Sunday, 31 August 2008

Woking falls to totalitarian nightmare.

It sickens me to report today, that Woking has now put up the flag of surrender. For years now I have driven by the council office and looked up at the flags on display.

Every day I see the cancerous effect of EU directives on all British life. Even though Woking seems to be at the forefront of doing as their are told by their masters in Brussels, the fact they never hoisted the symbol of totalitarianism that is consuming Europe at the moment, was faint hope.

The slight glimmer of hope that they wouldn't dare push it all the way has now gone though. They have put the equivalent of the Swastika up, without any kind of desire for it from the people. The people running our town have surrendered to subservience, in the hope that they will get a place at the top table for helping push it through.

And the party in charge of Woking is?

The Conservative party. The biggest bunch of lying traitors this country have ever seen. Of course they are helped by their treacherous friends in the Lib Dems, but every time the media tries to pretend that they are "Eurosceptic", remember their actions and not their words.

They took us in and they will drive us deeper in. They have fully signed up to the dream that Hitler failed to implement. Supranational Socialism, complete with all the hallmarks of totalitarianism, such as encouraging people to spy on each other, total surveillance and banning as many things as possible.

When are we going to wake up Woking? When are we going to fight back Britain? What kind of hell are we going to hand over to our children?

Saturday, 30 August 2008

Interesting film

I don't necessarily believe all that this film says, but it certainly hits a few right cords. Focused on America, but goes for the rest of the world.

Swapping a turd for a turd.

While doing some work this morning, I left Sky News on in the background, so I can hear what bullshit the masses are being fed at the moment.

Yep the usual fear mongering, with them whipping up the Georgia vs Russia issue, trying to make it into something we should be concerned with, when it is anything but. They almost demand a new cold war.

Then we have Alistair Darling, another member of the Scottish Raj currently "leading" the Labour party, telling us all we are in the deep brown stuff. Brown, being the operative word, seeing as it is ten years of his pathetic policies (firmly guided by the EU of course) that leave us where we are today. All that stealing from the people and yet still, we are now told to prepare for poverty.

They made me laugh saying 2 million unemployed too. It is at LEAST 8 million economic inactive. Take out children from that equation and that is a frighteningly high proportion of adults who can't/won't work.

Then we have the 1 in 4 who do manage to "work", doing so for a fat, bloated, nannying whore of a government. Can anyone say unsustainable? Yet I hear no plans from the bunch of retards in charge to do anything about those twin menaces (never mind all the other serious issues these fools have managed to create).

But what really got my goat, was having to listen to the so call opposition. George Osborn, is just like that sniveling little weasel that everyone wanted to beat the crap out of at school, but didn't dare too because they were protected by bullies. This pathetic non entity of a man, laid into Darling, for his confession that we are in the shit.

Well Boy George, what the fuck would you have done differently and what would you do to get us out of it? Oh no, he won't comment on that, because the truth is, he would have been almost exactly the same. They wouldn't have done ANYTHING to tackle the big issues, because like Labour they are hamstrung by the EU on most of it. Worse than that though, is they have no interest in drastically rolling back the cancerous influence of an overweight, over controlling and corrupt system. They benefit far too much from the gravy train and won't be making the necessary cuts that are required.

So what is the point of scraping the Labour party off of your shoe, only to stamp straight into another freshly laid steamer in Blue Labour?

It's time to realise that big government always gets corrupted and the ONLY fair system, is the one where everyone is free and responsible for themselves. Community will return and no longer will a bunch of parasites be allowed to destroy our peoples freedom and wealth.

So vote for a small party. Vote for a small party that DEMANDS smaller government.

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Europeans against the straight jacket that is the EU!

I have been seeing some wonderful signs of late, that finally, large amounts of continental Europeans are waking up to the true disgusting nature of the EU. Look at facebook, do a search on Google, just speak to a few Germans or French or Italians and the same message is coming back.

We don't want the EU. We don't want a new Soviet, that tries to make us all the same, takes our money, tells us what to do and is a vehicle for the very worst politicians there are. The career merchants, who have no driving principle, other than themselves, by manipulation the selfish desires of the masses.

It is far to easy for a politician to stand up and promise people the world. When that world is stolen from others though (minus their cut of course), then we are on a one way ticket to hell.

There is a good facebook group, that says it all for me. It's called "Socialism only killed 100 million people, let's try it again!".

It might or might not be 100% accurate, but the underlying message is true. Any ideolgy based on the premise that stealing is O.K. will lead to disaster. The people in power don't care though, because as long as they play on the fascist desires that sit within most people, they elevate themselves and that is all they care about.

We need a new kind of politician in Europe. One that will work to make each nation free. Free Europe up piece by piece and then the rest and the good will spread.

Keep on going down the fascist rathole of Supranational Socialism and your grandchildren will be the ones having to fight their way out.

Monday, 18 August 2008

Is it just me?

My life.

Told at school that you have to do well at your exams to get on. In fact, if you don't do well, then you feel utterly miserable.

Get out of school and go to University. Still conviced you have to do well, so work hard. Get a good degree and then look for first real job.

During first real job, realise that exams weren't that important, up until the very last one. Get a degree and all the rest is null and void.

Work hard at work. Work very hard. Do overtime, do weekends, do nights. No longer physical work, yet feel physically drained and knackered almost every day. Have to keep learning just to stand still.

Seem to be earning a decent wage. Better than most, but no where near pop stars and footballers. Think it is decent, but realise that I still have a bloody great mortgage and that if I didn't keep working like a bitch, it wouldn't take long to lose my home.

Realise that my wife has also got to work bloody hard + more, as I am too lazy to do chores all the time. I really have to be bullied to do them, because I fucking hate them. I am tired from work, yet have to do chores. It never used to be like that, did it?

My wife and I work our guts out. We are under constant pressure to do well at work and then we have all the mundane house work than needs doing too. Have made things harder mine, by getting cats that make mess and damage things.

That's it. My life. Running around the hamster wheel, while the government steals from me and increasingly tells me what to do. Both my wife and I are exhausted every night and while we have more than most, it doesn't seem like much in reality.

Is this what life is supposed to be about? I can't even contemplate adding kids to that equation, but I'm pushing on and want to have them at some point. Is this the life I want them to have too? Like hell it is.

So why am I doing it? Why don't I piss off to Canada or elsewhere and live a more simple, less pressurised life?

Because my wife doesn't want to be away from her friends and family. Fair enough, but that means more of this shite.

So what is the alternative here? Get the scum that have made our lives one long slog out and get freedom back into this country.

That's why I am a member of the Libertarian Party. Is there anyone else out there like me?

Camoron targets 'broken society'

The news Lenin trusts

Conservative leader David Cameron has said he will be as radical a social reformer as Margaret Thatcher was an economic reformer.

In a book about him due out on Monday, Mr Cameron pledged to heal what he called Britain's "broken society".

Yes it is a bit broken, but thanks to IDIOT politicans who think they know best. Their meddling and removal of self responsibility, via their pitiful social engineering is the reason we are where we are.

Haven't we had enough authortarian nannying to realise the damage this does in the long term. Surely we must. Surely.

