Saturday, 29 August 2009

Tim Hawkins - The Government Can

Couldn't have said it better myself but *10000 for Gordo and his clowns.

Monday, 24 August 2009

Town Hall Meeting with U.S. Congressman Brian Baird

Why don't we have people like this in Britain? If we do, WHERE ARE YOU?

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Check Kennedy's words at the end of this video

Does anyone doubt this words, given what we are seeing unfold today?

Saturday, 22 August 2009

More incompetence from all levels of Woking government

Why are we not marching on parliament, demanding a complete reboot of the governance in this country?

We now have layer upon layer of utterly useless bean counters, desperately trying to please their immediate masters/messengers, while also trying to stay within the EU's real command.

Today I have received another pile of recycling fodder (another waste of money), telling me how the government has told Surrey Police that they have to cap their expenditure and that now my council tax will be reduced. No where does it actually say how much for me, just an example for band D people, but It looks like we are talking under 5 squid a year, which is worth just over a million to the traffic revenue enforcement agency, sorry I mean police.

So I have a page with my new bill with the massive savings on it. I still have to pay 1812.36 a year basically to get my rubbish collected and be told what to do. Not great value, but I will come onto the rubbish collection in a moment.

Once I had filed that in the bin, I moved onto the next piece. This one is a letter from Surrey Police, moaning about the decision and saying how Surrey pays much more to the government in tax and then gets much less back. Of course I have sympathy for this, as it is mean who is paying a large chunk of this money, that the government gives away to anyone who asks for it, apart from me.

They say they are going to cut heads and try to perform the same as last year with less, rather than improve. Great work, you really do instill confidence in me. I have some suggestions. How about you sack ALL the bean counters, managers, diversity officers, politically correct units and plastic police, then channel the funds solely on attacking REAL criminals. Yes people who have stolen from or hurt other people. How about that for a radical plan. Sorry if I sound like I don't have much sympathy for the police, but I simply don't have much confidence in them anymore. As a unit, they have been ruined by years of piss poor political manipulation. They are no longer fit for purpose and need a full reboot, just as their political masters do.

No individual police people, I'm not directing the blame at you. I know you are "just doing your job" and you would risk that job and its prospectives if you fought back a bit. However, that wasn't an excuse for the Nazis, so forgive me if I don't have epic amounts of sympathy for you. When I start seeing some guts and spine being displayed by people who know what they are doing it wrong, but are just following orders for a quite life, then I might have some. I only actually have utter contempt for the political control freaks who make you do the wrong thing, under the threat of losing your livelihoods.

Anyway, so not content with blowing another few grand on a couple of leaflets, we get another one with some more news.

First up is parking rates in Woking going to be capped too. My company will be pleased, as I often park at the station, then claim it back. A day will now be capped at 8 squid, which is a decent saving. I know why they are doing it and that's because people are deserting Woking in droves. They are sick of paying 11-14 quid, simply to park and go to work. Every day I go in now, it seems to be a little less full. I used to be unable to park some days, now I can park on the lower floors every time. Still, well done for a change on recognising that people are not bottomless pits of cash and that your policies are killing the town. Maybe you could apply this logic to all the other areas too and get our council tax down to a more tolerable level of theft.

Finally we get onto the rubbish collection. Woking has been at the forefront of envirofascsim, blowing their trumpet loudly, while not actually providing any tangible benefits. Indeed, we now have smelly summers, because of 2 week old rubbish and people having bins bulging with rubbish, especially if a flake of snow falls meaning no collection for 3 or even for weeks.

Well 2 wheelie bins isn't enough for this bunch of clowns. Now we are going to get a garden bin too and a food bin. The food bin will be collected every week (just like the good old days). All this so that we can recycle things that don't need recycling and play up to the EU's ridiculous ban on landfill, which is the most sensible, environmentally sound method this country could/should have. The expense of this crazy multi-bin, multi-collection must be immense and the fact a lot of this stuff simply isn't required, does MORE damage to the environment and means we have houses sounded by plastic bins, doesn't seem to ring any alarm bells for the eager order followers in the council.

