Wednesday, 6 August 2008

How to spot a scam

O.K. Let me make something 100% clear, before I go into this one. I believe we SHOULD be looking for alternatives to oil. Not because of the scam of global warming, but because this country, Britain, has to import the damned stuff, meaning we are reliant on others. Sure we also export our own, but it isn't the same kind. I don't like the idea of being reliant. We should be able to import oil, IF it is the best deal open to us. If it is the only deal open to us, then that makes it less likely that we will get a good deal.

Will oil run out soon? Who knows, we seem to have had 30 years of it left, ever since anyone even thought about it running out. If you believe what they taught you at school, that oil comes from dead creatures and plant life, then you would imagine it could run out some day, seeing as this oil was supposed to have formed over many years and under certain conditions. However, if you are looking at all the hydrocarbons being found on other planets and wondering if we may be being told porkies on this, then I wouldn't blame you.

That still doesn't alter the fact, that it has to be good for us to be able to have multiple energy sources. Especially energy sources that don't pollute in anyway and even better, don't use up the earths resources.

Personally, I have always been interested in solar energy. We have this great big ball of nuclear energy in the sky (the Sun) chucking out more energy in a second than we could use in a year and you have to think there must be a way of harnessing that. There certainly are some small level uses of solar energy, like calculators, or those small battery charging units that you can get. I have them and the initial cost, is soon paid back.

However, with today's technology at least, this is the only level worth doing. You have all probably looked into solar power for your homes. I know I have had numerous leaflets telling me how I can be one of the show homes and will get a big fat government subsidy if I go for it.

Well sorry, but "great big fat government subsidy" always rings a great big fat alarm bell for me. If solar power was so great at the moment, why would we need a subsidy. Well, I soon found out when I looked into it.

Even with a fat subsidy (stolen from the tax payer), the initial cost of a solar power system, is outrageous. We are talking 10's of 1000's of pounds. Now that money could have been invested and probably make the money to heat and light your home for a very long time. So when they tell you that you are saving money on your bills, it is horseshit.

What is worse, is these systems are only guaranteed for so long. It would take decades to recoup back the money, even if you didn't invest it and by then maintenance costs will come into play. Of course, like any technology, this will be outdated pretty damned soon anyway. So anyone buying rubbish like this
deserves no sympathy. Well maybe a bit of sympathy, because your beloved government is part of the scam.

One day, alternate energy sources will become available. For the love of God though, don't allow con men to take thousands of your hard earned, on the back of lies. The cheapest energy at the moment, is still oil and gas. Make the most of it while you can!

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