Mind, he doesn't actually promise anything here. I think he has got the British publics number to be honest. Say nothing and let Brown lose it. Then take over and implement the orders as per usual.

England stars (chocolate?) in knife plea

Stalin would be proud

England football players including David Beckham and Rio Ferdinand have spoken out against knife crime as part of a campaign targeting youths.
Members of the team took time out from training to unfurl a banner urging people not to carry weapons.

If in doubt, wheel out a bunch of overpaid preening idiots, to tell the public how to behave.

Why are they still focusing on the tool? Why not a camapaign against ALL violent crime? Carrying a knife doesn't hurt anyone one. Using that knife to attack someone is, so focus on them and all the others that use just their fists or feet to seriously hurt people too.

Anyone with an internet link can see the violence used by some now and most of it doesn't involve knives. It is a complete distraction from what really matters. The fact the government morons are gout these failures, doesn't alter that.

I wonder if they paid the divs? Would you bet against it?

Having said that, maybe I do overestimate the intelligence of the public. Maybe all the kids who were so brutaly going to stab someone, will now listen to their heros and take up knitting instead.

Can they be trusted with knitting needles though? Perhaps they can wheel out the cricket team against that instead.

Sunday, 17 August 2008

Government backs stealing again.

Stalin's Choice

A minister has called on the government to consider a tax on high earners to help the middle classes through the economic slowdown.

Writing in the Sunday Times, Health Minister Ivan Lewis said introducing practical measures to boost morale at this difficult time was vital.

He warns that Labour will lose the next election if it does not take tough tax decisions to bail out core voters.

Sorry, but while I could well be one of the "middle classes" that would benefit from this, the thought of stealing other peoples wealth turns my stomach. All that will achieve, is to drive Britain's hard working and most talented out. You would think the ridiculous retards in Labour would have learned this by now, but no, like a brain damaged hamster, they continue to run around the wheel.

Why does anyone wonder why respect is dying in this country,when government itself backs thieving?

His comments come as a poll suggests Labour Party popularity is waning.

The latest YouGov poll, commissioned by the Sunday Times, showed that Labour's support was at 25%, with the Conservative Party in a 20-point lead

What a shock. I hasten to add though, that's 25% of those who vote. So we are talking about just over 10% of the people here. How 1 in 10 people still choose this shower of pish, I have no idea. No wait, yes I do. They either work for the government, or benefit from the stolen cash.

The only way to win the next election, Mr Lewis warns, is by protecting the living standards of the "mainstream majority" that helped secure Labour's victory in the past three elections.

Would that quote have looked out of place coming out of Hitler's mouth? I don't think so. Yes, let's persecute the minorities, to make sure the majority vote for us. That'll be the 2 wolves and a sheep arguing over who is going to be dinner play.

"Our duty is to act decisively and make tax and spending decisions that show we understand what it is like to cope with rising food, fuel and utility bills," Mr Lewis said.

Maybe common thief should try that line, just after he has robbed an old granny to provide for his family.

"If as a result of the current economic situation the only way to help hard-pressed middle-class families is to ask the higher earners to pay more, then serious consideration should be given to that," he added.

Only you won't be asking at all, will you. No, you shall be stealing the money and using the full violent force of the state on anyone who dares to avoid the smash and grab. What a sickening scumbag this bloke is.

He does not specify how much one has to earn to fall within this bracket, but it is thought to be aimed at people earning £250,000 and more, according to the newspaper.

I.E. the one's who will quite easily avoid whatever dumb tax these intellectual fucktards come up with this week.

Other suggestions include a windfall tax or a temporary freeze on stamp duty payments.

Which are just as moronic. Windfall taxes shall just be passed straight on to the consumer (and then some when waste and corruption is taken into account).

Freezing stamp duty will simply mean one small section of society, managed to get a better deal than the rest.

We need to get rid of this bunch of fools quick, before it is too late. Replacing like for like though must not be an option. That rules out both Blue Labour and the Lib Dems.

Fox News shows what a shocking shower of shite our "free" media is.

Shut up little girl, quick go to adverts, wrap this one up big time, they aren't slagging off the Russians.

Pitful, but no more than we should have expected from the government propaganda channel. The BBC is worse, because they don't even start to take the risks of allowing the truth to creep out.

Listen to the hosts pathetic panic, as he gets told by the controlers to close this section off ASAP.

The media is not our friends people. I don't know how much more evidence we need for that.

Saturday, 16 August 2008

Envirofascism. The PERFECT term for what is happening.

Green Hijack

All the poor, deluded fools who think they are backing something good, with the current hysteria being pumped out by our media and their buddy politicians, should look at the blueprints of what this is all about.

From the Club Of Rome.

“This is the way we are setting the scene for mankind’s encounter with the planet. The opposition between the two ideologies that have dominated the 20th century has collapsed, forming their own vacuum and leaving nothing but crass materialism.

It is a law of Nature that any vacuum will be filled and therefore eliminated unless this is physically prevented. “Nature,” as the saying goes, “abhors a vacuum.” And people, as children of Nature, can only feel uncomfortable, even though they may not recognize that they are living in a vacuum. How then is the vacuum to be eliminated?

It would seem that humans need a common motivation, namely a common adversary, to organize and act together in the vacuum; such a motivation must be found to bring the divided nations together to face an outside enemy, either a real one or else one invented for the purpose.

New enemies therefore have to be identified.
New strategies imagined, new weapons devised.

The common enemy of humanity is man.

In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill. All these dangers are caused by human intervention, and it is only through changed attitudes and behavior that they can be overcome. The real enemy then, is humanity itself.

The old democracies have functioned reasonably well over the last 200 years, but they appear now to be in a phase of complacent stagnation with little evidence of real leadership and innovation

Democracy is not a panacea. It cannot organize everything and it is unaware of its own limits. These facts must be faced squarely. Sacrilegious though this may sound, democracy is no longer well suited for the tasks ahead. The complexity and the technical nature of many of today’s problems do not always allow elected representatives to make competent decisions at the right time.”

They want fascist control over all of us, all based upon their fantasies that humans control everything.

Britain's population had started to fall naturally, until the very same people backing this crap decided nations shouldn't exist now. The only reason our population has gone up, is due to the opening of our doors, to the whole of the EUs poor (due to socialism).

The reality is, if we have libertarian government, you would see all nations levels stabalise all on their own. That is why we should do this piece by piece, starting with this country. Making Britain a libertarian nation, would then provide a beacon to the rest of the world. Then, once countries were truly free, then you could think about opening up borders, but would find most people who stay put, as they would already love their own free country.

More puritan fascist ideals being foisted upon Britain (lap dancing)

One side of the news only

Councils are powerless to stop the spread of lap dancing clubs and licensing laws need to be tightened up, the government has been urged.

In a letter to the Times, councillors said the clubs were "a contradiction to efforts to promote gender equality".

As they are the same licensing category as pubs or cafes residents have less scope to oppose them as sex shops.

Good. I am glad the councils are powerless to be fascist little Nazis, like they so often are. Once again, we have a bunch of jumped up little control freaks, demanding their own morality be forced upon others, even when it is in their own private establishments.

