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Saturday, 29 November 2008

Immigration has no benefits when you live in a socialist nightmare

Fail online

Claims that mass immigration has benefited the economy have been 'wildly overstated' by the Government, experts said yesterday.

Record levels of migration have brought virtually no economic benefit to Britain, the House of Lords was told.

Ministers have repeatedly insisted that newcomers contribute £6billion a year to the country's balance sheet.

Is this not obvious?

Immigration can be good for a country. If there are skills shortages in key areas and getting people trained up will take far to long, then of course getting people in is a good idea. Now if you are taking 3rd world doctors, teachers etc, then it might be morally dubious, but then that's what we have at the moment.

The real issue, is we live in a country, that is happy to steal workers money, to create and maintain an underclass who don't want to work. The phrase "they do the jobs we don't want to", should ring massive alarm bells. As long as this country has millions unemployed, there really isn't a good reason for large amounts of immigration.

Like watering a plant, you have to be careful when adding aspirant Britons. Just the right amount and we could flourish, but over do it and we all suffer.

Of course, if we had a truly libertarian Britain, then

1) People would not come here just to take the piss, because there would be no freebies on offer.
2) We would have lots more jobs, so we might actually need immigration, rather than pretending to need some. Even then though, you have to be sensitive to the capabilities of communities to cope.

If the whole world was libertarian, then I would say unrestricted movement of people is possible. Sadly, this is unlikely to happen any time soon, thus I agree with the minarchist postion, of making Britain as Libertarian as possible, while having a sensible points based system applicable to the whole world.

That's opposed to the bizarre situation we have now, with an unrestricted open door policy to the whole of the EU. A Socialist system that encourages people to take the piss. While treating the rest of the world very differently.

Lunatics continue running the asylum

Timid Times

The resort of Torbay has spent £30,000 of taxpayers; money on flip-flops for women who are too drunk to stagger home in high heels.

The initiative by Safer Communities Torbay, a partnership between Devon and Cornwall Police, Torbay Council, the fire and rescue service and the local education authority, is meant to reduce the number of injuries caused by 'dangerous' footwear, including stubbed toes and sprained ankles.

The scheme, funded by the Home Office, is due to start next month in time for Christmas office party revellers, who pour out of the resorts clubs and bars in the early hours.

Am I the only person who actually weeps at this kind of stuff? The fact they are spending a single penny of taxpayers money on this is a disgrace, but they have managed to blow 30k.

Taxation is bad enough, but when it is wasted on frivolous manure like this; you have to start realising the damage of state sponsored theft can have.

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Climate models

Horse Racing

Horse Racing Predictor 1.1.b - Reviews and free General downloads at

Football Pools


Astrology Predictions

Astrology Software - Predictor Forecast Readings Module

Stock Market Predictions

Neural network software, stock prediction, market forecasting, trading, Excel

Over the years the worlds best computer scientists, combined with ever improving hardware and software, have battled to create a piece of software that can predict.

How many big pools wins have they turned up? 0
How many multi-millionaires are there from gambling with them? 0
How many Newspapers print the always winning tips from them? 0

All of these areas have a fairly limited amount of variables, when compared to a planets environment. Even so, they all fail MISERABLY.

Indeed, most of these pieces of crapola are seen as a complete SCAM.

So tell me this. Why do so called scientists give such software the time of day, with something as immensely complex as planetary climate? The complexity is multiple times more complex, with multiple times more "unpredictable" events and huge amounts of more dynamic factors.

We are so far off being able to predict climate, that you might as well pull out a dead chicken, wave it around and use the first number you can think of. It would have just as much chance of being accurate, as computer climate models.

Yet the mentally challenged still put huge amounts of faith in this high tech voodoo.

How did we re-enter the dark ages again? Did we ever leave them?

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Labour. Theiving robber barons

Murdoch News

Tax rises could be revealed in the Chancellor's pre-Budget report to pay for a possible cut in the rate of VAT and a cash injection of between £15 and £20bn into the economy.

Sky News reporter Jon Craig said: "The Tories have been talking about a tax bombshell - Sky sources have told me that Darling will announce plans for a new top rate of tax to come in after the next general election.

"I'm told this will affect anybody earning perhaps as much as £150,000 per year.

Oh great. More incentives for the hardworking and successful to stop bothering, or ship out altogether.

150k might seem a lot right now, but give it a few years and it'll be the average. People earning overtime will be discouraged and many will simply deploy tactics to get around it.

Why are people accepting this pathetic bitch of the EU, stealing even more fruits of the peoples Labour. They will waste it, like they already waste most of our money. They are parasites.

I hope all those looking smugly at the well off, thinking ah ha it's you and not me, realise who will pay for this in the end. That's all of us, for allowing theft. Oh and if you think people like footballers etc will pay, then think on. They will just get a rise to cover it and clubs will pass it on to the working man through ticket prices.

STEALING IS WRONG AND EVIL. Maybe even more so when it is targetted at the hard working and succesful in society.

Saturday, 22 November 2008

Why are we still in the EU?

Global Research

Fair trade organisations warn against newly increased European Union (EU) quotas for milk production and continued high export subsidies, which will lead to increased milk and butter dumping on world markets. EU dairy products already dominate the African market.

Germanwatch, FIAN and MISEREOR, three German organisations working for global fair trade, today warn about the consequences of the EU's reforms of its Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) for Africa. While the new compromise includes some cuts in production subsidies, it also holds a major increase in milk quotas for EU farmers.

EU Ministers have renegotiated the CAP, which due to heavy subsidies consumes around 50 percent of Union budgets, and had a special tough time reaching a solution on milk quotas, which some countries wanted abandoned altogether. The Ministers at last agreed to progressively lift milk quotas for farmers by one percent each year before lifting them entirely in 2015.

This, according to Germanwatch, inevitably will lead to cheaper milk in the EU and an even greater pressure to export dairy products. Excessive diary products will increasingly be "dumped" at the world markets, the organisations predict.

Especially for milk and butter, EU Agriculture Ministers agreed on further high export subsidies. In the case of milk and butter, says Mute Schimpf from MISEROR, the EU "continues to opt for export dumping in developing countries."

We are causing this. By using our money to fund a thoroughly corrupt and evil "socialist" organisation, we are destroying the capability for the rest of the world to develop as they should.

We don't even benefit, as we pay huge sums up front to subsadise this sham and then are expected to be grateful for the low quality shite that gets produced, by fat, lazy and unproductive EU based business.

Seriously people, when are we going to stop this madness?

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Liberal Democrats? Don't make me laugh!

HT England Expects

Graham Watson MEP for the Lib Dems

"Four years after the Constitution, one year after the Lisbon treaty: Is the EU being held hostage by its citizens?"

I think that takes contempt, arrogance and delusions of self grandeur to an epic new level. How can anyone think of voting for these wretched traitors?

Oh and if you think Blue Labour are any better, think on.

Saturday, 15 November 2008

Who polices the police?

Daily Fail

Police officers with convictions for gun crimes, benefit fraud and violent attacks are still serving, it emerged last night.

The offences include discharging a firearm, possession of a cannabis plant, being drunk and disorderly, assault and theft.

Many of the crimes took place while the officers were in post, supposedly protecting the public.

If there is once section of society that HAVE to be squeeky clean, it is the police force. They have to be seen as beacons to the rest of us and have the trust of the public.

At the end of the day though, they are just people like the rest of us. The amount of stupid laws we have today, makes it VERY easy for someone to break the law now.

For example, once of the cases here, saw the policeman have a cannabis plant. That shouldn't be a crime in my book, but it is and I know for a fact that MANY young police break this law.

I know for a fact that many break the speeding laws.

I know that a number of them hold views, that would be deemed extreme.

So again I have to ask, should be be so reliant on an entity that is driven by money (it is a job) and political whims of an over powerful state? I would suggest we all should be willing to do the right thing, but we have outsourced the job, so things will get progressively worse.

With the current system though, I think the best we can hope for, is to stop punishing people for non-crimes and instead go after people who hurt others. That means having a police force devoid of violent criminals. Any police officer and especially ones who do it while on the job role, should be fired at once. There should also be no big pay off, like the sick payment Ian Blair got, for being a terrible political pawn and fear monger.

Baby P, My view.

O.K. Let's get this straight. I feel total sorrow for the poor little wretch and all others like him. When your own mother, father or both are evil pond scum, then you were dealt just about the worst card possible.

The parents for me in this situation are the one's who everyone's fury should be directed at. To do what was done to that child, is nothing short of evil and the punishment should fit the crime.

It's situations like this that make me think the death penalty should be an option, but as I can't trust the state to not abuse that and I also think it would be a quick way out for the vermin that did this; I instead come down of the side of life imprisonment (and I mean life), eating bland, low quality food, doing hard labour and no visiting rights.

Cruel? Yes, as I said, that would be a punishment to fit the crime.

Next the media. I think the outrage being poured out is fair enough, but the "solutions" being called for are not. At the end of the day, you will NEVER stop this kind of thing completely. Calls for this never to happen again is all well and good, but the bottom line is evil people, will always find ways of committing.

Look at prisons. Supposed to be about as secure and controlled as it can be, yet you still have beatings, murders, rapes etc. You simply can't stop it, even if everyone was under lock and key, with CCTV watching them every minute of the day.

So let's get this ridiculous notion that in some way society can eradicate such things. All we can do is make it 100% clear that the punishment will be harsh beyond belief if you do hurt others and maybe more so for children (who deserve extra protection).

I keep hearing massive attacks on the council and social workers involved in this case. Well, I'm not going to join the chorus. I don't for a minute think they take cases lightly and we don't know all the facts. The papers are very good in hindsight, but I am positive that there will have been good reasons why they didn't take the child away earlier.

Having said that, I would sack them all. I simply don't except that as a society, we should be outsourcing the role to people, especially using stolen money to pay them. No, instead I think we ALL have to start taking responsibility for such things. Neighbours, relatives, friends, workers, whoever. If we can't all take it upon ourselves, to DO something when we see such evil, then what hope do we have?

If we can't spot such evil, then what chance have "Social Workers" got? They are people like the rest of us, only they are doing it as a job, instead of because they care. Sure they will probably care too, but I don't feel at all comfortable in the state paying people to do what we should all be doing anyway.