Sack them. Sack them all. Strip back government to the bare bones and put the power of responsibility back in peoples hands again. Punish people who do hurt or harm others with REAL law enforcement and then let the rest of us live our lives how we want to. This crazy, moronic and damaging system of centralised dictators has to be wound up and wound up soon. Otherwise we could be on our way to 3rd world status. Hardly a legacy to be proud of for our children!

Monday, 17 August 2009

Ayn Rand - Liberty Vs Socialism

We need more people like Rand. We have nothing but utter retards and fascists these days.

Opportunity is Knocking People...

So when do we roll?

Friday, 14 August 2009

I'm losing more faith in democracy by the day

People who read this blog or know me, know that I have gone from being a staunch believer in democracy, to one who thinks it has limited value and use.

My interest in Libertarianism and Ron Paul has shoved me down this route. I know fully understand, that democracy sometimes can be used for bad.

People in power using it as a big stick to beat people into submission with for starters. As long as they get the 20% or so they need in our pathetic system, they can then claim to be speaking for democracy. The fact is they ignore the majorities wishes most of the time and when democracy is simply a minorities choice imposing their own will on a whole range of issues, it can hardly be seen as good.

Worse than that though, is if you believe in freedom, democracy simply fails altogether. Some things simply should not have anyone's say matter, but the individual. What an person chooses to do with their own body or in their own property, simply has NOTHING to do with anyone else. Just because a majority MAY dislike smoking, doesn't mean there is any right for that majority to force someone to ban smoking in their OWN property.

Today I sunk to new lows of contempt for democracy though. This time though, it wasn't the politicians at fault. Indeed, it is just my own opinion and I can't argue in anyway that it should be changed, but I have CONTEMPT for a bit of REAL democracy that is going down in Woking.

Waitrose have a scheme, where they give everyone a little green token and then when you leave the shop, you can pick one of three "good causes" to support. Fantastic idea and as I said, not something I would want to change, but my God is my opinion of the peoples democratic choice low.


Because here are the three charities.

1. A charity for people with Alzheimer's disease.
2. A charity for helping disadvantaged kids.
3. A charity to help prevent cruelty to animals.

All very worthy in their own right. Of course everyone has their priorities. Some people don't like kids. Some people might not like old people and others won't give a monkeys about animals.

What do you think the majority chose those? The choice that fills me with contempt and proves that I am probably a humanist, as well as a libertarian?

That's right, by far and away people chose to help animals over humans. I can't say they are wrong, it is their choice, but my God it puts other "democratic" decisions, even in their most pure form, right into perspective for me.

Thursday, 13 August 2009

How government makes decisions

This is the most funny clip I think I have ever seen, but sadly also very accurate.

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Videos you need to see Part 1 : Brave New World

UK Climate Projections 2009 - Hilary Benn

Listen to this load of rubbish. Even in the dark ages we didn't have such utter morons telling people they knew the future the way this prize plum does. They are using snake oil to try and sell fascism. Everyone needs to tell them to fuck off and fuck off now, or millions if not billions will suffer.

What planet is Murdoch on?


News Corp is set to start charging online customers for news content across all its websites.

The media giant is looking for additional revenue streams after announcing big losses.

The company lost $3.4bn (£2bn) in the year to the end of June, which chief executive Rupert Murdoch said had been "the most difficult in recent history".

Mr Murdoch said he was "satisfied" that the company could produce "significant revenues from the sale of digital delivery of newspaper content".

"The digital revolution has opened many new and inexpensive methods of distribution," he added.

"But it has not made content free. Accordingly, we intend to charge for all our news websites. I believe that if we are successful, we will be followed by other media.

"Quality journalism is not cheap, and an industry that gives away its content is simply cannibalising its ability to produce good reporting," he said.

Oh this really is funny. His range of newspapers are going the way of the dodo, along with the rest of the dead tree press. He knows that, because the demographics show that it is only the older generation that clings to this format. People will take a copy of a paper for free when getting on a train, but the internet has changed everything. With devices becoming ever more portable and document viewing devices becoming better by the day; why would anyone want a printed piece of yesterdays news. That format is all but obsolete.