These utter morons just don't get it. The fact that there is a DEMAND for these sort of clubs, means that there is a whole section of society that DOES want it and another section that is willing to provide it.

I have, like most you men, been to such clubs. Let me tell you something for free, the people holding all the power in those clubs are the women. They have the choice of whether to be there and indeed, many quite enjoy it. They get men worshiping them and paying them huge sums, just to wriggle around a bit and show of their God given talents.

You get all kinds of person in there. College girls who don't want to have huge debts. Exhibitionists, who want to show off what they have got and sure you probably have a few people who would rather not do it, but the seriously good money they get, means they will do it instead of flipping burgers in McDonald's.

Everything goes on behind closed doors and the girls always have serious protection from bouncers.

Maybe there would be a case for trying to protect MEN from being ripped off, but I don't go for that either. If men want to pay silly money, to see some girl wriggle around in front of him, then that is his call.

These horrible little fascists who don't like it themselves, so don't want anyone else to do it, should be told to shut up and just not visit the places. Instead, the bunch of control freaks and authoritarians we have in government, probably will do whatever the loud minority demand.

It's time people told them to get lost and demanded their freedom back.

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Russia vs Georgia. Utterly depressing.

I haven't made any comment on this "conflict" so far, simply because I have no real idea about the background to it.

Of course I have heard the MSM filtered version, which seemed to imply that the Georgians attacked South Ossetia, who were trying to break away from Georgia, with alleged support from Russia.

So Georgia started throwing the bombs around, though they will say they were provoked into doing it. Then Russia, who let's face it, could crush Georgia in a heartbeat if they so wished, seem to have not only responded, but responded harshly.

Now we have all the media and our beloved politicians lining up to condemn Russia and because of that, we now have facebook groups springing up telling the Russians to "get the fuck out of Georgia".

Well, I am going to make a different plea. I still don't really know who the good and bad guys are in all this. I am sure there are a lot of complex issues, helping to drive this situation. For example, I doubt Russia are that pleased that Georgia is teaming up with the west so much. Right on their border, they have a country (the media still calls it a state) trying to join NATO and become a part of the new Soviet, the EU.

The Americans wouldn't like that (Cuba anyone), so I think there is a lot of high octane hypocrisy flying around on this issue.

However, I have a much more simple solution and SPOB (single point of blame). My solution is for the people to stop listening to their "leaders", when they tell them to initiate violent action against others. That's right, if the people stopped behaving like sheep and REFUSED to attack other people, because the egomaniacs that pose as leaders tell them too and instead told them to do one, then we wouldn't have this situation.

Same goes for almost all wars.

That is why in this instance, even though I have no time for the Russian LEADERSHIP, I struggle to have too much sympathy for the Georgians. They started the aggression against a small group, that they knew the Russians would act over. I have no idea if the Georgians thought the USA would ride to their rescue, but they were dumb to start the aggression and the people there are now suffering for it.

Sadly, like Iraq, we are now in the shitty situation and it probably will drag on for years. The best we can hope for, is that not too many nations get dragged into it, which is why Britain should not go anywhere near it. By all means try and broker a truce between the lopsided factions, but this war really is none of our business.

So I won't be joining any facebook groups telling either side what to do, other than stop killing each other. Georgia seem to want to stop now, but like a fight in a school playground, just because you are losing, doesn't mean the the beating stops there. I hope Russia will be satisfied it has made its point soon and show some mercy for the people of Georgia.

Sunday, 10 August 2008

Anger Management

Sometimes I have people ask me why I am so angry on the internet. In real life, I am thought of as more of a funny guy. I have been told on numerous occasions that I am the "life and soul" of a team.

I do try to be funny in real life, because funny is good. There is nothing better than laughter.

However, there is a major streak of anger running through me and I choose to "vent" that anger, in my writing on the web. I understand, that this carries the risk of overriding the weight of my argument, but to be frank, it's not up to me to make peoples minds up for them. I am angry and I am telling you why I am angry. If you think the reasons are not good enough, then good for you, because to me they are.

How can people not be angry at losing more freedoms by the day? How can people not be angry that stealing is seen as O.K.? How can people not be angry, that this country that became so great, is now becoming so pathetic? How can people not be angry that democracy is a lie? How can people not be angry that their politicians are crooks, liars, traitors and career merchants? How can people not be angry that we bomb the shit out of countries, based on lies? How can people not be angry, that control freaks want them to lose freedom, based on guesswork about the earth's climate? How can people not be angry at not being allowed to defend yourself or your home as you see fit?

I could go on.

What REALLY makes me angry the most though, is the fact that others are not getting angry. Or at least, not enough people. What is wrong with you? Do you like being slaves? Are you happy to be the underling, pet like creature that the British have become?

What happened to this countries spine? What happened to the same will and spirit that gave the world the Magna Carta? Why do stadiums get filled with people for trivia, but political movements wanting freedom struggle to scrape members?

I don't get it. I don't understand why we take what we do and why there is so little effort to put it right.

Perhaps we as a people deserve all we get. I don't want it though and I will fight it, for my family and future children's sake, as well as my own.

I suspect a lot of people are just frightened, or unsure of what to do. They are looking for rally points. Well here is my offer to the people of Woking. I will be your rallying point. Contact me and I will set up a movement in my own town. We will make it fun too, with a social element such as meeting at the pub (if there are still any left) and doing some crazy, but serious stuff.

Let's have you.

UK Bill of rights (fascism) on its way

Commie tool

The government should adopt a Bill of Rights for the UK, a cross-party committee of MPs and peers has urged.

The Joint Committee on Human Rights said the bill should go further than current human rights legislation.

The bill should give greater protection to groups such as children, the elderly and those with learning difficulties, it said in a report.

Why do groups need greater protection? Children are already more than protected by law, but of course enforcing that law is another matter all together. The elderly should expect the same protection as anyone, IE the right to not be violently attacked and go about their business freely.

Are these donkeys really telling us that centuries of British civilisation have not already given these groups protection? Well it is true, we are all losing our right to be free, but I doubt if their rancid little consensus Bill will address that at all. Quite the opposite in fact. What I expect to see, is Britain being harmonised into the EU socialist solidarity collective way.

Its report referred to a survey conducted in 2006 when more than three-quarters of the people polled agreed that "Britain needs a Bill of Rights to protect the liberty of the individual".

That's right, the INDIVIDUAL. So why are these chimps already leaping to trying to make it into groups.

The report said: "We recommend for inclusion, amongst others, the right to trial by jury, the right to administrative justice and international human rights as yet not incorporated into UK law.

Ah now we get down to the reality. As usual we are conned with the initial REASSERTION that we are entitled to a trial by jury. Well that's what we used to have, but of late they have ripped it away bit by bit from us. Speeding tickets anyone?

But look at the second part. INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS, not yet incorporated into UK law. In other words, we will be pushed into a New World Order. You think these "rights" will be good for us? I doubt it. More like more socialist crap that actually makes us more under the hammer of the state.