The fact we do all keep outsourcing the role to the state, I believe makes it MORE likely that such things will happen more often. I am positive that Socialism, based on the notion that stealing is O.K. and that the State will do everything for you, will created the non-responsible, failing society that we have today.

You will never stop evil, but we sure as hell can stop making the conditions right for it to flourish. That is what I believe we have today and instead of addressing the root of the problem, we have blame of a few individuals and screams for the conditions to be made worse.

Come on people, we need to fix society by making it more free and responsible, not more of the same.

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

He don't get it

Paul Flynn really doesn't seem to understand. Let's go though his latest response to the gift of the book 1984.

This is all very interesting.

Good, maybe it will make you start thinking again. Read the book again and look for some parallels to today's Britain.

Can the 30 or so people who have written to me really believe that UK 2008 is similar to Orwell's 1984? Possibly Zimbabwe, Myanmar, North Korea could be compared with some aspects of 1984.

Thick or facetious? You decide.

But Britain? Many of the Liberation Party

This is his little joke. I found it quite amusing really, because liberation really is what we need from this bunch.

may be opposed to this Government and thy are having a go which they are entitled to do on the shaky basis of a threat to Liberty.

Shaky basis. That's why Britain is sliding down the world rankings on such issues. That's why more and more people are saying the words "police state". That's why they won't even dare let us near them any more. You have no idea do you, all warm inside that Westminster bubble.

Some quote isolated idiocies that occur and are reported in lurid terms by the Tory Press.

Still can't get past the ol' "red vs blue" can you. He's institutionalised to the point, where playing out the puppet show is all he knows. Kick him out and he will be a lost, bewildered and scared. That's what he must be though, kicked out and kicked out soon.

But they are not typical or significant.

Oh some of them are very significant, such as being fined for everything going now. I wouldn't call Brazilians being executed in public not significant either. I could go in to the vast wealth of material that is significant and typical, but all you have to do is go through this blog. Something is very wrong in this country, but our MPs seem to think all is rosy. Or they pretend to anyway.

They are certainly not Government policies, they are rare aberrations that are blown up into absurdities. The absurdities are then attacked.

Does he believe this? Lisbon Treaty, ID cards, Illegal wars, huge taxation, oh I could go on for ever. Sure the EU tells us what to do most of the time now, but that is only because this government allows it. This is 100% government policy. The policy of meek surrender of our freedoms and right to determine our own future.

As an MP I have opposed ID cards, 90 and 42 days and drugs prohibition. Not on the grounds of Liberty because I do not think it is threatened. I have been against these because they do not work and do more harm than good.

Well that makes you better than some, but the fact you don't see liberty as important, or under threat, is quite frankly, frightening. It does explain a lot though. It seems history isn't a hot favourite in the HOC.

This Government has given away more power than any other Government ever, with devolved government in Wales, Scotland and NI and a transparency of central power with FOI.

For a moment their, I thought we were going to get some honesty. They have given nearly all the power away, to the EU. An EU that WANTS Britain split up into warring factions. Divide and conquer.

Tonight the now fully independent National Statistics Authority had a presentation in the Commons. To their great credit, The Government has given them full autonomy to research and publish vital statistics. They deserve great credit for giving freedom to the Authority.

Interesting to see you use the word "They" there. Statistics, lies and more statistics. When I see Labour use the words "fully independent", I take it to mean they are independent of any public scrutiny.

They will be before the PASC Select Committee today. We will work with them to restore faith in National Statistics.

And you really think that by you working with them, that this will happen. Wake up and smell the coffee; no one believes or trusts you. Your base is the 1 in 5 that do well out of the stolen booty. The fact you only get 1 in 5 after doing that, should tell you something.

I can understand anti-Government zealots attacking the Government using liberty as an excuse.

It's the only excuse needed and the reason tyrants and fascists throughout the ages, always get theirs in the end.

But there is little substance in their arguments.

So little, that you can't/won't respond to 99% of them.

There are advantages in all the changes listed.

Nearly all outweighed by the disadvantages. Hence the reason more and more Brits are leaving, to be replaced by the desperate who think Britain will be better than their 3rd world nations.

Yes even a national DNA database would be very valuable resource.

Hitler, Stalin and Pol Pot would have agreed. Will your grandchildren? And you are willing to take that risk, given the worlds history with governments?

You really can't be that stupid, so what are you?

Why let criminals get away with it because of a mild harmless infringements of liberty?

Another stunning quote for use by your enemies. I hope it helps get you booted out.

Is this really a major issue? I cannot see it.

Which is why you were sent the book. Sadly you don't want to see it, so all it has done, is expose you as another Borg fascist.

Recognition at last

Proof that at least one person reads my blog.

Hi Matt,

We just posted an article, "The Top 100 Libertarian Blogs" ( I thought I'd bring it to your attention in case you think your readers would find it interesting.

I am happy to let you know that your blog has been included in this list.

Either way, thanks for your time!

Kelly Sonora

Whooo hoooo!

I am the champion!

Another self righteous Borg wannabe responds

Paul "fascist" Flynn

Go and read it all. They are like clones of each other. All so far up their own arses that they have lost touch with reality.

They are THE problem.

Operation "Take Down" can't be far away. The Self-Righteous 646 aren't ever going to listen. They are comfy in their rigged system, feeding on the blood of the taxpayer.

I'm done trying to reason with these arseholes. They have exposed our "democracy" for the sham that it is.

Monday, 10 November 2008

After the drinker, came the eater!


Roadside vans offering greasy snacks will be shut down if they fail to offer healthier alternatives, according to new rules.

The snack vans, often found in busy lay-bys, must now offer soup, salads or low fat yogurts with their artery-clogging kebabs.
They must also limit the amount of mayonnaise served - because it has been branded a "very high fat product".
Environmental health officers will inspect menus during routine hygiene checks.
And traders who fail to meet the strict new standards in Guildford, Surrey, will be refused a street trader's licence when it comes up for renewal each year.

The fact no one will buy this shit and the vans will have to put prices up, or go bust to compensate for that, probably is exactly why the fascists are doing this.

Small business being forced to do this, means some will go bust.

And who runs the council in Guildford?

Labour? No.
Lib Dems? No.


Screw the Tories. They aren't the solution. They aren't change.

Don't vote for any of the old Troika.

First they came for the smoker. The drinker gets it next


LONDON (Reuters) - Supermarkets should be banned from selling alcohol below cost price and time called on pub "happy hours" to halt a torrent of booze-fueled violence, a parliamentary committee said on Monday.

The level of alcohol-fueled disorder at weekends is distorting police shift patterns as resources are diverted to cope, the Commons Home Affairs Committee said.

In a report on policing, the MPs blamed the availability of cheap alcohol for the level of violence on the streets and called for a minimum price for booze.

Vaz the fascist who loves the EU and wants to make everyone its bitch.

So let's get this straight. Instead of going after the thugs themselves and hitting them hard, they choose to ruin it for all.

I like a drink now and then and after a hard day's production for this wretched government, I like to have a cold cheap beer. Sometimes, I even splash out and have a Leffe!

If the future though, this odious little prick and his chums from the LibLabConsens wants us all to pay big time.

Will it stop the thugs? No, they'll just turn to glue, or black market stuff. No one buys their fags from Britain any more and moron boy wants to drive drink into the criminals hands too.

It's time to make a choice Britain. Freedom or fascism? Which is it to be?

Sunday, 9 November 2008

Tories attack tax cuts

Taxpayer funded propaganda

The Conservatives have warned Gordon Brown that any unfunded tax cuts would be irresponsible and merely "pass the debt onto the next generation".
Shadow defence secretary Liam Fox told the BBC Mr Brown had "maxed out the country's credit card and simply wants to open another one to keep spending".
And Tory leader David Cameron warned tax cuts could push up mortgage and tax bills "to pay off the debt tomorrow".

What a pitiful shower of shite Blue Labour are. They didn't say ANYTHING, when Gormless Brown went on a robbing frenzy, to bail out the Tories banking buddies.

Now it looks like Brown might actually stop stealing quite as much (would be great if it stayed that way and they stopped giving money away). What do Blue Labour do? Scream bloody murder.

Seriously, is this the best Britain can do for opposition? A slightly different shade of brown?

Screw you Cameron and all the other careerist, EU cock sucking losers that make up your shambles of a party.

This country needs something new. Not the Lib Dems. Not Labour. Not blue Labour.

REAL change to a party that puts individual freedom first.


Saturday, 8 November 2008

I am now SERIOUSLY beginning to like Jamie Oliver

HT UKIP blog

Anyone thought of sending Jamie Oliver a membership pack yet?

Same woman MP: But EU commissioners are meeting in a weeks time to look at this again, so what is your message to them?

Jamie: I just have no faith that anything good will come out of it. It'll take ages, it'll be disappointing and it'll be unclear, and there'll be loopholes. I wish it [the EU] never existed. And labelling is a perfect example - Britain cannot decide what its minimum standards for labelling and clarity are, because it has to go through the EU, and the EU has a lot more to worry about than just Great Britain, and frankly I only care about Great Britain. I can take you to a supermarket now and it will say sourced in the UK, and on the back it will say 'From Denmark'; how dare they!...It's a big old subject. Don't get me off on one or I will go on a tangent

On how many levels is this right? So many.

Spot on Mr Oliver. Instead of doing what is right for this country and its people, we have to go begging the EU to LET US do it. All for billions of pounds!

It is utter lunacy and Jamie Oliver has just one area where the cancer of the EU is destroying us and other nations in Europe.

MPs are all the same. All hope is gone.

Kerry McCarthy

Have been catching up with other people's blogs from while I was away. Tom Harris has been sent a copy of 1984 in the post. So have I, but with a slightly different covering note. (No contact name, no signature, very brave of them). Whereas Tom got a slip saying "Young man, This is a reminder that this book, contrary to what your leader might think, is NOT an instruction manual, but a warning. REMEMBER - WE are YOUR masters." I got a letter:


I have been asked to send you this by the LPUK [Libertarian Party UK].

