Friday, 14 August 2009

I'm losing more faith in democracy by the day

People who read this blog or know me, know that I have gone from being a staunch believer in democracy, to one who thinks it has limited value and use.

My interest in Libertarianism and Ron Paul has shoved me down this route. I know fully understand, that democracy sometimes can be used for bad.

People in power using it as a big stick to beat people into submission with for starters. As long as they get the 20% or so they need in our pathetic system, they can then claim to be speaking for democracy. The fact is they ignore the majorities wishes most of the time and when democracy is simply a minorities choice imposing their own will on a whole range of issues, it can hardly be seen as good.

Worse than that though, is if you believe in freedom, democracy simply fails altogether. Some things simply should not have anyone's say matter, but the individual. What an person chooses to do with their own body or in their own property, simply has NOTHING to do with anyone else. Just because a majority MAY dislike smoking, doesn't mean there is any right for that majority to force someone to ban smoking in their OWN property.

Today I sunk to new lows of contempt for democracy though. This time though, it wasn't the politicians at fault. Indeed, it is just my own opinion and I can't argue in anyway that it should be changed, but I have CONTEMPT for a bit of REAL democracy that is going down in Woking.

Waitrose have a scheme, where they give everyone a little green token and then when you leave the shop, you can pick one of three "good causes" to support. Fantastic idea and as I said, not something I would want to change, but my God is my opinion of the peoples democratic choice low.


Because here are the three charities.

1. A charity for people with Alzheimer's disease.
2. A charity for helping disadvantaged kids.
3. A charity to help prevent cruelty to animals.

All very worthy in their own right. Of course everyone has their priorities. Some people don't like kids. Some people might not like old people and others won't give a monkeys about animals.

What do you think the majority chose those? The choice that fills me with contempt and proves that I am probably a humanist, as well as a libertarian?

That's right, by far and away people chose to help animals over humans. I can't say they are wrong, it is their choice, but my God it puts other "democratic" decisions, even in their most pure form, right into perspective for me.

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R.B.C said...

Well, I am going through a similar situation: I didn’t want to live in this country anymore because there are some things I can’t stand (and I am not going to go on about that) when I realized that there is nowhere I can go, because it is going to be the same everywhere: so, can I exile myself out of this planet, please??? (Maybe that is the reason why most of the people chose the animal charity...). I had my doubts with democracy too, obviously, it is just not working!!! I remember when I was a kid, all the books said that Greek democracy was different to ours (modern democracy) because the demos was very limited (male, with Greek father and Greek mother, etc.); now I am starting to realize that it is the same thing but of course with a mask (Nietzsche was right about the modern man wearing masks…): rulers don’t seem to WORK FOR the people.
-You lost your job? Well, we will give you money, so you don’t starve to death.
-To work is what I want.
-I am afraid I can’t give you that, just take the money.
This happens in England, and the rest of the workers around the world would be thrilled with this unemployment assistance in their own countries, yet, it is just not logical, it is right, given the circumstances but it does not make any sense!!!!! People vote, that is right, but (and it is capitalisms one of my big problems) nobody votes for banks to have power over people (through debt, mortgage, and all those beautiful things that seem to be people’s main worry) nor to still keep on waiting to replace oil: who votes for that?? Nobody, there is no voting…there is no democracy or the concept of demos is still very, very narrow.