The Bill would also encompass Britons' social and economic rights, including the right to health, housing, education and an adequate standard of living, the report said.

There you go. This isn't about freedom, it's about some socialist/communist Utopian idea, that we are all entitled to expect a certain standard of living, no matter how useless, lazy, criminal or scummy we are. This is the USSR all over again and we know what kind of standard of living the people had under that. Yeah, you had a minimum standard for sure and only a very a few managed to get above it. The politicians.

"And it would help to correct the popular misconception that human rights are a charter for criminals and terrorists," it went on.

Except it isn't a misconception, because those are the true winners so far. Ordinary Brits got on just fine without all this crap before, but ever since our surrender to the EU, we have no choice but to give convicted criminals better treatment.

Calling it a "constitutional landmark", he added: "It would provide a framework both for protecting the liberty of the individual against the intrusion of state power, and for protecting the 'little person' against powerful interests.

Truly we are living in Orwellian times. Black is white, war is peace, freedom is slaver and 2+2=5. This isn't anything to do with individual liberty. It is about putting us in line with the rest of the world, so the one world dictatorship can have its way.

Saturday, 9 August 2008

Blowing away the myth that we have democracy.

You know what. Most areas in Britain are pretty set in their ways. Woking, where I have lived for most of my adult life, has ALWAYS been true blue Conservative. Humfrey "failings" Malins, has been the MP for Woking ever since I have been here. Labour get beaten by UKIP if they even bother to run here.

The Lib Dems have managed to secure their position as the second party here, but while they push the council to NOC sometimes, they usually have to cede power to the Conservatives.

So Woking has one of the lowest council taxes in Britain right?


Woking has very similar council tax levels to most of Britain, including so called Labour areas. We probably have more government nannying schemes than anyone and even though Woking is packed to the brim with rich people, who work in London or have retired to the suburbs, we still have very much a typical town, that wastes money on trivia and fleeces its population to fund it.

So where is our option to change this? Going on the media, the only other choice is Labour or the Lib Dems. They are no different though, indeed, there is a possibility they will be even worse.

So you see, democracy is actually a sham. Sure they play lip service to it, by making it just about possible of small parties to run, but my are the decks stacked against them. The media won't give the massive advertising the old established parties get, indeed, if anything, they will be painted as lunatics, fringe, or nutters.

The national media, via TV and mainstream newspapers will bombard people all year with the conditioning that these are the only choices. Then come the GE they will ramp it up to an even higher level.

The old parties will then get big business give it just enough money to give credence to the scam, by making it impossible for small parties to compete. Then you have the local media, that may give a bit more coverage to small parties, but only in a few limited areas.

Now and then, you may have an issue blow up in an area, or a rich or very talented person manage to break through. These are only tiny pockets of resistance and you can guarantee that the machine will do all it can to squash these, when they arise.

So as long as the masses keep taking their lead from the media, the deeper in the mire we shall become. We may be handing our children hell on earth, just as the parents of kids in all pre Communist nations did.

The Internet has provided an interesting avenue though. While the big money and MSM still try and control is, so far they haven't been able too. A lot of people are beginning to wake up to the whole charade we call democracy and the puppets that perpetrate it. Which is why all we hear about now, are stories of the "dark side" of the Internet. Of course there is a dark side, just as there is a dark side of human nature.

But the power mongers know they can always take advantage of peoples desire to squash the dark side, by demanding control of the Internet. The same kind of total control as they have over the media. Once we lose the freedom of speech that we have here, then what hope is there of us ever getting out of this control grid? None.

So now is the time to start fighting back. Sitting back and hoping it will all come alright is no longer and option.

Why the right to silence is so important!

Of course, this bunch of fascists running us now, are chipping away at this protection all the time. They think if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear.

This guy tells you why that is absoutely not the case, even with a well meaning, uncorrpted system.

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Polish imperial martyrs

EU loving toads

A restaurant owner has described laws which ban him from serving beer by the litre as "barmy" after he was threatened with court action.

Nic Davison was served an infringement notice by trading standards officers for selling beer illegally.

Mr Davison, who owns the Kuchnia Polska restaurant in Doncaster, was told to change his glasses within 28 days or face a court hearing and a £2,000 fine.

The 1988 Weights and Measures Act says draught beer must be sold in pints.

Is this some kind of joke? Is this some sort of reverse psychology, aimed at making people think that we have fascism anyway, so why not change over to Eurofascism?

No, I have a better idea. How about government take its fat nose out of peoples business and let them sell drinks in whatever measure they want?

Seriously, we have to pay for the jumped up little Hitlers that create and enforce this kind of horse shite. Sack them, sack them all and give us all more money to spend on whatever measures we want!

How to spot a scam

O.K. Let me make something 100% clear, before I go into this one. I believe we SHOULD be looking for alternatives to oil. Not because of the scam of global warming, but because this country, Britain, has to import the damned stuff, meaning we are reliant on others. Sure we also export our own, but it isn't the same kind. I don't like the idea of being reliant. We should be able to import oil, IF it is the best deal open to us. If it is the only deal open to us, then that makes it less likely that we will get a good deal.

Will oil run out soon? Who knows, we seem to have had 30 years of it left, ever since anyone even thought about it running out. If you believe what they taught you at school, that oil comes from dead creatures and plant life, then you would imagine it could run out some day, seeing as this oil was supposed to have formed over many years and under certain conditions. However, if you are looking at all the hydrocarbons being found on other planets and wondering if we may be being told porkies on this, then I wouldn't blame you.

That still doesn't alter the fact, that it has to be good for us to be able to have multiple energy sources. Especially energy sources that don't pollute in anyway and even better, don't use up the earths resources.

Personally, I have always been interested in solar energy. We have this great big ball of nuclear energy in the sky (the Sun) chucking out more energy in a second than we could use in a year and you have to think there must be a way of harnessing that. There certainly are some small level uses of solar energy, like calculators, or those small battery charging units that you can get. I have them and the initial cost, is soon paid back.

However, with today's technology at least, this is the only level worth doing. You have all probably looked into solar power for your homes. I know I have had numerous leaflets telling me how I can be one of the show homes and will get a big fat government subsidy if I go for it.

Well sorry, but "great big fat government subsidy" always rings a great big fat alarm bell for me. If solar power was so great at the moment, why would we need a subsidy. Well, I soon found out when I looked into it.

Even with a fat subsidy (stolen from the tax payer), the initial cost of a solar power system, is outrageous. We are talking 10's of 1000's of pounds. Now that money could have been invested and probably make the money to heat and light your home for a very long time. So when they tell you that you are saving money on your bills, it is horseshit.

What is worse, is these systems are only guaranteed for so long. It would take decades to recoup back the money, even if you didn't invest it and by then maintenance costs will come into play. Of course, like any technology, this will be outdated pretty damned soon anyway. So anyone buying rubbish like this
deserves no sympathy. Well maybe a bit of sympathy, because your beloved government is part of the scam.

One day, alternate energy sources will become available. For the love of God though, don't allow con men to take thousands of your hard earned, on the back of lies. The cheapest energy at the moment, is still oil and gas. Make the most of it while you can!

