Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Humanity's Expression

I started to watch this video with high hopes, but ended up disliking a large chunk of it. For sure I agree with their right to free speech and I liked the way they stood up for the little people against the bullying council busy bodies, who went after street artists with relish.

But the video and these people lost their way. From defending the little man, they decided to have a go at McCains. Why have they gone against McCains? Because THEY have decided that McCains are not healthy.

Well sorry guys, you are entitled to your opinion, but you are talking a lot of bullshit. Their chips really are a lot healthier than a huge amount of foods out there. They are baked rather than fried and potatoes are actually one of natures best vegetables. Indeed, if you had to survive on a desert island and could only choose one vegetable, the humble potato would see you last the longest.

They go on to whine that they are encouraging kids to do exercise. They seem to think that kids have free access to fields and that McCain are evil for setting up a little bit of activity for them.

Yes you have a point with the council, but your bullying of the staff at this event didn't go down well with me. I wish I was there, because you would have got a dose of my free speech on your moralising on this one.

Well done to the McCain staff for not telling them to go fuck themselves.

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