We presume you have read it in the past but we feel our country might benefit if you read it again - this time understanding that it was intended as a warning to society and not an instruction manual for Government.

We would be grateful if you would consider the impact of legislation on individual freedom before sponsoring or voting for any more laws to prohibit things. Laws to criminalise prostitution would fall into this category.

Anyway, we hope you enjoy the book."

I think I know what, if he was writing 'Down and Out in St Pauls and Easton', George Orwell would have made of businessmen in BMWs paying drug-addicted teenagers £20 a time for sex on their way home from work. Freedom? For who?

I have responded on her site and on the LPUK. So I will leave you with Slipknot on how I feel about this.

All Hope Is Gone lyrics

The state of the nation - violation!
A broken promise is as good as a lie.
The hell is humongous, the devil's among us
and we will burn because we won't unite!

What are we conceding for freedom?
Why does anybody think we need 'em
I would rather fight,
than let another die.
We're the problem,
but we're also the solution.

If you want come and take it from me.
If you think you can, you still don't know me.
Let me tell you man, I said it, I meant it
and I will always have the right to defend it.

Fifty seconds, a hundred murders.
The bill of rights is a bill of sale.
What will you do when the war is over?
What will you do when your system fails!?

We have made the present obsolete.
What do you want?
What do you need?
We'll find a way,
When all hope is gone!

We've seen the fall of the elite,
Bury your life, take your disease,
We'll end the world,
When all hope is gone!

The wretched are the wounded,
The hungry starved to death,
In a place where no one goes,
The air itself is a final breath,
So discontinue, the anti-septic, care charade,
As a cry of justice comes,
A malignant fire fades.

I am the reason your future suffers,
I am the hatred you won't embrace
I am the worm of a pure gestation,
I am the remedy, spit in my face.
All your laws and rules are outdated,
All your subjects are doing the kings,
I can rattle off a million other reasons why,
But does it matter when the only thing we love will die?

We have made the present obsolete.
What do you want?
What do you need?
We'll find a way,
When all hope is gone!

We've seen the fall of the elite,
Bury your life, take your disease,
We'll end the world,
When all hope is gone!



Thursday, 6 November 2008

I hate the Conservative Party

Just got the parliament channel on in the background (yes I am that sad).

Some Labour drone is waffling on about Congo. Remember that the Tories are supposed to be for self responsibility, low tax and eurosceptic? When this guy just blew all of that rubbish out of the water with this comment.

I would like to thank the Conservative Party for their support for the creation of an EU force to deploy to the Congo.

So they

1) Think we should be the world's police and bud into other countries affairs.
2) Don't mind robbing you blind and sending your kids to die to do it.
3) Are happy to let the EU boss us around when we are there.

What a bunch of lying, two-faced, fake, Labour clones the Tories are.

Woking MP Humfrey Malins gets his copy of 1984.

Well at least he thanked me for it, even if he did get my name wrong.

Let's hope he does read it; discusses it with his colleagues and then comes back to us with what he's going to do about our slide into hell.

I won't hold my breath!

The true definition of fascism

Government Propaganda Wing

Supermarkets could be asked to take people's fingerprints as part of the government's identity card scheme.
The Home Office is talking to retailers and the Post Office about setting up booths to gather biometric data.

The true defintion of fascism is now bearing exposed. Where big government and their partner corporations to combine, to smash their boot into the face of the people.

Any supermarket that plays along with this can forget my business. Indeed, the government can forget my cooperation with their mission to realise Hitler's dream.

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Woking Libertarians opens "online branch"

Online Branch

Today I have created a Facebook group, called Woking Libertarians. This will be the central point to go to, if you want to help Woking become a Libertarian town.

Whether you can help with online campaigns or real life ones, this is the place to join.

If you join now, you will be getting in out the ground level and all I ask is that you stump up 10 quid to the main party .

When this group grows big enough, we shall start campaigns in Woking and hopefully have some fun along the way.

Even if you just want to see Britain shift back towards freedom, this is the group for you.

More proof that freedom is dying



10 people, walk around on November 5th, in a mask. No shouting. No banners. Nothing. Just walking along, minding their own business.

What happens? They are arrested.

Why? Because they are near the people who think they are special. Think they are our masters.

Today every MP received a copy of 1984. They should read it and then start feeling ashamed.

Prove me wrong Obama

So, for the first time in years, I didn't bother to stay up to even see one result come in last night. The MSM had already told us who was going to win and I couldn't really care less which of them did. Both the same, both will do nothing to shrink the government back to constitutional size.

When I did turn on the idiot box this a.m. to see if I was right, I did however notice something else. The signals that this would actually be a landslide, were born out and Obama and the Democrats have absolute power to push through the "change" he kept promising.

America has come out in massive numbers and bet big on the Democrats putting things right.

Now I fully expect them to shred the constitution and move further towards the communist model. However, Obama can win me over a bit, IF he proves that he is doing it for the right reasons. I may disagree with his Socialist agenda, but I hope to see that he truly believes in freedom, by

1. Pulling out of Iraq asap.
2. Scrapping the Patriot act.
3. Delivering those tax cuts to the vast majority of American.

Do those 3 things and I might have to eat a bit of crow (as they say in America).

However, I suspect nothing of the sort will happen and instead we will see

1. A further push towards an NAU.
2. Higher taxes for all (not just the super rich).
3. Further military adventures around the world.

To the American people I say this. I understand why you voted the way you did. Your media told you this meant change and you have overwhelmingly given him and his party the mandate to give you change. Sadly though I think you will find that change is to finally dump the constitution in the bin and turn the USA from the land of the free, into another Socialist hell hole.

So if you get the chance to vote again, I hope you remember what you were promised this time. The puppet on the left, may not be all that different to the puppet on the right. So maybe trying someone who isn't a puppet (IE part of the same old two party system) will be the way to go.

I hope to be proven wrong though, so let's see if the main points above come true!

Good luck America. Good luck world. I think we are going to need it.

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

If in doubt, threaten them with the terrorism act.

In the most camera ridden country in the world, turning the camera back on the law gets you threatened with arrest as a terrorist.

Perhaps we should ask them if they have something to hide.

Barack Bush?

Funny ain't it. I don't see the media all over this bloke for his bumbling. Bush would have been crucified (not that I care).

No the MSM have been told to anoint this chosen one. He will serve his masters well and then we will all hate him at the end, when the next chosen one is ready to deploy.


What with all the NUTS news out today, some music.

The law in this country is now an ass. We need a return to TRUE law. Where only people who harm others are punished.

10 million to tell us how to make tea!

Daily Fail

In the latest initiative designed to make us more environmentally friendly, Government advisers are calling on businesses to appoint tea monitors to make sure staff don't overfill the kettle at work.

The quango Envirowise is also telling workers to use teapots when making rounds of hot drinks and is calling for a return of old-fashioned tea urns.

Envirowise - which gets £10million a year from taxpayers to advise businesses on being green - says the crackdown will cut greenhouse gas emissions and help beleaguered businesses save money.

Critics pointed out that in the current testing economic times, small firms had bigger problems to worry about than tea bags.

Susie Squire of the TaxPayers' Alliance said: 'This is yet another example of a taxpayer-funded quango doling out useless advice. People are sick of these quangocrats wasting our time and money.'

Envirowise - which is funded by the Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs - estimates that more than 30billion cups of water are unnecessarily boiled each year.

Could you make this up? Oh no.

Now once again, most people paying attention will know that most of these quangos, and indeed DEFRA itself, basically report direct to our masters in Brussels.

Is is 10 million (stolen from the the taxpayer) worth it?

Is it fuck. The only people who should be funding this, IF, they want to, is the business themselves. They have to fund the energy bills and if they want to take an environmental line, that is up to them too. Robbing people to fund this kind of utter shite, is morally repugnant.

Yep the EU is the source of this shit, but they wouldn't be able to do this, if it wasn't for the traitors we have in Westminster.

1984 isn't an instruction manual. Let's hope the 1984 campaign reminds them of that tomorrow.

LPUK press release on 1984 campaign



November 4th 2008


An Internet grass-roots campaign will this week deliver a copy of George
Orwell's prophetic novel 'Nineteen Eighty-Four' to every Member of

The books will be inscribed with the words, 'This book was a warning, not a
blueprint', and will arrive at Parliament on or before November 5th -- a
date of well known historical significance for that building.

Monday, 3 November 2008

Spam has a pop at the symptoms

MSM drivel

Senior staff at the BBC are being paid more than they should be, Conservative leader David Cameron has said.
He argued that director-general Mark Thompson - who earns more than £800,000 a year - had "one of the best jobs in the country".
He told BBC Radio 4's The World at One: "I don't think it's quite necessary to pay such high wages to staff."
But Mr Cameron said he was not "piling in" to the row over prank phone calls by Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross.

Errr, yes you are piling in Spam and what is worse, is you have nothing useful to say. Instead of using this as a good opportunity to ask WHY Thomson is paid so much, when the taxpayer has to fit the bill, you just have a little moan and that's it.

What is overpaid anyway? I think all our politicians are overpaid, as they just pass on instructions from the EU now. In fact, I would say they were obsolete as things stand. Now I would rather return power and make them useful AND accountable again, but that's another issue.

So why didn't Cameron take this chance to suggest that the taxpayer funding of the Beeb, quite possibly is the reason it can throw the money around with gay abandon? That's really the root of the issue here. We have an organisation that doesn't provide anything that warrants stealing for. It shouldn't be funded by the taxpayer, but because it is, gets away with wasting our cash.

They don't even try to be balanced with the News. They employ through Grauniad and boy does it show in their programming. Rabidly pro EU (who they take the coin from), Rabidly pro Global Warming being our fault, give near zero time to smaller parties or the people who don't vote and stack the decks in their political programmes. Watch Question Time and be stunned at how many uber leftists there are, compared to even slightly right of centre types.

The BBC sucks major balls now I am afraid, but Spam doesn't dare put the boot in too hard. He has a real affinity with the BBC, because he too holds the same values.

The BBC is the media of the past. It is controlled, wasteful and can't justify taking our money. Consign it to the history books and allow the new media to take over in full. Sure old favourites from the BBC will survive and maybe the Beeb could go on as a subscription channel, for people who read the Grauniad or can't bare to miss Jonathan Ross. Count me out though, I don't want them any more.