Government shows that brains are not a requirment to govern

Governments mouthpiece

Will stamp duty be scrapped, albeit temporarily, in order to breathe new life into the housing market?

Truth is, I don't know.

Perhaps more worryingly, it does not appear, at least on first sight, that the Treasury knows either.

First there were authoritative reports, apparently coming straight out of Downing Street, that there would be a holiday from the tax.

Then the BBC learned from Treasury sources that, rather than a holiday, the government was considering deferring stamp duty - a buy-now-pay-later scheme.

One wonders if this government could run a piss up in a brewery. They issue a knee jerk panic measure, to try and stop the house market bombing, but then realise it would do more harm than good, so busily try to backtrack.

In the stocks and shares game, there is a saying. "Never try and catch a falling knife", which means don't buy a stock while it is falling, because you have no idea whether the stock will keep falling.

So the idea of making it easier for people struggling to afford a house to buy, right at the time that the knife is picking up speed, seems very cruel to me. Well not as cruel as this rancid government have been (Iraq), but fairly cruel.

Instead of this kind of knee jerk, desperate to win the election crapola, they need to admit they were wrong all along and start undoing the damage they have done.

That means PERMANENT tax cuts and for me, getting rid of income tax is the priority. Taxation destroys wealth and we have the highest taxation's ever, throughout the world, when you add everything up.

Taxing income is just wrong. It is deincentivising working hard and trying to improve yourself. It also drives the best talent away. The sick thing is, that the ultra rich just avoid it anyway, so as usual it is the working-middle classes that shoulder the full weight of it.

Seriously, we need to ditch the "temporary tax" that is income tax first and that will revolutionise this country. We will become the hard working, innovative force in the world we once were again. Of course this means we would have to scale back the size and scope of the state, but given the abject failure of the state, this should not be a problem.

NHS filled with vermin

I can't believe it's not Communism

The cleanliness of most NHS hospitals in England is threatened by frequent invasions of rats, fleas, bedbugs, flies and cockroaches, a report claims.

Figures released by the Conservatives show that 70% of NHS Trusts brought in the pest controllers at least 50 times between January 2006 and March 2008.

Of course, we knew this already. The reason lots of people left hospital more ill than when they went in, due to MRSA etc, was the filthy conditions in hospitals.

Now we could just look at how Communism styled health schemes have run througout the world and throughout time, to realise this would always be the case. If anyone saw the hospitals in the USSR or even todays hospitals in China (anyone see the elephant boy programme, I bet than made Commies proud!). When you know you don't have to compete with anyone else, then why try harder. Having a state owned monoply, funded with stolen money, will also sink to the abosolute lowest level of care possible,

HOWEVER, I don't think that will be true all of the time. There are a lot of caring people out there, who do it because they really do care, but even these people are impeded by this useless government. Instead of letting the hospitals get on with running themselves, they foisted hundreds of targets, admin and bean counting on them. They also try to run them all from the centre, which of course ends in disaster, as they are totally out of touch with reality at the centre.

The NHS is many ways is a noble idea. The idea that no matter how poor you are, you know you will be treated. The problem is, the method they have chosen to service that requirement. We have gone for the lazy option. The option where you just steal money from people and then use that fact as a stick to control from the centre.

Look around the world and you will find many better systems than ours. Better in that they don't steal and better in that they provide better care, more choice and hand back power to the people that matter.

The NHS was the wrong solution to a real problem. The sooner we recognise that, the better.

Monday, 4 August 2008

The Ministry of Truth is real!


The Government has spent almost £2 million to fund programmes that are all but indistinguishable from regular shows, The Sunday Telegraph has established.

But unlike normal documentaries, the programmes are commissioned by ministers with the purpose of showing their policies or activities in a sympathetic light.

The media watchdog Ofcom has disclosed that it had opened an investigation into one of the programmes, Beat: Life on the Street — about the Government’s controversial Police Community Support Officers, to see whether it breached its broadcasting code.

Come again? Does there need to be an investigation? They have just rumbled the government using stolen (taxpayers) money, to fund a load of total propaganda and they want to investigate it? There is nothing to investigate! Our government is using our own money, to pump out propaganda. Orwell had this bunch of cretins down perfectly.

When you look at your pay packet at the end of the month and see a huge chunk of it swallowed up in tax.

Then when you buy some petrol and remember half of that is tax (yes more tax on money you have already paid tax on).

Then when you replace you Tax disk in your car.

Or when you go to park your car, in the council car park and have to pay 4 quid for a couple of hours.

Or pay more VAT on your shopping, or to have your car MOT'd.

Then when you get you council tax bill through.

Or when you get an energy bill, with the tax added for that.

Or then you manage to save 3p of what's left, but get taxed again on any interest it makes.

Or manage to scrimp some money to go on holiday and get taxed all kinds of different taxes.

Or you mange to get a pension together, which then gets taxed.

OR if you FUCKING DIE and you manage to leave some inheritance to your kids, that gets taxed.

REMEMBER these fucking parasites are wasting it on telling you how good they are.

Revolution can't be far away.

Who remembers this in any manifesto?

Fascist Times

Families who overfill rubbish bins are to face bigger fines than those imposed on drunks or shoplifters, the government has told local authorities.

New guidance instructs councils to impose fixed penalties of “not less than £75” and up to £110 in what the opposition has attacked as a “new stealth tax”.

The offences for which householders can be fined include leaving ajar the lid of a wheelie bin, putting out a bin the evening before collection or leaving the bin in the wrong place.

Although the government has previously claimed that it leaves local councils to decide on the level of fines, the Fly-capture Enforcement manual, produced by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, stipulates that fixed penalties for offences involving “waste receptacles” must range from £75 to £110.

Families who overfill rubbish bins are to face bigger fines than those imposed on drunks or shoplifters, the government has told local authorities.

New guidance instructs councils to impose fixed penalties of “not less than £75” and up to £110 in what the opposition has attacked as a “new stealth tax”.

The offences for which householders can be fined include leaving ajar the lid of a wheelie bin, putting out a bin the evening before collection or leaving the bin in the wrong place.

Although the government has previously claimed that it leaves local councils to decide on the level of fines, the Fly-capture Enforcement manual, produced by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, stipulates that fixed penalties for offences involving “waste receptacles” must range from £75 to £110.

So, which local party manifesto promised this shower of punishments? First they ruin the rubbish collection that we had and worked for decades, making it a fornightly collection for many, then they hand out the beatings.

So what if someone else puts rubbish in your bin. So what if you are away the next day, so have to put it out early, or risk it getting overfull.

These bastards are making us jump through hoops, then charging us for the pleasure.

Can people now also see that people "banging on about Europe" had a bloody good reason too? All of these quangos and agencies are driven from the centre and when I say centre I mean Brussels (who in turn take their orders from the real power influences). This sham of local elections, where three almost identical parties all come out, attacking each other and promising nothing, is laid bare.

