Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Russia vs Georgia. Utterly depressing.

I haven't made any comment on this "conflict" so far, simply because I have no real idea about the background to it.

Of course I have heard the MSM filtered version, which seemed to imply that the Georgians attacked South Ossetia, who were trying to break away from Georgia, with alleged support from Russia.

So Georgia started throwing the bombs around, though they will say they were provoked into doing it. Then Russia, who let's face it, could crush Georgia in a heartbeat if they so wished, seem to have not only responded, but responded harshly.

Now we have all the media and our beloved politicians lining up to condemn Russia and because of that, we now have facebook groups springing up telling the Russians to "get the fuck out of Georgia".

Well, I am going to make a different plea. I still don't really know who the good and bad guys are in all this. I am sure there are a lot of complex issues, helping to drive this situation. For example, I doubt Russia are that pleased that Georgia is teaming up with the west so much. Right on their border, they have a country (the media still calls it a state) trying to join NATO and become a part of the new Soviet, the EU.

The Americans wouldn't like that (Cuba anyone), so I think there is a lot of high octane hypocrisy flying around on this issue.

However, I have a much more simple solution and SPOB (single point of blame). My solution is for the people to stop listening to their "leaders", when they tell them to initiate violent action against others. That's right, if the people stopped behaving like sheep and REFUSED to attack other people, because the egomaniacs that pose as leaders tell them too and instead told them to do one, then we wouldn't have this situation.

Same goes for almost all wars.

That is why in this instance, even though I have no time for the Russian LEADERSHIP, I struggle to have too much sympathy for the Georgians. They started the aggression against a small group, that they knew the Russians would act over. I have no idea if the Georgians thought the USA would ride to their rescue, but they were dumb to start the aggression and the people there are now suffering for it.

Sadly, like Iraq, we are now in the shitty situation and it probably will drag on for years. The best we can hope for, is that not too many nations get dragged into it, which is why Britain should not go anywhere near it. By all means try and broker a truce between the lopsided factions, but this war really is none of our business.

So I won't be joining any facebook groups telling either side what to do, other than stop killing each other. Georgia seem to want to stop now, but like a fight in a school playground, just because you are losing, doesn't mean the the beating stops there. I hope Russia will be satisfied it has made its point soon and show some mercy for the people of Georgia.

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