Who do you want to win the US election Matt?

I couldn't care less.

McCain or Obama, you have nothing but a choice of the same.

They both keep using the word change, just like our own snake oil salesman Bliar and more recently his clown (sorry I meant clone) Cameron. What actual change have either of them promised?

Obama has promised to be tough with Iran. Redistribute wealth and errr that's about it. IE exactly the same as now.

McCain has promised to keep up the envirofascist con job, that is global warming and to try and stay in Iraq forever!

Wow, what change. The destination is still the same. They both want a NAU (which then links up with all the other power blocks for their NWO that they keep boasting about.

Just listen to our so called leaders. I say so called, because true leaders represent their teams wishes. These scumbags just represent their own and their masters. Every time you hear these losers calling to reorganise the world, or putting in place world solutions, just remember this. They are the same people who fucked up our local economies and started us on the slide to 1984.

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Useless media don't get it either (1984)


Orwell lives

Labour MP Tom Harris has received a copy of Nineteen Eighty-Four inscribed: 'This book, contrary to what your leader might think, is not an instruction manual.' He doesn't know who sent it, but this column has discovered it's a campaign (PR stunt) by the Libertarian party, who are sending them to all MPs.

Wow. Just wow! What remarkable analysis by one of our mainstream media sources. All the more stunning, seeing as this bunch pretend to be the "liberal" section of the press.

Hundreds of comments swamp this MP and all this rag can do, is try to fob it off as a "PR Stunt".

No comment on the reaction of the MP. No comment on the message being conveyed. Pathetic and shows exactly why the MSM is part of the problem.

Proof that Iran are developing Nuclear tech.

Not unlike Iraq is it.

Incompetence? Nah, this goes way beyond that. The people running this world know exactly what they are doing.

Yet we still have the same crap pushed down our throats by the MSM.

So; How does it feel to be a bitch Italy?


The rescue deal for the Italian airline Alitalia must not breach European Union competition rules, the carrier's bankruptcy administrator has warned.
An investment group, the Cai, made an offer of 1bn euros ($1.27bn; £789m) for Alitalia on Friday, despite the lack of agreement with some unions.
About 3,000 workers will lose their jobs under the rescue plan.

That's right Italy. Just like with the immigration issue and various other things, that you keep on getting in trouble over, you must do as you are told.

You might think you know what is best for you and your people, but you don't. Your sacrifice is necessary for the greater good. For Solidarity with Romania. The fact your country is dropping to their level, well that's a price worth paying.

It is a shame, because I loved Italy as a country. It was unique and fantastic. Sure it wasn't how I would want Britain to be, but diversity is good right?

That can't happen in the EU. We must all be the same and play by the same rules. I never thought I would see the Italians become so subservient and weak, but it looks like that day has arrived.

R.I.P Italia, a once proud and great nation.

Of course they could say the same about Britain too and they would be right. It isn't too late though. We could all get out of the cancerous EU and again shape our own destinies. It will mean booting out the self-serving political traitor classes though. Have we got the nads to do it?

Are politicians special, God like people?

Fuck no.

Friday, 31 October 2008

Woking says "Let's try Communism again", as ordered by the EU

Woking Rag

Surrey local authority pioneers scheme to purchase residential sites for social housing

Surrey councils are preparing to spend hundreds of millions of pounds purchasing stalled residential building sites for social housing.

In what is thought to be the first project of its kind, Woking council will vote in December on raising up to £300m to unblock stalled developments.

The council has already committed itself to spending £30m over the next six years on buying up private properties as part of its social housing investment programme. The further funding could be borrowed from the public works loans board, the government agency that funds capital projects.

Ray Morgan, Woking’s chief executive, who initiated the scheme, said: “Perhaps we can help bring forward sites that are stalled or nearing completion but at risk of non-sale through lack of mortgage availability.”

Good old Ray. Never afraid to say "YES" to his masters.

Anyone paying the slightest attention, knows that SEERA calls the shots on housing now. SEERA are directly accountable to the EU and the plan to concreate over Britain, so they can fit the worlds population in continues at pace.

It would seem that our Lords and Master at the EU think that cramming us all into low cost, low quality and crime ridden Megacities is the way to go. This wouldn't happen naturally, so they steal our cash from us and then use it to make it happen.

Why? Who knows. Maybe it is the thought of lots of cheap, easy to control, down trodden serfs that appeal to the elite that push this agenda.

Maybe they, like our MPs, think 1984 is an instruction manual.

Or maybe they think a pyramid scheme of bringing in more and more youngsters, to pay for the old, whose money they have pissed away is a good idea. The fact you will need ever more people, or crammed into one small island doesn't really compute. Unless there is some sort of war or terrorist outrage that could solve it for them.

It all sounds a bit like science fiction really, doesn't it. Yes, but look around you and it's losing the fiction part seemingly every day.

Want proof that out MP's are dangerously out of touch?

I can't believe it's not fascist

No quotes on this one, you need to go and read this response, to an early delivery of the book 1984 to this MP.

Look, we all suspected MPs were out of touch and clueless, but the extent this is shown is TRULY frightening here.

He really, REALLY doesn't get it! Talk about sleepwalking to a totalitarian nightmare.

Then read the comments (that he has allowed through). Maybe they will help snap him out of his slumber.

These fools truly think they are special and our owners. This campaign is the first warning shot across their bow. Heed the warning is my advice.

Thursday, 30 October 2008

Brown (and the rest) are laughing at you

H/T LPUK via Obnoxio

Remember though, Brown is just a willing puppet. Cameron will also being a willing puppet.

They have surrendered our country to the EU wolves, which in turn, is all about giving the elite absolute power, via a world government. They already have it really, but they want to make sure it is locked down nice an tight.

Are we going to let them? Or do we want to be free?

It's time to start doing something if its the latter. I suggest joining LPUK as a start!

The war on smokers (and freedom) continues.

Daily Fail

Smokers could be completely banned from fostering children under controversial proposals branded health 'fascism' by opponents.
Redbridge in East London is believed to the first council in the country to consider a total ban on foster carers who smoke, no matter how old the child they want to look after.

Fascism and persecution rolled into one. Both my parents smoked (until I bullied them into quiting) and they were the best parents there are. They produce 3 independent, hard working and family orientated children. The fact they smoked made ZERO difference to this fact.

How much longer are the British people going to put up with the Nazi influence? The Germans didn't see Hitler coming, but we don't have that excuse. It's time to start taking some serious action.

I am sending my useless MP a copy of 1984 today. Yep I paid for it out of my own cash, but it is important that he realises what his and his buddies inaction is allowing.

Check the Libertarian Party website for more. We have every MP covered now!

The only people that want ID cards are politicians and stupid racists.

Daily Fail

Gordon Brown's claims for the £4.5billion ID cards project have been disputed by one of the Government's own electronic security experts.

The Prime Minister and Home Secretary Jacqui Smith have repeatedly said that ID cards will help thwart terror attacks.

Mr Brown said a national ID card scheme could 'disrupt terrorists' while Miss Smith has claimed ID cards will be a 'robust defence' against terrorists using false identities.
But Harvey Mattinson, a senior consultant at the IT security arm of GCHQ, the Government's listening station, said the claims were 'absolute bunkum'.

There is simply no excuse for this pathetic scheme to go ahead. It will cost us billions and give us no real benefit. Indeed it will add more power to the state, which is more dangerous than anything. The only people who will ever be affected by this scheme, is the ordinary public.

Listen to anyone with an ounce of brain or experience and they will tell you what a dangerous, expensive waste of time this is.

Except that is the morons in government, who think they have the right to track us like cattle.

And the most stupid of racists (even most racists see this for what it is). The dumb ones think it will somehow stop illegal immigration. Think on, think on.

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross

You know, I hate to comment about this, because it is such utter irrelevant manure.

However, as this has now blown up into such a national scandal, that Gormless Brown and Spam have thrown in their 2p, I suppose my 1p won't hurt.


Why, Oh why, has this minor story, become so huge? I'm not defending Bland or Woss, because to be honest, I don't like either of them. Woss is a little less nauseating than Bland, but both of them are overpaid Primadonas of the highest order.

I say overpaid, because it is stolen taxpayers cash that is used to keep these two in the custom they have become used to.

At the end of the day though, both of them have made it their career to push the boundaries of decency (subjective word that) and thrived on their reputations of not giving a fig and taking the piss out of people.

Is it simply the fact that they chose to do it on a minor celeb's answerphone? Or is it the fact they broadcast this? Or the fact they didn't sound very sorry at all, when told to apologise by their bosses.

I bet they can barely believe what is happening now, and to be honest, neither can I. Usually these two are held up in such high regard by the establishment. They are at the forefront of liberal (the new bastardised version) attacks on "tradition" and other old school Conservative values.

Sometimes I actually find them funny. Again Woss more than Bland, but I am in deep shock that they have been thrown to the wolves, over something so trivial. At the end of the day, they have been crude, but hardly threatening or even serious in their language. Is this what we have come to, where even the hero's of the PC loving, Lib Dem voting, Metropolitan Elite, will be slaughtered at the alter of "not offending people".

Ye Gods. By all means they deserved a slap for stepping over the line; but when they have been so encouraged to push at that line, I can't see what the fuss is about. If some weirdo jokingly says he shagged my daughter, I'd either ignore him, or give him a short sharp statement he deserves. I certainly wouldn't throw all my toys out of the pram and get overly upset.

But that didn't happen here, did it. The Actor and his daughter were probably not amused, but I doubt they gave much of a monkeys. I think the bad old monster of collectivist witch hunts is at play hear, fed probably by the jealous feature of how much they are paid. Really people were just waiting to put the boot in, ever since Woss was outed as being a receiver of such a large portion of stolen money.

Then we see the sickening site of politicians smelling the blood of the weak and playing on it to gain themselves popularity.

The only good thing, is that these two would have been the first to do the same, if some other unfortunate had made the same mistake. Perhaps I should be glad they are getting a taste of their own medicine, but for some weird reason, I just find it all depressing.

