Sunday, 23 August 2009

Check Kennedy's words at the end of this video

Does anyone doubt this words, given what we are seeing unfold today?


Obnoxio The Clown said...

Gosh, the British just went to war on the whims of an irate banker? Wow. And Russia intervened just to piss off the Rothschilds? And the Bolsheviks took orders from them too?

It all seems a bit "conspiracy theory" to me. Kennedy (the crooked son of a very crooked man) was talking about the communists, not the bankers.

Martin said...

Aye, there's a lot of decent (although arguable in its truth) stuff out there about central banking; a lot of NWO, lizard man stuff too, though.

Matt Davies said...

Kennedy's words are all that interested me. Commies/bankers = ultimately the same controllers in my book.

Martin said...
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Martin said...

Perhaps, perhaps.
Either way, I myself like this Mises Inst video on central banking:

Also, I'll be in Florida when Ron Paul's End The Fed book is released next month. I'll be picking myself up a copy!

Gary said...

This looks like a load of old cobblers. I believe it was the US who declared war on Britain, which blows a big element of their 'Rothschilds are to blame' argument away. If they can't get that right...
I found a website which appears to be the source of the text at least and it was full of anti-jewish rhetoric.
I think you've been had on this one.

Matt Davies said...

I didn't believe any of it and simply asked people to listen to Kennedy's words at the end.

Do keep up.

Gary said...

Fair enough, but you never said that, only that it was only Kennedy's words that interested you, (only visible if people bother to look through the comments.)
There is implied approval of what you post on your own political blog and I would have thought you cared what readers think you stand for.

Matt Davies said...

To all my readers (all 5 of you).

If I post things on my site, it doesn't mean I agree with every word it says. If I post a link, I will make a comment and that comment is all I want you to take as my opinion.

If I post a picture, it doesn't mean I fancy the person I posted, I will comment and the comment is what I mean.

If I post an article, I may think you will find it interesting and post my own thoughts, but it doesn't mean I agree, support or anything else, unless I say so.

Please do not assume anything about my thoughts and take my actual comments, rather than links, articles, videos and images as being total agreement.

I am now quite scared that people think I fully agree with everything I ever link to or paste here, even if I haven't said so.

Don't. Take what I say and understand just because I find something interesting, or as in this case, a small part of something interesting, it doesn't mean I fully believe the rest of it.

When I post things in the future, please come back to this disclaimer and ONLY hold me to my comments.

Henry North London said...

Well said Matt