So Murdoch now thinks this his range of websites will be able to charge. Well, if he was right about the quality of content, then I may have agreed. Let's face it though. There isn't much quality in the Murdoch stable. All of his papers are biased, establishment rags that filter the news to the lowest common denominator. The Telegraph is probably the only site it check on now and then, but believe me, if I have to pay, then it will be no great loss.

The real news comes from the agencies such as Reuters and AFP, again heavily filtered, but certainly there is some useful news there. All of the media use these organisations as their springboard. Indeed, if you read a copy of the Mirror or the Sun, you would be mistaken for thinking it was the same paper or website sometimes. Maybe they will put their own filtered view on that news, but really I can't think of anything worthwhile that has ORIGINATED from the established rags or their sites for some time.

No, if Murdoch thinks his propaganda is actually what people want and will pay for in the online world, he is in for a sharp shock. Blogs and alternate media sources are taking over the comment arena, which is what a lot of people are interested in. We simply don't need Murdoch's rags or sites anymore, so if he starts making them pay sites, he will see his readership shrink to almost zero over night.

Which for me is good. The MSM have served their establishment masters far too well and not the people. The sooner empires like Murdoch's fall, the better and this sort of move will bring that day much closer.

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Silly warnings

We have all seen the warnings about packets of nuts warning they could contain nuts. Silly.

The wife has just showed me a bag of frozen fish, that warns it could contain fish.

Why do companies, and we the public, pander to this utter lunacy? Why don't we tell the regulators to do one?

Humanity's Expression

I started to watch this video with high hopes, but ended up disliking a large chunk of it. For sure I agree with their right to free speech and I liked the way they stood up for the little people against the bullying council busy bodies, who went after street artists with relish.

But the video and these people lost their way. From defending the little man, they decided to have a go at McCains. Why have they gone against McCains? Because THEY have decided that McCains are not healthy.

Well sorry guys, you are entitled to your opinion, but you are talking a lot of bullshit. Their chips really are a lot healthier than a huge amount of foods out there. They are baked rather than fried and potatoes are actually one of natures best vegetables. Indeed, if you had to survive on a desert island and could only choose one vegetable, the humble potato would see you last the longest.

They go on to whine that they are encouraging kids to do exercise. They seem to think that kids have free access to fields and that McCain are evil for setting up a little bit of activity for them.

Yes you have a point with the council, but your bullying of the staff at this event didn't go down well with me. I wish I was there, because you would have got a dose of my free speech on your moralising on this one.

Well done to the McCain staff for not telling them to go fuck themselves.

The EU s*cks!!!

Thank you Greece for joining the resistance against a fascist EU dictatorship.

The people of Europe are awakening to the fact that the EU ISN'T Europe, but a small collection of fascist scum, hell bent on telling us all how to live.

Monday, 3 August 2009


BBC thug attacks children

Childbeating Corporation

A BBC presenter accused of hitting a boy with a wooden pole has been found guilty of unlawful wounding and perverting the course of justice.

Ashley Blake, 40, who presents Midlands Today, denied attacking Greg Jones, 17, outside his Place 2 B bar in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham, in January.

He was cleared of wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

The judge at Birmingham Crown Court warned the presenter he could face a custodial sentence.

Blake was remanded on bail and sentencing was set for 2 September.

Now if this was a political party, the BBC would be the first to tar all of its members with the same brush. They do it all the time to any party that DARES lean to the right, or even the uber left leaning BNP, who just happen to disagree with the rest of the left on race. Well the BBC now has a range of violent attackers, verbal abusers and other assorted criminals. Maybe soon they will have Unite Against BBC, or Anti-BBC Leagues calling for them to be shut down.

They should stop stealing our money that is for sure, but even I wouldn't demand they be closed down if they can find enough mugs to voluntarily fund their establishment whoring organisation.

That's the point though. You as an individual have no choice but to fund this shower of shite, if you want to dare watch ANY T.V.