We are living in centralised dictatorship, where the people's wishes are not taken into account. That wouldn't be so bad if the dictator was benevolent and left us to get on with out lives, as longs as we hurt no one, but this simply isn't the case. This force wants us to have less money, less freedom and less choice. They want a bunch of battery farm workers, who will just do as they are told, shut up and not use too much of THEIR resources. Yes, they see this planet as theirs and we are nothing more than worker drones to them.

One day, technology will render people obsolete for the purpose of work. What will this rich, powerful elite have in store of us then, when all of our uses are finally gone?

I shudder to think. How about we don't give them all the tools to make it as efficient as possible? That means we start demanding our freedom back and tell them to do one, when they demand our money, ID biometrics and compliance for every little fascist order that they give.

Forget the EU, We have fascists right here in Britain.

Commie dribble

Government plans to increase car tax for "gas-guzzling" vehicles should be bolder to increase the environmental impact, MPs say.

The Environmental Audit Committee's official report backs the move as a "step in the right direction".

But chairman Tim Yeo said the benefit to the environment would be limited, and called for more ambitious changes.

Now while I say "forget the EU", maybe that was wrong, because as anyone who is paying attention will know, Tim Yeo is one the the chief cheerleaders for us surrendering in full to the EU. He is clearly just trying to lick his way to a future EU top table position.

But, let us just focus on the fact that he and his fellow traitors are the ones calling for this right now.

Let us put the rights and wrongs of this environmentally to a side for the moment and focus on the decision making. When exactly did MPs stop becoming representatives of the will of the people and become our overlords? Does anyone remember any of the LibLabCon alliance putting in their manifestos that they would start hammering anyone who doesn't drive a milk float, in the name of envirofascism? I certainly don't remember a leaflet coming through my door promising it, well maybe the Lib Dems might have hinted they might do it.

Certainly the sham they call debates on T.V. didn't bring it up. They were busy telling us how they would make out lives better, cut taxes, reduce immigration, improve hospitals and get tough on crime. Sure they haven't delivered on any of those populist murmurings, yet they now feel they should be creating a whole new manifesto, that know one voted for.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you want proof that representative democracy is a scam in this country, then this one issue should be all the evidence you need. We have career merchants who follow their orders from up high. The people are given a puppet show now and then, the con them into believing they have a say, but the reality is we don't. We would have, if we managed to break out of the trance we have been put in and voted the whole LibLabCon shower out, but with the medias full backing and all the odds stacked in their favour, I can understand why people fall for it.

So that is the most important part for me, but let us look at the actual issue itself.

They want to punish people for the amount of co2 their cars pump out right. That's the reason they give, that the impact of driving a gas guzzler means more pollution.

But it doesn't does it. Because It doesn't matter how much of a guzzler the car is, if the damned thing isn't moving. You could have a big old people carrier, that you only use once in a blue moon, to ship a bunch of disabled kids to the seaside as a yearly treat. Sorry, but you may be priced out of doing that now, because this horrible bunch of fascists hate you.

Of course, IF you really wanted to stop people using PETROL (not fucking gas), then you would put the tax on PETROL. Bugger, they have already done that though haven't they. So petrol guzzlers are already paying through the nose, every time they drive their car anywhere. This bunch of cretins in charge, just want to rape the last penny out of you and make sure it is only they and their elite buddies that can afford to drive anything but lawnmowers.

And that's if you accept that co2 is a pollutant, is increasing out of control, is all down to us and is bad for the environment. I don't accept any of that, thus their fascism is based on a lie, but then that's when fascism works best.

Just as a quick recap before I go.

1) co2 is the stuff plants and tree (including food crops) love to grow.
2) co2 is a gas that we breath out. Plants breath it in and we breath in the oxygen they breath out. Its a pretty nice cycle that tends to balance itself out.
3) The amount of co2 humans are accountable for is below 5%. Yes that's right, nature produces 95% of co2, so we are worrying about the part of our planet that produces a tiny proportion of co2.
4) The amount of co2 in our atmosphere is tiny. 0.03%, which is very close to our planets all time lows, when you look at the big picture.
5) co2 is actually a terrible greenhouse gas. It doesn't really matter how much more co2 we have, it is already at optimum levels for retaining heat.
6) Who says co2 levels increasing wouldn't be net beneficial? It could go up 10 time and we would still be nowhere near levels that harm us. Indeed, it would just help plants, that have had to put up with near starvation levels for centuries. Even if they weren't lying and co2 really did warm the planet, so what? The planet has been MUCH warmer than today and survived. Indeed, we are due another ice age soon, I don't know about you, but I'd rather that was offset by a bit of warming if possible.

Bottom line is the usual suspects are using the issue as a big stick. They have no idea really and neither do scientists. They all have their own theories, but until they can explain exactly how we were created, then you have to accept they are just guessing like the rest of us anyway.

A good rule of thumb, is don't accept a word politicians tell you, when they have a stick in their hands.

Sunday, 3 August 2008

For the love of God, what has my country become?

Daily Fail

Voters who go to the polls in local elections could win prizes worth £1,000, it was revealed yesterday.

Such an incentive would be much bigger than anything suggested so far under the 'votes-mean-prizes' scheme being considered by Justice Secretary Jack Straw.

Whitehall officials had previously hinted the prizes would be relatively modest, such as free entry to council-run gyms and swimming pools.

Could you make this up? Just when you think this country and its "democracy" couldn't become a bigger joke, New Labour manage to drag it down a whole new level.

So desperate are they now, to drag the underclass they have created in to vote (hopefully for them), that they are now willing to spend some of the stolen loot (tax) on bribing people to vote. Bribing them to try and give their rancid, rotten and pathetic system some sort of credibility.

Seriously, we are at the point of collapse. These utter fools need to be taken down and taken down fast, before they turn this country into a 3rd world nation. Blue Labour will be absolutely the same though, so we need some radical change and that means kicking out the whole career based establishment and giving small parties a chance. Pick a smaller party closest to your view and go for it. Voting Red to keep Blue out or vice versa, just gives you a different coloured turd.

Saturday, 2 August 2008

David Milliband. Is he the spawn of Satan?

It's no good. I have held this back for too long now and I have to get it off my chest.

Anyone who knows me, has read my rants here, or on various forums over time, will know what I think of politicians. They will know the utter contempt I have for nearly all of them, from whatever party and from whatever country.

I truly believe we have evolved a political system, that rewards the worst kind of person. The kind of person who is selfish, lying, corrupt and who would sell their own grandmothers out if it meant a bit more power and money for them.

In a way, I think we are all responsible for this. People in general, don't like being told the truth. They want to be told what they want to hear. We are horribly image driven and unforgiving when it comes to changing of the mind. Instead of applauding a politician who puts his/her hands up and says they are wrong, we destroy them.

Of course the media and other politicians help perpetuate this. The term "U-Term" is thrown around like an insult, even if the u-turns are rare and for the right reason. In effect we are saying that if you make a decision, you have to stick to it no matter what, even if you realise it is wrong and even disastrous. Maybe that is why people like Blair could never admit to being wrong, even though they so clearly were.

I have to say, there have been few politicians that I have had less respect for than Blair. Probably because he stole billions of pounds of my money, to bomb the hell out of a near 3rd world nations, creating hatred of my country around the world, all based on a pack of lies.