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

German Freedom Fighting Heros

Smoking Rebels

Great site. Love the music!

Good to see they recognise the root of the evil too.

The end of the Internet is nigh.


The problem with the internet, as we all know, is that it gives free rein to loonies. Once upon a time, green inkers would rant away on writing paper, seal their 30-page global conspiracy theory into a recycled envelope and post it to a newspaper, which would drop it harmlessly into a wastepaper basket. Now they infiltrate chat rooms, scrawl anonymous abuse in web discussions and even have their own video blogs.

Sometimes this is entertaining; sometimes it can be offensive. So Microsoft has just been awarded a patent for technology designed to automatically detect and remove “undesired words or phrases” from all manner of digital communications, ranging from YouTube broadcasts to internet chat and songs.

It won't be long now. The fascist control freaks hate the internet. They hate the freedom it gives people and the fact they can't control it like the old media.

Who gets to decide what is "loony"? Who says the deciders won't impose their own, sometimes warped values.

The internet show all that is good, bad and mad about people. It is free, so we can all choose what we want to believe, watch or listen too. That won't do for the control freaks. They want us listening to their propaganda only and this technology sounds like the right tools to do it.

I await for some of my canary sights to start disapearing from the radar. People have always been easy to control, as long as information was easy to control. The internet put a blip in this control, but it's going to be addressed. You can bank on it.

Is Jaqui Smith the dumbest cow on the planet?

Moron Fodder News

A "presumption in favour of exclusion" is being introduced to make it easier to prevent extremists entering the UK, Home Secretary Jacqui Smith has said.

Hands up who starts twitching when they read statements like this? It is so riddled with holes straight off the bat, that you just worry what is to come. So, let's go through it; bit by bit.

1) Presumption of exclusion of who? We all know that the EU tells us who we can and can't let in within the EU, so for starters, this can ONLY apply to rest of the world.

2) What is an extremist? I think the Labour Party are extremists and have backed their extreme views, with extreme actions. They have created a horrible surveillance society. They have whipped up hatred with preemptive and illegal war. They have surrendered Britain's democracy to a neo communist dictatorship. I wonder if their view extreme, is anyone who believes in freedom.

Ms Smith said it would now be up to the individual concerned to prove they would not "stir up tension" in the UK.

Ah, the old presumption of guilt before innocence. More in line with their masters way of thinking and Britain's long respected tradition of common law, but then this lot see 1984 as a step by step instruction guide.

For the first time a list of the names of those excluded - including so-called "preachers of hate" - will be published and shared with other countries.

Preachers of hate. That'll be anyone who is against them, via blogs etc then. You see where this is going right?

Ms Smith said: "Through these tough new measures I will stop those who want to spread extremism, hatred and violent messages in our communities from coming to our country.

Now the violent messages, when proven I can accept. If people are whipping up others to kill etc, then Britain's long held "incitement" laws had that covered, as long as you can prove it. The other stuff makes me deeply uneasy though. Extremism can be applied to almost anything, if it isn't something you personally don't believe in. The BNP think it is extreme to let people other than white into the country. Imagine if they got into power, with the full totalitarian structure in place, created by this bunch of cretins?

"Coming to the UK is a privilege and I refuse to extend that privilege to individuals who abuse our standards and values to undermine our way of life."

Oh how I laughed at this. It used to be a privilege, but as long as you belong to the Socialist Fascist States of Europa, you now have the RIGHT to come here no matter what. You can be broke, a criminal, extreme or whatever, but as long as your government sold out like ours, then you will be welcome.

The changes will not require new legislation and are aimed at tackling "individuals who foster extremism or hate" - including radical Islamists, neo-Nazis and violent animal rights activists.

Will not require new legislation = we already are in the deep shit. They are making up stuff as they go along now, without any kind of checks and balances. I think they are Neo Nazis, so does that mean they will be stopped when coming back from their holidays? No I didn't think so. Why are animal rights activists singled out too? Why not just anyone who uses violence to further their aims. Oh that'll be because Labour sanctioned violence in Iraq, based on lies. That's not extreme at all is it!

Keith Vaz, chairman of the Home Affairs Committee, said there should be tougher measures to help remove foreigners inciting violence who are already based in the UK

Only you believe that anyone from an EU assimilated part of Europe isn't foreign don't you weasel boy. I'd like to see British people rounded up too, such as Blair and most of the Labour Party. They all incited and COMMITTED some major violence against Iraq.

Blue Labour can't comment of course, because they basically bat for the same team, as do the Lib Dem's. Hence we get the pitiful waffle we see from their EU loving muppets in this article.

When are we going to see the media give a voice to a party, that does actually believe in freedom?

Back from America.

Well, I just flew in from a weeks vacation in Florida, so I thought I'd give people a run down of the "state of the nation", from my perspective.

I've never been to Florida before, so I guess I had a few preconceptions about the place. In my mind, this was going to be Bush country. Indeed, I suspected that anyone daring to support the democrats would be shot.

Needless to say, I was solidly wrong on that score. The first thing you notice as you walk around, is while there is certainly a lot of McCain/Palin banners etc, there is at least the same amount of Obama/Biden stuff. This in what should be base for McCain suggests to me that the media have probably done their job in talking Obama to victory.

Walking around the Mauls really does give you some idea of how much effort is being made for the New Messiah. Many of the big chain shops urge people to vote and give credibility to this sham of an election. The fact you couldn't put a fag paper between the two candidates in reality, isn't a view you will hear from the media at all.

This is the same old Red Vs Blue con job that we get crammed down our throats and a largely gullible and unthinking public just swallow it whole. One thing did make me laugh at my hotel in Cocoa Beach. There was a Harley Davidson convention, where lots of ageing bikers came to show off their old bikes and their motorcycles (just kidding ladies). One of the bikes was kitted out with machine guns, rocket launchers and USA flags. I laughed and the owner piped up, "Hey buddy, we call that the Obama Mobile, because if he wins we are going to need it".

That's about the whole election in a nutshell really. A small bunch of pro-war people left, in coalition with racists and died in the wool Republicans, being pitted against the "any change will do", anti-war, Democrats and probably the majority of Black voters. The fact their man has not really suggested much change at all and will probably go an kick Iran's butt, maybe after some sort of excuse is found first.

The president really is just a puppet anyway. A front man for the same powerful interests that brought us the credit crunch, Iraq war, North American Union and the slow, but quicken move towards a 1984 style planet. Personally if I were an American, I would write in Ron Paul, or possibly vote for one of the smaller parties. I think Ron Paul really could do with coordinating his supporters on this issue. Maybe he has or will, I don't know.

Other than that, it would a nice, if expensive holiday. I like the USA for what it was built on (IE freedom), but I see the same cancerous signs that we have here in the UK. One truly absurd thing (absurd is what leftism breeds), is what is happening to their road laws. While they still have no speed cameras (at least none that I saw), everyone drives around scared to go about 70, even if the road is long and straight and they are the only people on it. There are a lot of police patrols, but more it is the signs telling you that fines will double in certain areas etc. I'm guessing the cameras will come at some point.

Even worse than that, is you do have to where a seatbelt in Florida now, by law. That's right, in the land of the free, the Nanny state can force you to strap a seat belt on, even if you don't mind taking the risk. Bikers can ride their bikes (without seatbelt of course), still free to not wear any helmet though. I guess that will change one day, but it just goes to show how ridiculous things can become, as fascism creeps its way slowly into a country's culture.

Smoking is allowed in bars still, but I don't think that will last for much longer. My cousin works in a bar and she had a bit of a grizzle about it. A lot of bars have rules saying you can't spoke near the bar itself, but not all of them. Not sure why my cousin thinks the owner should provide employment to her exact specification, but its hardly a minority view. A lot of people seem to think they are owed a living by someone else and to their exact liking.

I always feel a bit of a sell out going to the States now, as I swore I wouldn't surrender to their Nazi fingerprinting of people. I had to way up the fact that my job requires me to go to the states though, with how much the issue meant to me. If it was this country, I will quit a job over the issue, but I guess I justified my surrender, by the fact it is Americas rules for their people. I still hate the fact, especially as I am sure they won't hesitate to allow access to their database, to our own little bunch of Hitlers.

It has become worse now though, as the theme parks now demand EVERYONE surrender their print. If that was the UK, I would have turned right around and told them to fuck off. Seeing as they already have all of my prints now, it made little difference to me, but it saddened me to see so many Americans submitting to it like sheep. Maybe they trust private enterprise to only use it for the right reasons. What those reasons are I can't think? The only place they seems to be used, was so you could open a locker for bags etc. Nothing a key, password or code couldn't have achieved. Maybe they have a terrorist and paedophile list too. I guess you could justify it on that score.

The Television in the US is still awful. It truly does make you wonder if dumbing down the people is a desired goal for someone. The food is good in some ways, awful in others. The number of all you can eat buffets, truly does encourage you to become fat, but again that is down to people whether they want to do that or not. The beer is weak and piss like.

So in summary, I think the US is in big trouble, like the rest of us, but you never know. There certainly is a growing number of people there who are starting to ignore the mainstream media bombardment of their senses and are beginning to think for themselves. I think the war to regain freedom is still in its very early stages.

Trick or Treat?

HT to

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Lets all go back to the stone ages!


The government has committed the UK to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by the middle of this century.

Climate Change and Energy Secretary Ed Miliband said the current 60% target would be replaced by a higher goal.

He told MPs the government would not "row back" on green issues in the light of the current economic crisis.

What planet do these arseholes live on? Millipede II is just as big a creep as his mega creepy brother.

Just when people are losing their life savings, homes and jobs, this tit of the first order comes out with this.

Well you pleb, I am not here to be your bitch to control. If your wank target is to cut co2 by 80%, then mine is to double my own amount.

Watch as Blue Labour take this manure on in full and help Britain become the 3rd world country they seem to want it to be.

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Bullshitters at BBC get it wrong again.

Lies Lies Lies

Icelanders save up their hate for the unsuspecting British

What a load of steaming manure. The Icelandic people don't hate the British people. They hate the bankers, and yes Gordo the Moron, but not the British people.

They know, as most of us do, that the politicians and their corporate buddies are the one's to blame for this mess. Iceland just chose not to rape and pillage its taxpayers, like Gordo has done.

