tuesday, 16 June 2009

BBC happily promote more government theft


Every Briton with a fixed-line phone will pay a "small levy" of 50p per month to pay for faster net access.

The national fund created by the levy will be used to ensure most Britons get access to future net technologies.

The proposal is part of the Digital Britain report outlined by Culture Secretary Ben Bradshaw in Parliament.

Once again the rancid BBC backs government theft by only giving one side of the story.

Fast broadband is hardly a necessisty. I still have a 2 Meg line and it is fine, as long as you don't want to download loads of pirate music and movies. The internet is great and it is also comparitavley cheap. Virgin are chucking out 10 Meg as standard now and others will follow.

The Library lets you log in for free and there are more and more hotspots that are free too. If people really wanted to, they could share out their own wireless routers for others to use too.

Having broadband is a nice thing to have, but it is not essential. Certainly not essential enough to warrant forcing people to pay for others, under the threat of violence if you refuse to pay.

I expect theiving from this disgusting anti-freedom government, but the BBC that is built on theft too just makes it worse.

50p a month on top of all the other theft, across millions of people is another massive smash and grab. How much more of this are we going to put up with?

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