Sunday, 31 August 2008

Woking falls to totalitarian nightmare.

It sickens me to report today, that Woking has now put up the flag of surrender. For years now I have driven by the council office and looked up at the flags on display.

Every day I see the cancerous effect of EU directives on all British life. Even though Woking seems to be at the forefront of doing as their are told by their masters in Brussels, the fact they never hoisted the symbol of totalitarianism that is consuming Europe at the moment, was faint hope.

The slight glimmer of hope that they wouldn't dare push it all the way has now gone though. They have put the equivalent of the Swastika up, without any kind of desire for it from the people. The people running our town have surrendered to subservience, in the hope that they will get a place at the top table for helping push it through.

And the party in charge of Woking is?

The Conservative party. The biggest bunch of lying traitors this country have ever seen. Of course they are helped by their treacherous friends in the Lib Dems, but every time the media tries to pretend that they are "Eurosceptic", remember their actions and not their words.

They took us in and they will drive us deeper in. They have fully signed up to the dream that Hitler failed to implement. Supranational Socialism, complete with all the hallmarks of totalitarianism, such as encouraging people to spy on each other, total surveillance and banning as many things as possible.

When are we going to wake up Woking? When are we going to fight back Britain? What kind of hell are we going to hand over to our children?

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