Fuck you BBC. I still like the Icelandic people. They will see this rubbish through, because they are small and in charge of their own destinty. Brown and the rest of the EU loving whore squad may try to punish them for not assimilating to the collective, but they will survive. They have their energy and food dependence sorted, so unlike Britain now, can ride this storm out.

Until we get the hell out of the EU, we are doomed to never be able to look after ourselves.

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Farage of UKIP gets it spot on

Whatever UKIP's faults, Nigel Farage is a beacon of truth in the clown parliament. Seeing little fascists getting upset at him, makes it worth voting UKIP at EU elections.

Turning Out The Lights

Have Your Whine

Councils in England and Wales are considering switching off some of their street lights to save money and energy. Is this the best way for councils to cut emissions?

Councils say that switching off the lights will cut carbon dioxide emissions and help them to reduce their carbon footprints. Turning lights off at certain time will also save money.

This is one of those issues where I am a little bit torn. If the sole reason for doing this, was to save co2 emissions, then I would say forget it. It will make sod all difference.

However, I am not going to cut my nose off to spite my face. I believe in being efficient in energy use. 1) Because it costs us money and 2) Because this is energy we could be using for something else.

Do we REALLY need motorways to be lit up like it is day time for instance? I am sure you could at least turn every other light off, with no real difference.

In built up areas and towns though, I don't think turning them off is a great idea. The weaker members of our society will be more frightened, if they have to stumble around in the dark on their way home. If they could carry a gun, then maybe that would balance it out, but they can't.
So on reflection, I believe councils SHOULD look at areas and roads and turn out some of the lights, if possible.

Sadly this will just make George Orwell look like even more of a prophet, with this blueprint for Britain under Labour, 1984.

Dark run down streets, with people snitching on each other and eating meat substitute. Perpetual war with unseen enemies and governments who spin out propaganda that we have never had it so good! All policies now being considered, or in place by New Labour.

Makes you want to weep!

Monday, 13 October 2008

Credit crunch? What credit crunch?

I have been away on work in the states for the last week, so I had a shed load of mail to open today.

Nothing major, but one thing that did make me laugh, is the amount of credit I was offered. Credit cards, loans, car finance, you name it, I was eligible and invited to join.

Yet banks with centuries of history won't lend each other a bean, hence the massive theft of taxpayers money, to let banks know they can be as reckless as they wish in the future.

Does anyone really believe this horseshite? We all know that a small percentage of people, own the vast majority of wealth on this planet. Yet we are lead to believe that a few mortgage defaulters in the states, has caused all this mayhem.

Rubbish. The puppet masters have decided it is time to shake the tree and my god they have shaken it big time. The Communist manifesto slowly gets put in place, with banks being nationalised at pace and the "one world government" being demanded by the political elite again.

In the meantime, the ordinary Joe wails and whines, but is ultimately ignored as usual.

Watching the "news" in the States is even more depressing than here. Speak to anyone in America, and they lament the lack of real choice and ask how this pile of dung is the best they can get. Yet the "news" tells everyone about the polls being run and how Obama is pulling away, because McCain is getting too angry.

Wrong, he isn't angry enough. He just gets angry about the wrong things. If he started railing against the US becoming the new Soviet Union, then maybe, just maybe people would feel like taking part again.

The problem is, he is establishment to the core and the establishment want authoritarian, world government. They know it is a simple case of playing on people's fears and own fascists tendencies, so that's the game they will play.

Wake up world. Trusting the same mugs who got us here, to get us out, is an epically bad idea!

Saturday, 4 October 2008

America Needs More People Like This

Shame the other career whores didn't care less about the American people.

Thank God Some People Get It

And it is the young people who are waking up to the con that is the EU!

Another EU wake up call for the Lib Dems?

Brussels Broadcasting Con

British courts should refuse to act on an EU arrest warrant requesting the extradition of an alleged Holocaust denier, a senior Lib Dem has said.
Australian citizen Dr Gerald Toben was remanded in custody after his arrest by British Police at Heathrow Airport.
German authorities allege Dr Toben published material online "of an anti-semitic and/or revisionist nature".
But home affairs spokesman Chris Huhne said holocaust denial is not a crime in the UK and he should not be extradited.

Well blow me down with a feather! One of the most pro-EU takeover people within the Lib Dems, now wants to defy the laws he has helped hand over to foreign courts. UKIP banged this drum loud and clear and was condemned by people like Buff, for scaremongering.

No matter how wrong you think this guy is, or what his motives are, the idea of putting people in prison for their opinions is sickening. Indeed, it is straight out of the nightmare scenario painted by George Orwell's 1984.

So is this a case of the Lib Dems beginning to see what a monster they have helped to create? Or are they desperately just trying to con the British people, that they are not quite as slavish to the EU, than they really are.

I know which one I think it is and I don't expect them stop their treachery any time soon.

For the record, I think the Holocaust did happen. To what degree, I have no idea, as the victors write the history books. All I do know is it was terrible and we must never let government have so much power, that is can do it again. ID cards for instance would have been Hitler's dream.

Friday, 3 October 2008

One for the whining Lib Dem retards who say the EU aren't behind ID cards

How much more evidence do you need? Do they need to print EU in big letters instead of small?

How about the card has a little chip that plays "All your base are belong to the EU"?

Wake up and smell the coffee Libby Dems. Your leadership is playing you for utter mugs.

Do you really believe in freedom? Because if you do, you are in the wrong party. Big time.

A day of mourning for Britain (Mandelson's back)

I don't bloody believe it.

After a great day yesterday, with Ian Blair being forced out, we are giving a huge boot in the balls today.

Peter Mandelson, after selling Britain out so much as an unelected EU trade lacky, is coming back to British government. Kicked out twice already, his so called nemesis Gormless Brown, is welcoming him back with open arms.

Of course, he can't come back to parliament, so they just create him a place in the Lords. What a sham our "democracy" is, when crooks like this utter scum can keep crawling back to suck on the taxpayers teat for a bit longer.

At least it exposes what a load of rubbish the media puppet show of our politics really is. Brown is just as much an EU traitor and buddy of Blair as Mandelson. All these fake story lines, of them not being friends and hating each other is now proven to be BS.

Will this help people realise what a charade our "democracy" is? Will it make people suspicious, that Blue Labour are perhaps batting for the EXACT same team?

Sadly I doubt it. Mandelson and Cameron will have to be physically bending people over and giving them the shaft, before a whimper of complaint will be heard.

Does Britain deserve to go down? Not if we are talking about our ancestors, but the current generation is a spineless bunch of surrender chimps. I feel ashamed.

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Useless political puppet Bliar (mark II) resigns.

Communist Channel

Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Ian Blair has announced his resignation after three years in the job.

He said London mayor Boris Johnson, who took over as chairman of the police authority on Wednesday, had told him he wanted a "change in leadership".

Sir Ian said that "without the mayor's backing I do not think I can continue in the job".

I have have to eat humble pie and admit that Boris has achieved something after all. This disgusting excuse of a man, was a political puppet from day one for Labour. His useless tenure has seen respect for the police dwindle and morale of the forces go into freefall.

The fact Boris told him to go is a big plus for him. He is in danger of becoming useful, if he replaces the fool with someone good.

Will he do it though? We shall soon see!

Envirofascists at EU controlled Woking council screw up again!

A while back I had a letter sent to me from the council, complete with a questionnaire.

The questionnaire was about "energy efficiency" and they wanted you to answer a load of questions, in return for a "free" report.

Last time I looked at the title of the person sending the letter (Lara Curran, Senior Policy Officer for Climate Change) and threw it straight in the bin. When your useless government pretends it can control the planets climate and employs people using stolen money to do so, then I give it the short shrift it deserves. Besides,for my own bank balance, I am pretty damn energy efficient as it is.

So imagine my joy to find that the morons had cocked up and have had to resend the questionnaire for a second time. Yes, all that paper and energy required to send this crap out, all under the new religious banner of Envirofascism.

This time I decided I would pay a bit more attention though, so I can really pick holes in their folly.

First up, the letter was addressed to "The Householder". Now I don't know about you, but that is usually a signal to me that it is junk mail. I personally do read it from time to time, but I know many people just chuck such stuff straight in the bin.

Now the council try to blame the mailing house for the blunder and promise that there was no extra cost to the council. Probably true, because the council never pays for ANYTHING. We, the taxpayers do! The fact we had to pay for the first crappy effort is bad enough, along with the wages of this non job hogger, Lara Curran.

The next bit talks about how this information will be used to plan future energy efficiency grants. Guess where those grants come from. Yes that's right, anyone who bothers to work for a living. Stolen once again, via taxation. Why am I having to pay for other people to be subsidised?

They make great bones about the envelope being "freepost". Guess what? IT AIN'T FUCKING FREE! The post office are not a charity, especially since the EU driven laws meant all their most profitable business has been asset stripped away from them. The mug tax payer has to pay for every reply that gullible sheep send in.

There is a "processing centre" who will deal with this rubbish and can you guess who pays their wages? That's right, us lot again. More non jobs, more waste.

It says if you would like to speak to a "trained energy advisor" to help morons fill out the form phone a special "freephone" number. They like that word free, when in reality it is anything but free. All phone calls made to that number will be charged to the council and passed back to us. Of course, all of this information and advise is readily available on the internet, but this bunch of clowns wants to force feed the moron population and keep their non jobs going.

Now, this wouldn't be so bad, if this useless council, who proudly fly the flag of the EU above their office, were actually responding to the peoples wishes and delivering on promises made in elections. This simply isn't the case though. None of the parties promised this short of shite. Well maybe the Lib Dems hinted at it, but the Tories are supposed to be in power and all they said, is they would stop waste and keep taxes low! Lying bastards.

Looking at the Questionnaire itself, you soon see this is a centrally (ie the EU) driven load of garbage. It even says in bold letters A Government Requirement. Who the fuck do they think they are? Our overlords? Our masters? Why don't we have local government who have the balls to say, this is a ridiculous waste of time, effort, energy and money? Teach the kids at school that saving money and energy is a good idea. Make the info available on the internet. Robbing people to fund this horseshite, just because the EU demands it is not the way to go.