Sure we are reaping the ill harvest of the Blair era now. Less freedoms, less prosperity and we are only just starting too. Of course Gordo was his wing man for much of this and we probably have seen politicians fall to epic new levels of respect from the public.

However, even though I hate Blair (yes hate, he has done much to destroy my country), I always just though of him as the lowest possible class of human. The kind of human who no one liked at school, thus was a bitter and nasty arsehole who no one liked as an adult. One that should probably be in prison, but at least they did show some signs of being a human.

Which leads me onto Milliband. This man, and to a lesser degree his snivelling little brother Ed, seem totally devoid of any human characteristics at all. I'm not kidding! On almost ever level, this shell of a man, oozes evil. Pure evil at that.

Firstly on a superficial level, just look into the man's eyes. They are cold. Cold like a serial killers or a tyrant from earth's woeful history. There is no spark of life there, just a numbing, chilling stare that suggests he is capable of anything, and I don't mean that in a good way.

Of course, he has all the characteristics of all the "New Labour" robots. It is very rare to hear any kind of human reaction from the guy. Like a robot, he churns out the party line, no matter what issue he talks about. It's almost like he never had a mind of his own and just took a New Labour chip when he joined. No matter how much damage his disgusting party does, he just brushes it off, with out a flicker of remorse.

Now we see his has that ruthless ambition, that will see him stab his own side in the back, as soon as he thinks he has a chance. He is like Blair, but worse. Much worse. Now and then you could see in Blair's dull eyes, the tinge of regret, or the flicker of second thoughts that he may have just become a monster. Most humans realise when they have taken the wrong track and try to make amends. I sometimes wonder if that is why Blair it trying to be a Middle East peace envoy, why he converted to the Catholic faith. The man may well want forgiveness for the evil he brought upon his own people and the world at large. I hope this is the case and not just and attempt to position himself ready to be king of the EU.

Milliband won't show any such "weakness" though. The man has no soul and would probably relish driving the final nail into this nations heart. He hates Britain and its people, because like many of his comrades, he is a Communist at heart. The Internationale unites the human race probably rings out through the evil scumbags mind, but just like all other Communist regimes throughout time, the people will be united alright. United in misery, poverty and servitude to their evil overlords.

I don't like or trust the man one jot. Which is why I want him to take over Labour now. Because whoever takes on Labour now, is taking on a lost cause. Labour have consigned themselves to the wilderness once again and I can't think of a better man to take them there.

If only people would remember that in 20 years time. I fear the people will forget though, just as they forget what the Tories were like and continue the puppet show of misery for that bit longer.

Keep an eye on Ron Paul

He still hasn't given up!

I hope his rally goes well and thank him for waking many up to the loss of freedom going on across the world!

Friday, 1 August 2008

Boris Johnson drags politics into the racist gutter

Commie Scribble

London Mayor Boris Johnson has endorsed US presidential candidate Barack
Obama, saying a win for him would be a "fantastic boost" for black people.
Mr Johnson said the Democratic White House hopeful could do "wonderful
things for the confidence of black people around the world".

Disgusting. Politics should have nothing to do with colour, but with idiots like Johnson around, no wonder some are turning the the BNP.

Instead of backing him for reasons of freedom, fairess and quality, he has looked at the colour of his skin and gone for that. Pathetic.

I have no time for Obama, but it isn't because he is black. If Obama was against war (he isn't, he wants to "get tough" on Iran). If Obama was for freedom (he isn't, he has not proposed a single roll back of the fascist measures being put in place). If he was against stealing money from the people and calling it tax (he isn't, he wants to steal more). Then I wouldn't give a flying fig if he was orange, pink or blue.

He is one of the boys though and will do exactly as he is told, but the same old puppet masters as usual. The buffoon Johns is sucking up too, hoping his support of the agenda, will gain him favour in the future.

I hope the people see this for what it is. A patronising pat on the head of not just black, but people of all shades across the planet.

It's not good being proved right about this career merchant.

Freedom. What is it? Can we ever really have it?

My political views have changed over time, as I guess they do for most people. I was brought up by parents that supported Labour, as had their parents before them. My childhood was almost completely under Tory rule, with Thatcher being the first PM I could remember and then John Major all the way up until Blair took over, when I had become a working man.

My parents never had much money. My Dad came from Southall in Middlesex, which had become a totally different place to what is was when he was a boy. However, he didn't leave Southall because of way it became an enclave of India and Pakistan. Sure, I don't think he was all that happy that the video shop only sold Indian films, or that the whole character of the place was alien to him. He never had any problem with the new residents there, but as a young man, who had just married a girl from Sussex, they wanted what most couples want. A place of their own.

Now both my Mum and Dad had decent jobs, paying decent wages where they were. My Dad was a Butcher, while my mother was a secretary, fully trained in shorthand (do they even still do that?). They were having a good time, spending their wages, living the life young people should for a while. The desire to have their own home grew strong though, but the price of homes in the area (London) was very expensive to them then. It's funny, because we are in almost the exact same position, where young couples have to leave their home areas, due to the house prices being extortionate. Now they are falling again, but that's another story.

My Uncle had moved up to a town called Wellingborough and had told my Dad of how you could get your own detached house, with a garden for many times cheaper there. So like many, he made the move up to Northamptonshire and found himself a nice house on a new development. They were the first people in the house and they are still there today. So like all new couples, they had their home and after a while decided to have kids. I came a long and then it got tougher!

My Dad knew the wages would not be as good as they were in London, but he thought he would be O.K. Mum getting pregnant though, meant very soon, her also reduced wage, would disappear altogether. There was no way they could afford baby sitters and so my Mum was very much a housewife, but doing home jobs to try and help keep the place going. My Dad had to leave the job he loved, to work in a factory, simply because the trade of being a Butcher was dying and was very poorly paid in Wellingborough.

I almost feel guilty that I made things that much harder for my parents. Not because I was naughty, or bad, but simply because children cost money. Maybe in hindsight, my parents may have tried to do things a little differently. They did the best they could though and while we certainly did struggle, I think I had a wonderful upbringing. Money isn't everything, just having two caring parents can be enough and certainly, I thank them for all I have today.

I can safely say, that my upbringing had a major effect on me and the way I think. I started out believing as my parents did, that Labour were caring, while the Tories were nasty and only cared for the rich. After all, they took away my free milk at school and certainly it didn't feel like they were helping people like my parents much. The bottom line though, is my Mum and Dad realised they were responsible for themselves. They didn't expect the government to owe them anything, even though the government certainly took from them, via taxation. It always seemed that because they had their own home and Dad had a full time job, that this was deemed enough to stop them getting any benefits, other than those that everyone got like child allowance.

As I got into my teens, my parents started to get a bit better off. My sister grew up significantly better off environment than I did, while still not being well off, my parents now could afford to do things that they wanted for their children. Having a bottle of fizzy pop was a rare treat at one point, as was having fish and chips. Going on holiday abroad was totally off the agenda. My Nan used to help out by coming with us to Wales etc, always in caravans and always the cheapest one. One of my favourite holidays was in Hastings. Broke as usual, my parents booked us into a "shoestring" caravan. This was a caravan that should really be for the knackers yard, but they kept them running for families like mine. My Nan threw a fit when we arrived, with holes in the curtains and a less than polished look. It didn't matter though, it was just a place to sleep and we had 2 glorious weeks of solid sunshine.

