Saturday, 22 August 2009

More incompetence from all levels of Woking government

Why are we not marching on parliament, demanding a complete reboot of the governance in this country?

We now have layer upon layer of utterly useless bean counters, desperately trying to please their immediate masters/messengers, while also trying to stay within the EU's real command.

Today I have received another pile of recycling fodder (another waste of money), telling me how the government has told Surrey Police that they have to cap their expenditure and that now my council tax will be reduced. No where does it actually say how much for me, just an example for band D people, but It looks like we are talking under 5 squid a year, which is worth just over a million to the traffic revenue enforcement agency, sorry I mean police.

So I have a page with my new bill with the massive savings on it. I still have to pay 1812.36 a year basically to get my rubbish collected and be told what to do. Not great value, but I will come onto the rubbish collection in a moment.

Once I had filed that in the bin, I moved onto the next piece. This one is a letter from Surrey Police, moaning about the decision and saying how Surrey pays much more to the government in tax and then gets much less back. Of course I have sympathy for this, as it is mean who is paying a large chunk of this money, that the government gives away to anyone who asks for it, apart from me.

They say they are going to cut heads and try to perform the same as last year with less, rather than improve. Great work, you really do instill confidence in me. I have some suggestions. How about you sack ALL the bean counters, managers, diversity officers, politically correct units and plastic police, then channel the funds solely on attacking REAL criminals. Yes people who have stolen from or hurt other people. How about that for a radical plan. Sorry if I sound like I don't have much sympathy for the police, but I simply don't have much confidence in them anymore. As a unit, they have been ruined by years of piss poor political manipulation. They are no longer fit for purpose and need a full reboot, just as their political masters do.

No individual police people, I'm not directing the blame at you. I know you are "just doing your job" and you would risk that job and its prospectives if you fought back a bit. However, that wasn't an excuse for the Nazis, so forgive me if I don't have epic amounts of sympathy for you. When I start seeing some guts and spine being displayed by people who know what they are doing it wrong, but are just following orders for a quite life, then I might have some. I only actually have utter contempt for the political control freaks who make you do the wrong thing, under the threat of losing your livelihoods.

Anyway, so not content with blowing another few grand on a couple of leaflets, we get another one with some more news.

First up is parking rates in Woking going to be capped too. My company will be pleased, as I often park at the station, then claim it back. A day will now be capped at 8 squid, which is a decent saving. I know why they are doing it and that's because people are deserting Woking in droves. They are sick of paying 11-14 quid, simply to park and go to work. Every day I go in now, it seems to be a little less full. I used to be unable to park some days, now I can park on the lower floors every time. Still, well done for a change on recognising that people are not bottomless pits of cash and that your policies are killing the town. Maybe you could apply this logic to all the other areas too and get our council tax down to a more tolerable level of theft.

Finally we get onto the rubbish collection. Woking has been at the forefront of envirofascsim, blowing their trumpet loudly, while not actually providing any tangible benefits. Indeed, we now have smelly summers, because of 2 week old rubbish and people having bins bulging with rubbish, especially if a flake of snow falls meaning no collection for 3 or even for weeks.

Well 2 wheelie bins isn't enough for this bunch of clowns. Now we are going to get a garden bin too and a food bin. The food bin will be collected every week (just like the good old days). All this so that we can recycle things that don't need recycling and play up to the EU's ridiculous ban on landfill, which is the most sensible, environmentally sound method this country could/should have. The expense of this crazy multi-bin, multi-collection must be immense and the fact a lot of this stuff simply isn't required, does MORE damage to the environment and means we have houses sounded by plastic bins, doesn't seem to ring any alarm bells for the eager order followers in the council.

Sack them. Sack them all. Strip back government to the bare bones and put the power of responsibility back in peoples hands again. Punish people who do hurt or harm others with REAL law enforcement and then let the rest of us live our lives how we want to. This crazy, moronic and damaging system of centralised dictators has to be wound up and wound up soon. Otherwise we could be on our way to 3rd world status. Hardly a legacy to be proud of for our children!


Citizen Stuart said...

You pay 1,812.36 quid a year and only get your bins emptied once a fortnight? That's criminal. I struggle to pay about a third that (I really do struggle, I had bailiffs threatening to steal my car last week) but at least Manchester City Council collect my rubbish every week. Your local councillors, do they wear stocking masks to work?

Have you thought of standing in the council election next May?

Matt Davies said...

I have run a few times, but I really don't have the time to do a good effort now. UKIP put a candidate up here, so they will do for me for now.

JoyceJunior said...

Well written. In the US, the 10th amendment is supposed to grant the majority if rights and functions to the states, but it's not being used. Keep up the good fight!