The Questionnaire asks a shit load of questions about your house, which I am not going to tell them about. They will probably stick it on a database and sell it to some companies. Or use it to bump up peoples council taxes!

Right at the end though, they ask 3 questions to help decide if you are eligible for some of the stolen booty, I mean grant. Now maybe I'm a cynic, but I suspected just because I am the one having the money stolen from me, I will be unlikely to get any of it back. So let's go through the questions.

32 Is a member of your household over 60?

Errr no. If there was, then we would probably be much more wealthy, as most of the pensioners in Surrey have a lifetime of savings and lived through the golden era of final salary, non contribution pensions. Unlike me, who doesn't expect a bean in state pensions and has to save like hell, in the hope of getting something. Of course, all the money I put into pensions, should have gone under the mattress as what Gordon hasn't stolen, has been smashed by stock market collapse. What a wheeze.

33 Is a member of your household in receipt of benefits?

Mmm no. The only benefit I ever had was a partial grant at University. I feel bad about that now, but not that bad seeing as I have had that money taken back many times over by the State. I guess the fact I work and try to look after myself, rules me right out. So why the hell should I bother with this rubbish?

34 Would you like more info on the councils (taxpayer/robbery victims) new eco(fascism) show home in Knaphill.

Hell no. I live in Knaphill and don't want to be reminded of the utter waste of money you idiots allow. Money that is theived from people like me every month, for what? A fortnightly bin collection.

What a scam. What a disgrace. And all the little parasite companies that donate to the parties that push this agenda, so they get on the "approved list" for selling their crap to us, can fuck right off too.

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Anti Smoking Nazis

Spot on

Is Britain Governed By Retards?

Daily Fail

Throwing your litter into the wrong street bin will risk an on-the-spot fine and criminal convictions, ministers said yesterday.

Town hall rubbish police, who already inspect household wheelie bins, have been given the power to hand out punishments for misuse of public recycling bins in streets or parks.

Ignoring the new rubbish regulations by, for example, putting crisp packets into bins meant for glass, or ice cream wrappers into bins for cans, will bring financial penalties and the risk of a court appearance if they are not paid.

The right to hand out fines was confirmed by waste minister Joan Ruddock who said the new recycling drive would mean 'deliberate disposal of rubbish in the wrong place could constitute an offence'.

You all know my opinion on recycling and how 99% of it is a total waste of time. The EU demands that Britain meets targets and the feeble little career minded morons implement with glee.

Landfill isn't evil and we have plenty of capacity to do it. Yet this new envirofascist religion is being forced upon us and these are the spin offs.

The control freaks at local level see an opportunity to make some cash, so they bring in horse shite like this. The fact is, it will cost huge amounts of money to police, while pissing off the law abiding citizen, to the point of making them outlaws.

No environmental benefit will be seen, but to stop the EU fining us, like the little bitches that we are now, we have more ludicrous laws foisted upon us. Instead of throwing rubbish in bins, people will be best advised not to bother, as it is cheaper to be fined for littering, than putting it in the wrong bin.

Of course, the little fascists can only be in a few places, so there won't even be any improvement in the serfs playing along to this control game.

When are we going to have a revolution?


Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Jamie Oliver exposes the state of Britain

I'm just watching the new Jamie Oliver effort, where he goes to Rotherham (where I have been a lot lately) and tries to teach the locals how to cook.

Now I am a bit fed up of the Mockney, but he does shine a light on the pathetic state of this country, while not really identifying the big issues.

Already I am foaming at the mouth at what I am seeing. Jamie has found a mum on benefits (a career of choice in some places), who can't cook/won't cook. She had an army of little brats, that she decided I would be happy to pay for, with help from Labour.

So this woman is probably the type of person quoted in stats as in poverty, as are her children. Well bollocks to that. She feeds her kids take away every night and has a fridge packed full of sweets and alcohol.

This shows the cancer of Socialism at work. Her brats will grow up with the same, zero responsibility, grab all the handouts you can mentality. As long as we keep encouraging this kind of behaviour, the longer the vicious cycle will continue.

This country needs a total overhaul, ASAP.

UK Libertarian Party Publish Economic Reform Document.

Libertarian Party
LPUK Policy: Monetary Reform

The monetary reform proposals of the Libertarian Party consist of three central planks. However, and before we can talk about what we'd like to change, we need to take a brief look at how the current banking system works, and expose the flaws that our policies seek to address.

Most people think that the government creates all of our money by printing banknotes, and minting coins. But that is not the case. Let's start by looking at where the government gets its income from.
Government Income
Banknotes are printed by the Bank of England (BoE) on behalf of the government. The BoE then sell those notes at face value to commercial banks, who use them to fill their cash machines and to hand over to us when we withdraw money from our bank accounts. The profits from the sale of these notes by the BoE (known technically as seigniorage) is passed straight back to the government, and netted the Treasury the sum of £2.3 billion in the tax year 2007/081.

The second source of government income is well known and hated by us all—taxes.

Finally, the government gains income through borrowing. If insufficient funds have been brought in through seigniorage and taxation to meet the government's spending commitments, it sells bonds. Bonds are the equivalent of a government IOU, and promise the holder that the government will buy them back at a future date for the value of the bond plus some predetermined interest.

Raising money through selling bonds has a huge downside, though. It means that the government incurs debt. And, like the rest of us with debts (on a credit card, for example), the government ends up paying a sum of money each year simply to service those debts. Government estimates for 2007/08 put the figure that it will have spent on servicing its own debts last year at a staggering £30 billion2—over 20% of the total amount of income tax that we all paid!3

Money From Thin Air
Currently, around 97% of the 'money' in our economy isn't in the form of notes that you can fold, or change that weighs down your pockets—it's in the form of credit (or debt, depending upon which side of the transaction you are standing). So the real question to be asking if we want to understand where our money comes from is how all of this debt appears?

Our commercial banks create money as debt, effectively from 'thin air'.

Imagine a person paying, to keep the example straightforward, £100 in notes or coins into their bank account. Now, bankers know that most of the time, most people leave their money in their bank accounts; we tend to pay for goods with our debit cards, or by writing cheques to one another. Consequently, if a bank has just received £100 in cash it knows that there is little chance that the depositor is going to come along and ask for it back at any moment.

Knowing this, banks only keep on hand a certain proportion of deposited funds; the amount that they reasonably expect they will need to cover any requests for withdrawals. The amount is termed the reserve ratio, and for any funds deposited, a bank will solely keep the amount of the reserve ratio on hand, and lend out the remainder. The whole process is known as fractional reserve banking (FRB).

So, to carry on our example, if the bank that person paid his £100 into maintained a reserve ratio of 10%, the bank would accept the £100 deposit, keep £10 on hand, and lend out the remaining £90.

But what happens to that £90 loan? The individual or business who takes it from the bank will probably not just spend it straight away, but deposit it into their bank account. If they do so in cash, the whole process can start again. Assuming that their bank also maintains a 10% reserve ratio, the bank will accept the £90 deposit, keep £9 on hand, and lend out the remaining £81.

And so the process continues. In fact, if fully worked through the system, that original £100 deposit will end up having 'created' a total of £1,000 that can be spent in the real economy.

In accounting terms, no money is actually created. If each borrower were to pay back their loan in sequence, the debts would unwind until we were left with our original £100 deposit at the first bank. This is why those who defend the existing system will tell you that no new money is really created.

What these folks conveniently overlook, however, is that in real terms, as opposed to accounting niceties, new money has appeared—it's in your hands, and you can spend it. And as long as new bank deposits are being made, the process above can continue.

Keeping The Merry-go-round Turning
And what allows the entire process to continue is our central bank—the Bank of England. Remember the bonds that the government sells to raise additional funds, the Treasury IOUs? Well the BoE will, from time to time, buy bonds in the market. To pay for its purchases, the BoE genuinely does create money from thin air, and credits the seller's account with money that it has just decreed should exist.

This process injects new money into the economy, which spreads about and ensures that the fractional reserve system described above never grinds to a halt.

If it wishes to, the BoE can use the same process in reverse; selling Treasury securities and destroying the money the purchaser pays. In this manner, the BoE has a crude control mechanism available for determining how much money exists in our economy at any one time.

The BoE also sells money to the commercial banks. These banks buy money at one rate, then loan it out to their customers at a higher rate, pocketing the difference.

The above is, of necessity, a simplified explanation of how FRB operates, and the role played by the central bank. The Bank of England do not appear to have ever produced a layman's guide to these processes, but the US Federal Reserve has. Although several years old now, this document is still a good guide to the operation of a fractional reserve system, and largely applicable to the regime in the UK as well as the US. If you wish to look at the technical detail for the UK system, the Bank of England's Handbooks In Central Banking series of publications, and in particular Handbook #24 (Monetary Operations), is a good place to start.

And whilst the above is a simplistic version of the processes at work, remember that much of the complex language and obscure practice of the banking industry is designed to mask its operations from public scrutiny. At its heart, it is a simple fraud: central banks genuinely creating money from thin air, and commercial banks lending money that's not rightfully theirs to loan. As the famous economist JK Galbraith once noted: "The process by which banks create money is so simple that the mind is repelled."

The short answer is because bankers profit from it!

Remember the seigniorage that the government receives from the printing of banknotes by the Bank of England? That brought £2.3 billion into the Treasury last year. Estimates by Huber and Robertson back in 2000 suggested that the loss in seigniorage to the government by allowing commercial banks to create money was in the order of £49 billion per annum4. And, of course, the more money there exists within the economy, the greater this loss is to the government.

The big driver for commercial banks is the interest that they charge on loans. Obviously, the more loans that they have on their books, the greater the potential amount of interest that they can earn. Simply by being able to loan (effectively) the same money over and over again, they are able to develop multiple interest income streams from a single deposit. Banks also profit from the business of actually arranging loans. Most will charge a small percentage of a loan's value simply for allowing you to enter into the loan contract with them.

We've enjoyed this system—largely unchanged—since the Bank of England was first established in 1694. Seeing the obvious benefits to themselves, bankers around the world have, over the centuries, embraced a model first imposed upon the people of our nation.