There is no case for the BBC to be funded using stolen money. Not because one of its employees is a violent child abuser, but because stealing is wrong full stop.

Why I hate the Lib Dems : Part 2000424

Government propaganda source

Airbrushing should be banned in advertisements aimed at children to tackle "body image pressure", say the Liberal Democrats.

Altering photos to make them look better means children are subjected to "completely unattainable images", said front-bencher Jo Swinson.

The "Liberal" Democrats call for stuff to be banned again shocker. This bunch of knee-jerk retards always go for ban first, think of the consequences later.

But what are the consequences of stopping "airbrushing".

Well for one, it means a whole raft of people will lose their jobs.

1) The airbrushers who just help out where make up fails.
2) The models who aren't quite up to scratch, but with a little touch up are fine. Kiss your jobs goodbye, as only perfect will be accepted for work in the future.

Next we have to consider if creating near perfect images IS such a bad thing. Has anyone actually thought that some kids might see perfection as a good thing to aim for? You know, lay of the McDonalds, do a bit of exercise and be a healthier and better looking person for it!

How about the fact that kids aren't thick. They know more about photoshop that the Muppets at Lib Dem HQ do. Seeing perfect images can be written off as computer cheating, while if that is banned, the near perfect models that will be demanded by agencies in the future, will be oh so real. That's right kids, computers aren't used and that means you are ugly without computers help. Not so easy to swallow then is it!

What will be the Lib Dem's solution to that? Ban some more stuff I would guess. Ban good looking people from adverts. Ban adverts. Ban companies from trying to sell their wares.

There is nothing Liberal about the Lib Dems. They are authoritarian fools, who think people are stupid and have to be mollycoddled from cradle to grave. They can't bare the thought that people actually do understand the creation of image and that all airbrushing does, is mean perfection can be created from imperfection and that most of us imperfect souls can take heart that is what really happens.

My contempt for Labour and Blue Labour is bordering on epic, but somehow, this bunch of utter clowns take it one step further. The sooner this establishment wing man is destroyed, the sooner this country might get a REAL liberal party, that truly does believe in freedom.

Saturday, 1 August 2009

They wonder why contempt for the law is at an all time high

The attitude of this little worm is the biggest issue for me. The guy filming wasn't obstructing anything, he was being totally polite. He knows he is being a tool of fascsim and thus doesn't want to answer any questions.

Thank God the rest of Europe is waking up to the EU scam


Ads by Google

EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS - A former speech-writer for Swedish foreign minister Carl Bildt has in a report accused the EU of creating an illegitimate "propaganda machine."

Maria Rankka, who worked for Mr Bildt in 1999, currently runs the Swedish pro-free markets think-tank Timbro, which in a paper out this week says that Brussels is overstepping its mandate of facilitating cross-border co-operation.

Wallstrom - her mission is not to make people love the EU (Photo: European Community, 2006

Is the war on Terror the biggest scam ever (apart from Global Warming)

Everything about the war on terror stinks. Everything.

We have surrendered our freedoms. Allowed atrocities to be committed in our names and STILL we have not held ANYONE to account for all the lies.

Is this really what we have become? A bunch of gutless slaves, who just love being lied to and having our money stolen from us?

When are we going to say enough is enough?

Daily Mail

Commuters who drive to work face a new 'parking tax' of up to £350 a year.

Ministers are backing a 'workforce parking levy' which will come into force in Nottingham in 2012 - and is likely to be adopted across the country.

The pilot scheme will see firms with more than ten parking places for staff charged £250 a year for each, rising to £350 in two years.

Read more:;jsessionid=57815D3F65E0D4308831100859EA3D6C#ixzz0Mv16yPJQ

Seriously people. How much more of this bullshit is the working man going to take? These parasites are running out of ways to rape us, so they aren't even trying to do it by stealth anymore.

Are we just going to sit back and allow this country to become like a burned ex-Soviet shithole? Is this what we want for our kids? Or are we going to stop dancing to their authortarian criminal tune?