Friday, 2 October 2009

Woking Conservatives Are A SHAMBLES (or are they?)

Got to be honest everyone. I have been so busy with work of late, that the only real political action I have been able to do, is pass on a few links in facebook. Sorry about that, but keeping the wolves from the door always has to come first, especially when Gordo is helping himself to most of it.

Today though, I have seen the full extent of the incompetence of the Woking Tories. As people who come here often will know, Humfrey "Failings" Malins is the current MP for Woking. Failings has always paid lip service to his roll, telling us how hard he works for the people, asking a few questions now and then and hammering the expenses like a nutter. He has decided though, that now is the time to step down. No he isn't one of the REAL bad boys on expenses, and probably could have milked it a bit longer, but he now feels he should hand over to someone younger. Personally I think that is extremely short sighted, as there are many people his age and older who could do a lot more than he ever did for Woking. Indeed, I think we throw older people on the rubbish tip far to early in this country.

Anyway, goodbye Failings, you were never afraid to say yes and not rock the boat and your one achievement of voting against the Iraq war, was somewhat tainted by the fact you always played the hand that would win for you and with a sizeable Muslim population in Woking, I am sure you got permission from the bosses to do what you did. You certainly didn't seem to make much noise at any protests on T.V. for example, but it was just enough for one of your leaflets come the election time. Well, one of your leaflets in Muslim areas eh, because you weren't afraid to say one thing to one part of Woking and a totally different thing to another.

Anyway, reading the local rag that came through my door today, I saw that Blue Labour were down to 4 candidates and their would be a meeting, where a few hundred people (by invite) would be able to ask them some questions. Bummer I thought, as I would have liked to have gone to that, but the meeting was said to have been "sold out".

Imagine by surprise then, when inTouch, Blue Labours usually just before an election leaflet came through my door. In this bland centralised style waste of space, I see that they were advertising the event as an "open primary". MMMmmm, a carefully selected short list, which they were then going to allow all the registered voters of Woking vote in. Great I though, I need to see what each candidate stands for.

Only the "Open Primary" was to be held on 30th of September (my birthday). Yes that's right, it had already passed. They really did advertise that well! In fact, I wonder if they perhaps did make sure a leaflet went to all the voters, accept certain kinds of voter. Say UKIP past candidates and supporters.

Anyway, so either this whole process was an incompetent sham, or a carefully planned sham.

So, as I am a cynical so and so, I thought I would make sure I wasn't being unfair. Just because I wasn't given any say and they pretended it was an open primary, doesn't mean the guy who won might not be a good egg. You get them sometimes, like the handful of "Better Off Out" MPs.

So I called up the local Conservative club.

First question "Has the Primary you just advertised in a leaflet that has come through my door today already been run?"

Answer "Yes!" without a hint of shame.

Second question "Who won then?"

Answer "John Lord"

Third question "Can I ask him a question?"

Answer "mmm, eerrr, mmmm"

"I want to ask him what his position is on Britain's membership of the EU"

"Errr, mmmmm, eeerrrr, you had better contact him then".

No offer of a number, email or anything. I don't think they wanted me to ask him. But I will.

My hopes are not good though. This guy actually comes from Guildford and has dropped into Woking, as the vacancy has arisen. I.E. he is a career politician, rather than fighting for his own town.

Then is the fact he is a "Media and PR" consultant. That's just what we need in politics isn't it.

But I mustn't jump to hasty conclusions. Just because he got in on a sham process and has all the credentials of a slug, doesn't mean he is a slug. I just need to find out if he thinks Britain should be running itself, before I decide to campaign heavily against him, or even for him.

The rest of the Blue Labour leaflet was not promising though. They had the result for Norwich and listed out the results. Now normally they just leave UKIP out of the results, but to my surprise they were included. UKIP got a healthy 11.8% in that one, but oh look, Blue Labour decided to put the Greens, who with lots of BBC coverage managed 9.7%, above them in the table. Do they think people are thick and won't realise that? No, don't answer that one.

The final note on this leaflet, was their pathetic brown nosing of the whole "Recycling" scam. Blue Labour indeed.

I'll report more on JLord when I get more to report.