But it's a flawed model. It's one built to serve the interests of the few, not the many. It's one that results in the scourge of inflation. It's one whose time has long passed.

To build a strong bridge from our unfair and failed banking system to an honest and prosperous future one requires some sturdy materials. The Libertarian Party's monetary reform proposals consist of three central planks.

Plank One: Sterling — A National Currency That Belongs To The Nation
Our first key proposal is to wrest the privilege of creating money from the private banking industry, and to return it to where it rightfully belongs: the Crown.

Where an increase in the money supply is required to maintain monetary value—because of a growth in the underlying economy—government will spend the newly created debt-free money into the economy in the form of financing capital works, paying the salaries of public sector workers and so on.

This money will be the money that we are all familiar with: pounds Sterling. Our national currency, it will once again become the property of the nation. Out of control inflation caused by feckless bank lending will become a thing of the past, as we will demand that all Sterling be 100% reserved. All income from seigniorage will end up in the public purse, to provide funds for necessary government activities.

Should a particular government abuse its position and create more money than the economy requires, all of us—as the electorate—will have the opportunity to do something about the situation at the ballot box. This is in stark contrast to the current position, where inflationary pressures are created by unelected private bankers; people who actually have a vested interest in causing such pressures in the first place—the more money that they create, the greater their profits.

Nobel Prize winning economist Milton Friedman once said: "Money is too important to be left to central bankers". This is a position that we wholeheartedly endorse. The private banking industry needs to be removed from involvement in the creation of our national currency and, as US President Thomas Jefferson remarked over 200 years ago: "The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people to whom it properly belongs"; to the government of the nation, on behalf of the entire nation.

How To Prevent The Fractional Reserving Of Sterling?
A key point of these proposals is to prevent the fractional reserving of pounds Sterling in the future. As banks must be allowed to continue taking deposits and making loans in Sterling, this raises a potential problem.

To illustrate the problem, cast your mind back to the person depositing £100 in cash into his bank in our example above. Currently, the bank taking that deposit has no way of knowing if the money is government produced (debt-free) money, or if the person depositing it has acquired it via a loan. Without being able to distinguish between debt-free and debt-laden money, the bank cannot determine whether it should be allowed to re-lend that money.

In the days before computerisation of the banking system, this issue would have been easily dealt with. When there was a direct one-to-one relationship between money and the physical representation of it (the banknote), everybody knew where they were. However, it would be totally absurd in this day and age to return to the historic system of having fleets of security vans ferrying physical banknotes around the country between branches and different banks.

Various solutions to this problem have been mooted by different experts. Fortunately, the very technology that has largely rendered banknotes obsolete—computers, with vast amounts of cheap data storage—offer us the potential for tracking money through the banking system, to ensure that is only capable of being on loan to any one person at any time.

Those who run the banking computer systems have not had cause to give much thought to these issues to date, as they don't currently require this functionality. As a responsible political party, we intend to fully consult with private banking institutions to develop a future system that is both effective and transparent.

No matter that any such system would mean changes in the way that banks do business, we need to remember that what we are talking about here are solely implementation issues. Whether hard or simple for banks to adapt to, such mere procedural issues must not be seen as a barrier to prevent the much needed structural change from occurring. No government fails to attempt to apprehend criminals simply because it would be easier to allow them to roam free; and no government should shy away from monetary reform simply because the changes required might be arduous for the private banks to implement.

Plank Two: Pounds Sovereign — A 'Hard' Currency
In addition to reforming how pounds Sterling are created and handled, the Libertarian Party is proposing the introduction of an additional, parallel, currency: pounds Sovereign.

What gives our money today the value that it has is simply our trust that the government, and the banks, will honour it. There is no physical commodity backing Sterling: it is what is known as a fiat currency.

Our money was not always like this. In the past, precious metals such as gold and silver (the origin of our pounds Sterling) were kept by banks, and banknotes issued in relation to the amount of precious metals on hand. Such hard currencies proved remarkably resilient over the centuries, and really only died off during the 20th century with the explosion in fractional reserve banking.

Precious metals like gold have held their value—their real purchasing power—remarkably over the ages. Back in Roman times, an ounce of gold would have bought you a good quality toga, belt and sandals. Today, that same ounce of gold would pay for a quality suit, belt and a pair of shoes.

Metals, and particularly gold, are still of great value in the world economy. This is never more true than during times of economic trouble, such as that which we are facing right now. Whilst fiat money may be refused as a means for financing foreign trade, gold never is.

Back in 1999, Gordon Brown decided to sell off over half of the UK's gold reserves via auction—an act described by Peter Fava, then head of precious metal dealing at HSBC, as "a disastrous decision"5. Not only was the decision to sell the wrong one, but trailing it in advance guaranteed that prices would be depressed prior to the auction. As Martin Stokes, former vice-president at JPMorgan, said: "I was surprised they had chosen the auction method. It indicated they did not have a real understanding of the gold market"5.

Gold is still key to the operations of most central banks around the world. At the end of the financial year in March 2007, the United States held 8,133 tons of gold, Germany had 2,422 tons and France had 2,710 tons. Britain, currently the fifth largest economic power in the world, at least on paper, had a pitiful 315 tons5.

The Libertarian Party is proposing to reintroduce a hard currency, one backed by gold: pounds Sovereign. Although we would expect it to be initially used largely to fulfil international trade obligations, such a currency would have the added advantage of attracting foreign investors into the UK, as it would provide a secure harbour for their money in a turbulent world market. Over time, and if both the amount of gold held by the Treasury and the demand from the public was great enough, pounds Sovereign could become a commonly used currency in all our daily lives.

Plank Three: Free Banking
Another approach to banking reform that is advocated by some is the concept of free banking. Within a free banking system, there is no government control over currency or banking whatsoever—market forces determine everything. A free bank would be able to create its own currency, and make its own decisions as to how it would operate—choosing to embrace FRB if it wished.

The idea is that you—the customer—would make your own decisions as to which banking institutions and currencies to use; with pure market forces determining which survived and prospered, and which fell by the wayside.

The Libertarian Party is committed to allowing a plurality of choice in as many situations as possible for the citizens of the UK. Consequently, allowing a free banking regime to be instituted is the third plank of our portfolio of monetary reform proposals.

If the adherents of the free banking model are proved right, and such a system is embraced by the consumers of banking services, then over time free banks will become predominant in our economic system. If, on the other hand, the system isn't well received by the public, few, if any, free banks will come into existence or survive.

That's the real beauty of a truly free market: what is ultimately available to the consumer are the products and services that consumers create and sustain a demand for.

Money has to come from somewhere. Currently, money is created by the banking industry and, with the exception of the seigniorage on physical banknotes which returns to the Treasury, the profits from creating money stays within this private industry.

Our proposals for monetary reform address the issues raised above in three ways. Firstly, we will return the sovereignty of our national currency—pounds Sterling—to the Crown, with new Sterling being created, debt-free, by the government, and thence spent into the broader economy. The amount of Sterling in circulation will be prevented from being expanded through FRB, stopping bank generated inflationary spirals developing, and keeping the value of your savings safe.

Secondly, we will create a new currency, pounds Sovereign, to be 100% backed by gold. Still vital for international trade, a gold-backed currency will be immensely strong, and help protect the UK from the storms and squalls that sometimes rip through international markets. In providing a safe haven, this currency will attract investment from many overseas into the UK.

Thirdly, we will legislate to allow for the creation of free banks. If these prove popular with the market—the citizens of our nation—they will grow and prosper, with their currencies likely supplanting Sterling as the primary means of exchange on a day-to-day basis. However, and should they fail, such failure will not impact on anyone who chooses to keep their banking facilities purely denominated in pounds Sterling. In this way a genuine free market in banking will be able to be tried, without the risks being spread over the general population.

We believe that the proposals outlined above are sound and necessary. Our existing banking system has been creaking from one crisis to the next over many years, and has only remained unchallenged because of the enormous influence that those who most benefit from it—the private bankers—wield over our elected politicians.

It's a broken system. And, uniquely amongst the UK's political parties, the Libertarian Party is ready to fix it.

Removal of all legal tender legislation except in [9] below
Removal of all additional (VAT etc.) taxes on precious metals
Allow free banks to operate how they like with their own currencies (enabled by [1])
Only the Government shall be permitted to perform fiat issuance of pounds Sterling. Banks must either use foreign currencies or issue their own Bank Money
Sterling held in on-demand deposit accounts to be 100% reserved by any bank handling it. Banks have always been free to create investment accounts to enable on-lending
New pounds Sovereign currency to be introduced, 100% backed by gold
Sovereign to incrementally replace Sterling as gold reserves allow
Payments to government (taxes) and payments by Government to be in pounds Sterling or pounds Sovereign
Only pounds Sterling and pounds Sovereign will be "legal tender" in regards to the obligation to accept as payment for debts
Existing pounds Sterling fiat debt to be reduced systematically within the first parliament
The various Bank Money, pounds Sterling and pounds Sovereign shall float against each other
The true value of pounds Sterling will no longer be affected by private lending operations. A "safe haven" of a 100% gold backed currency, pounds Sovereign, will be provided. Pounds Sovereign will not initially to be issued in note form. All deposits of pounds Sovereign must be recorded by the Bank of England to ensure that no fraud occurs (totals should always be as expected by the BoE). Banks will be free to continue FRB operations using their own Bank Money or foreign currencies. We expect pounds Sterling to be the main currency in day to day life.
1 Bank of England Annual Report & Accounts 2008
2 Debt servicing from table 1.15, HM Treasury Public Expenditure Statistical Analyses 2008
3 Income tax revenue from table T1.2, HM Revenue & Customs Annual Receipts
4 Huber & Robertson, Creating New Money
5 The Sunday Times, April 15 2007

I think the bottom line, is the current system of allowing unelected banking elites, decide how our economy is going to go, by creating money out of nothing, is a one way road to disaster (where we are heading now).

I personally favour a number of competing methods of currency. The one I would choose, is the one that provably has value. That means being backed by real wealth or commodities. That doesn't just mean gold for me (as I personally don't value gold as much as some). Other commodities could be used though and even the fiat system, as long as people are willing to trust the people running it.