Saturday, 10 May 2008

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Save the Whales (James that is)

One of the few honest media people out there has been sacked. Sure he made the blunder of backing closet EUphile Boris "I backed Ken Clarke and want European Union" Johnson, but I I forgive him for that. Afterall, a lot of people fell for the old good cop, bad cop routine in their desperation to make the pain of Red Ken go away.

Whale talks a lot of sense tough and deserves support. Go to his site and join up!

Friday, 2 May 2008

Oily Well thanks me for helping him win in Knaphill

My heart is almost bursting with pride today!

Here is an email Social Autocrat Olly "oily" Wells sent me today, after his victory over Beryl the Peril of Blue Labour.


Glad you made your website.

Many people tell me that they googled me and found it. Seems they were motivated by your message to vote for me.

Suggest you temper your posts better.


Awesome. My little website helped Oily beat Blue Labour. I can barely contain my indifference. Beryl will be most upset at this development. Mind she might send me an email soon saying I helped her too!

I'd love to think I made much difference, but I know the reality is slightly different, seeing as about 5 people read my site. The bottom line, is the Lib Dems spent a bit wedge of their budget on spamming Knaphill good and proper. Seriously, I have said it before and I'll say it again, I never cease to be impressed with the amount of trees they cut down to post lies and nothingness through my door. They deserve to win on shear effort alone.

Now the people of Knaphill get to see what Oily can do. Going on past experience, that'll be a giant sod all, but feel secure in the knowledge that he is helping spend tax payers money on his party and implementing the orders of his masters.

I'll keep my 5 readers up to date with updates of his failure as it happens.

Also I have to say well done to UKIP too. Without putting out a single leaflet, the guy still managed to get over 100 votes. On an effort to vote ratio, that puts him at number 1!

Well done!