Monday, 3 August 2009

Why I hate the Lib Dems : Part 2000424

Government propaganda source

Airbrushing should be banned in advertisements aimed at children to tackle "body image pressure", say the Liberal Democrats.

Altering photos to make them look better means children are subjected to "completely unattainable images", said front-bencher Jo Swinson.

The "Liberal" Democrats call for stuff to be banned again shocker. This bunch of knee-jerk retards always go for ban first, think of the consequences later.

But what are the consequences of stopping "airbrushing".

Well for one, it means a whole raft of people will lose their jobs.

1) The airbrushers who just help out where make up fails.
2) The models who aren't quite up to scratch, but with a little touch up are fine. Kiss your jobs goodbye, as only perfect will be accepted for work in the future.

Next we have to consider if creating near perfect images IS such a bad thing. Has anyone actually thought that some kids might see perfection as a good thing to aim for? You know, lay of the McDonalds, do a bit of exercise and be a healthier and better looking person for it!

How about the fact that kids aren't thick. They know more about photoshop that the Muppets at Lib Dem HQ do. Seeing perfect images can be written off as computer cheating, while if that is banned, the near perfect models that will be demanded by agencies in the future, will be oh so real. That's right kids, computers aren't used and that means you are ugly without computers help. Not so easy to swallow then is it!

What will be the Lib Dem's solution to that? Ban some more stuff I would guess. Ban good looking people from adverts. Ban adverts. Ban companies from trying to sell their wares.

There is nothing Liberal about the Lib Dems. They are authoritarian fools, who think people are stupid and have to be mollycoddled from cradle to grave. They can't bare the thought that people actually do understand the creation of image and that all airbrushing does, is mean perfection can be created from imperfection and that most of us imperfect souls can take heart that is what really happens.

My contempt for Labour and Blue Labour is bordering on epic, but somehow, this bunch of utter clowns take it one step further. The sooner this establishment wing man is destroyed, the sooner this country might get a REAL liberal party, that truly does believe in freedom.

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