Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Why the BBC are biased, useless and not fit for purpose : Part 1

As part of my thinking after the election results on Sunday, I have decided that the media isn't just an important part of the problem, it is the main problem.

The utter garbage that the masses get fed; is THE main reason why this country has lost its way and hasn't got a clue on what to do. So as of today I am starting a serious of articles; that will expose one of the biggest media outlets this country has. That being the taxpayer funded BBC; the supposedly "unbiased" and reliable news source of this nation. I have chosen the BBC, because it is probably the most powerful and is based on theft itself. You can't watch T.V. unless you pay for the BBC, which is wrong even if it wasn't biased. But it is; so sit back and weep at the utter garbage it puts out.

Smoking disease costs NHS £5bn

That's the headline in today's gem. Accurate? Fair? Researched? No, no and thrice no.

It is the typical propaganda we can expect from these Communist wannabes.

1st up is the assertion that it is the NHS that somehow pays for this. No it isn't, the taxpayer does. The NHS is just a FORCED insurance scheme, that none of us have any choice in paying. We have to, or we go to prison, with violence if we resist.

So it doesn't cost the NHS anything.

2nd is it is a lie anyway. The NHS receives FAR more money from smokers, that smokers ever require of it. For one they are fleeced more than any other product user, with punitive taxation on top of all the other taxation that we all pay.

Then we come to the fact that smokers die younger. Yes they do and guess what. That saves the country's taxpayers billions in pension payments, but it also saves the NHS in old age care. Older people use the NHS more than anyone one else, which is hardly surprising. If people choose to kill themselves early by smoking, then that is a huge net saving once again.

Why do we allow the BBC to pump out the same lies as their Socialist masters? Their Mafia style forced insurance, that is based on theft is falling apart. Rather than admit this is due to it being based on the foundations of theft, monopoly and centralised control and bureaucracy, they try to find scapegoats who they can rape over and over again. Smokers, drinkers and fatties are the current easy targets. In the future they will choose other groups I am sure.

Let's delve into the article to see the true agenda being pushed.

The British Heart Foundation who funded the research said tighter regulations were needed on the sale of tobacco.

The same foundation that relies heavily on government funding itself and thus will tell the government what it wants to hear. Tighter regulations on the sale of tobacco = more fascist control = more cost and less freedom. Of course all of this means nothing as it just forces people into the black market. I don't know any smoker who doesn't get most of their smokes from the back of a lorry now.

The figure of £5bn in 2005-06 equates to 5.5% of the entire NHS budget.

A tiny fraction of the huge costs this monolith incurs. Also a tiny fraction of the taxes STILL taken from a gullible British public on tobacco product. To say smoker are a net cost on the NHS is simply a lie of epic proportions. A lie that this government and their willing puppets in the BBC are all to willing to tell.

They calculated that in 2005, smoking was responsible for 27% of deaths among men and around one in 10 among women, a figure that has not changed much in the past decade.
When looking at the costs to the NHS, they calculated that treating cancer caused by smoking costs 0.6bn a year and cardiovascular diseases cost 2.5bn a year.
Long-term lung conditions cost £1.4bn.

So people choose to kill themselves; pay heavily for the privilege; saving billions in their later life care that they are entitled too and yet they are still vilified by this repulsive government and their media lackeys.

A Department of Health spokesperson said: "The government has made great progress in cutting the number of people smoking by nearly 2.5 million over the last ten years but with 21% of adults still smoking in England, there is much work left to do.
"We will be publishing a new tobacco control strategy this year to ensure England can look forward to a tobacco-free future."

Who the hell do these fascist think they are? It's not up to government to tell us how to live our lives. They are there to make society run and nothing more. They should not be STEALING from us and then using the proceeds to beat us into submission. The BBC is a huge part of this scam and it has to go.


Anonymous said...

The scarey thing about all this Matt is the way the sheeple believe all this shit thats pumped at them,go to any article on the net about smoking or drinking and check out the comments from the brainwashed public,the British public have become so illiberal and intolerant its frightening.

Matt Davies said...

Yes it is scary. There are some people who are so blinded by their own fascist desires, that they stop thinking rationally altogether.

I actually think those people are in a minority, but sadly tend to be the ones who like running thing, thus have a disproportionate amount of actual influence.

The vast majority of people I speak to, simply don't think about these things much. When you discuss it with them and get them to drill down, then often end up agreeing about the government not being our owners and that pubs for example, should be allowed to make their own decision on the rules of their house.

Its only when these people start getting annoyed, which will probably be when one of their own personal freedoms are threatened, that things will change. Thankfully, the fascists really are treading on more and more people's feet these days.

You wait until the full extent of the enivrofascist measures kicks in. Then we will see people taking an interest at last.