Sunday, 12 July 2009

Darren Pollard arrested 11th July 2009

Why was this guy harassed? He was doing nothing more than speak his mind. He wasn't making a nuisance of himself. He was not harassing anyone.


Anonymous said...

Er, because he is a idiot who wanted to get arrested, and did everything he could in order to get his wishes granted.

He could have shut the f*** up and stopped annoying everyone by walking around with a very loud megaphone...

He could have followed the law and pre-informed them of a demo....

He could have had a word with the police officer instead of acting like a spoilt child who wanted a playground fight.

He could explain to the world just what he will do if he gets ill and requires NHS treatment if he does not agree with abiding by laws and regulations etc then surely he cant have his cake and eat it?

He could try explaining to the public why he thinks its fine to drive without a driving licence - after all no licence means he wont be able to get insurance...

No insurance, and he is on the road?

What happens if he causes a accident, causes damage, or injury or death?

Shall I tell you? No insurance - then the injured party is stuffed due to his pathetic little attempt at being a man.

He is a criminal.

He may have a point on some things, but he is going about it all wrong.

If he grew up a little, stopped spoiling for fights (its obvious that is what he is doing) and tried respecting the fact some things are their for a reason (such as driving licences) then maybe, just maybe, I would not think he is a very dangerous idiot.

Im suprised you think he was harrased, he refused to even listen to the policeman, did not give them a chance to speak, or explain if there was a problem.

But then again, I note your a libertarian, and I have only come across that party recently, but so far must admit, Im struggling to find signs of intelligence in libertarians on the net....

Matt Davies said...

It is true, LPUK don't cater very well for fascist arseholes, who don't believe in free speech and think bowing down to authority is the only available choice, no matter how wrong that authority may be.

You sound like the kind of guy a Hitler would have loved to have as a citizen. A submissive wretch who takes orders like a bitch and rounds on anyone who doesn't.

New Labour sounds like the best fit for you. I really don't recommend any party that thinks freedom is just a little bit important.