The outdoor pool was fine because of this and we simply had a fantastic holiday, because instead of spending the money on the caravan, they had a bit to spend on ice cream and eating out. That seriously was a life lesson to me and one that shaped me. The following year, my parents finally managed to save up for a holiday abroad. Again it was the cheapest one they could get in Majorca, but the weather was great and while the other holiday makers moaned about the hotel and its food, we though it was fantastic. Sure we ran out of spending money with 3 days to go, but it didn't matter. Mum and Dad had provided this through their own hard work. It felt like we had made it, from being a poor family, to an average family.

Now, because of my excellent upbringing, I made it through University and started my first real job in Surrey. Unlike my parents, I had gone in the opposite direction and because I was free and single, I didn't have the pressures of having children to support. I still don't, but this may change now that my Wife and I feel ready to have them. Either way, I had a good job, that gave me pay rises every year. I bought my house just at the right time, as the housing market was only just picking itself out of the doldrums. It meant I could afford a decent sized terraced home, that would be an excellent first step on the ladder.

While my parents had the young and free lives for a short time, I have had it all the way until now really. I met Clare and we bought a lovely place together, that needed doing up. I sold my old house for 3 times what I paid for it and that gave us a great deposit for my current home. My parents have always wanted to move, but just have never had the real opportunity (until now really). If they had have moved, they would have been going sideways, instead of up, so they never really saw the point. They have no mortgage now and while my Dad was made redundant, they did what their parents never managed to do and that is build up some capital. My sister has very much taken the same sort of path as me, just via a different route. She also married a bit later and hasn't had children yet. She got a job as a hair stylist and bought her own home, but in Wellingborough.

Now Wellingborough has come on in leaps and bounds and is one of the countries fastest growing towns. My sister moved house, but still in Wellingborough to a nicer place. Now she has gone one major leap further and moved to Canada. Again, because of the capital she built up, she has now managed to buy herself a place that would cost over a million here. I am immensely proud of my sister and what she has achieved.

My brother has taken a different route. He left school earlier and got jobs straight away. My brother is a grafter and will never let you down. He started going into being a toolmaker, but realised that this wasn't what he wanted. My brother has always had a deep respect for my uncle, who was in the armed forces. While my brother is the least aggressive person on the planet, he fancied a job in the RAF and that is where he is now and doing extremely well.

So what has all this got to do with freedom? Well, I am trying to paint a picture of how ALL of my family, became what they are. Not through government help or being told what to do, but through their own hard work and self reliance. My parents no longer support Labour. Indeed, Labour sickens them. They don't support the Tories either and neither do any of the rest of my family. They may not be as politically interested as me, but they all have come to the same conclusion.

Government has become a hindrance and not a help to the ordinary working man. Not only that, but it is destroying society and is creating an underclass. Now this may be unintentional, but whether it is or isn't, the results are the same.

There are whole families now fully reliant on handouts. Indeed, they have grown accustomed to it and are in the terrible position, of being encouraged to stay like it. The government of today thinks that stealing peoples wealth and then distributing it themselves, minus corruption and administration of course is the way to go. The worst part, is that if the government hadn't got us into this vicious circle, the same people would have done like my Mum and Dad. They would have HAD to have gone out and done it for themselves. There would be no alternative, because it was still worthwhile working for peanuts to start with, rather than just take handouts.

The government, who just does as their told by the EU now, has created this cycle, so that more and more people struggle to live on the money they earn. There comes a tipping point, where many people just give in and become a full dependent on the state. Because they can. You can't blame them, when the government makes it so hard to survive, with vicious over taxation. Taxation truly is stealing and when the side effect, is to create this underclass, things spiral out of control.

1) The underclass lose all respect for themselves, so they lose respect for others too. Sink estates filled with benefits claimants, who let the place run to ruin and cause mayhem on the streets. They have lost a little bit of their humanity, because they no longer have any respect, for any thing.

2) A working class, who struggle to keep themselves falling into the underclass. They are encouraged to put themselves in debt, then smashed down when the time comes to collect. All the people who lose their homes and jobs, must remember who put them in this position. It will be all to easy to fall into that underclass though, which will just make the problem worse.

3) A middle class, who really are just working class who have done slightly better. I put myself in this bracket, but everyone I speak to is SICK of being fleeced, for no benefit. We are the most abused class, because we have that bit of extra money that WE EARNED, that the government wants to get its grubby mitts on. They know that we won't vote for them anyway, so they put the boot in big time, to curry favour with the two classes above. Oh and the real class that benefits.

4) The Ultra Rich and powerful. They don't pay tax like the rest of us, because they are the ones pulling the strings. These are the real powerbrokers in society. Anyone who thinks "Democracy" is what decided government, simply hasn't been paying attention. All of the mainstream political parties are bought and paid for my the elite, who want to make sure they stay that way. Why do you think all parties turn out to be the same in the end? It's because they have the same pay masters.

When you see how much business spends on advertising and marketing, it really should ring alarm bells with people. Elections have buttons spent on them compared to what business spends, so this should be a clue that big business, and in turn the handful for ultra rich that control truly big business, think of the democratic process. They see it as irrelevant. Which it is.

The media perpetrates the myth though, because the media is controlled by the very same people. These people do not want the rest of us to earn our way to their level. That would mean them losing some of their wealth and they simply aren't going to allow that.

They have created a shell game, where they play people off against each other, based on fake ideologies and partys. The whole of society is currently built on a house of cards, that will come crashing down one day. Until people realise, that freedom means you have to be responsible for yourself, we are doomed to further pain. When you are responsible for yourself, then you are more likely to help others who truly deserve and need it.

Individual liberty, will spawn collective responsibility. However, the fact it will be based on freedom and choice, means it will last. For example, I don't have to give a penny to my family. I didn't have the choice of what family I got, but I am glad I got the one I did. For that reason, I show my gratitude by helping them whenever I can. We all can rely on each other, because we all know how we rely on ourselves. We know that someone REALLY needs help, if they ever come asking for it and they ASK, don't take it like the government does.

The worst part for this country as a whole, is it really is a collective that you CHOOSE to stay a part of, just like a family is. A strong, self reliant family will produce nothing but good. The same applies to a country.

More and more of the good types are leaving though. My sister has gone and Canada shall benefit. My parents will take their life long wealth their too. If I can ever persuade my wife, I will be off too. Even the hardworking immigrants are turning around and getting out, because they are realising the government here abuses the hard working and self reliant. They didn't leave their homes for that kind of treatment.

All that will leave left is the underclass and the parasites that need the State to exist. The Elites, won't care, they will be living in their tax free havens any, which should be a wake up call to us all.

If the ultra rich choose tax free havens, then why aren't we afforded that same luxury? The answer is because they don't want us to have what they do and have control over the mechanisms that keep us in bondage.