Thursday, 27 March 2008

The draft Constitutional Renewal Bill

Libertarian Party Release

The Libertarian Party UK is pleased to see that contained within part 1 of the Draft Constitutional Bill are plans to repeal sections 123 to 138 of the Serious Organised Crime Act 2005; namely, those affecting freedom of speech and freedom of assembly around Parliament Square.

Part 6 however, gives grave cause for concern, in that it allows for ministers to amend, repeal or revoke any provision by or an Act. The Libertarian Party UK is appalled that the government should seek to bypass parliament again following amendments that were built into the Legislative and Regulatory Reform Act 2006 that raised similar concerns.

Head of Communications, Chris Mounsey, said, "Part 6 opens the door to rule by Ministerial fiat. If MPs vote this Bill through, they will be voting for the abolition of what little power they have left.

"Truly, Parliament will become nothing more than a talking shop, whilst ministers will sign off legislation without having to consult or debate with anyone.

"This Bill will transform the UK from a democracy to a dictatorship."

Notes for editors

The Libertarian Party was founded on 21 November 2007 and officially launched on 1 January 2008. The party's website can be found here.
Libertarianism is a political philosophy based on support for individual liberty.
More information on Spyblog:
Issued by Chris Mounsey, Director of Communications, on behalf of the UK Libertarian Party. Enquiries to

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

This is why we get what we get (USA, but same for Britain).

People get treated like dumb sheep, because a lot of us are.

Monday, 24 March 2008

Eco city? More like fascist crap-hole!

State propaganda channel

Vehicles driving on roads in planned eco-towns will have to stick to 15mph speed limits, it has emerged.
The restriction is among proposals designed to minimise the environmental impact of the settlements.

Government sources say the new town centres are to be car-free, and the 15mph limit will be enforced on "key roads" leading into them.

This is what happens when you let a Commie/hippy alliance run your country. A disgusting fascism that persecutes motorists, while blowing millions on pounds of taxpayers money on utter shite like this.

Would you want to live in this miserable hellhole? I say the first residents should be the MPs themselves and they should pay for it.

The war on smokers/freedom continues

Biased News

Displaying cigarettes in shops could be banned under government plans being considered in a bid to reduce smoking and discourage children from starting.
Ministers are also considering tougher controls on vending machines in pubs and restaurants.

How much more of this fascist bullshit are we going to tolerate? Smokers have been treated like lepers for some time now, but the beatings just keep on coming. Drink looks like the next target, just after they have finished kicking the motorist.

Hitler didn't persecute the smoker as much as the control freaks we have in government now.

I don't smoke, but I feel like starting now! It's coming to a point where some direct action is going to be required!

Sunday, 23 March 2008

Big Brother arrives at Terminal 5

Fingerprints Row

The Information Commissioner is to investigate plans to fingerprint passengers at Heathrow's new Terminal 5.

Under the plans passengers' prints would be checked at the gate to ensure the person who checked in is the same person who boards the plane.

But airport operator BAA has been warned the security measures may be a breach of the Data Protection Act.

So it continues. Everyone who goes the the States, now has to submit their personal biometrics, or be denied entry. If you don't submit like a common thief, then you are denied entry. They started out with just one finger, but now have gone over to the full set.

Now our own country is going (being led) down the same route. Some will argue that it is up to the company whether they do this, but I am not one of them. There is hardly a raft of competing airports to choose from. BA is in a VERY privileged position to have exclusive use of Terminal 5. Therefore I see it as an extreme abuse of its monopoly position to demand this information.

People realise how little trust I have in big government. Well, from bitter experience, I don't have much trust in big corporations either. Indeed, I fully expect that big government and big corporations merge at some points, which is the original definition of fascism.

Sorry, but I don't accept that the government haven't had a MAJOR influence on this policy being put in place. I also don't believe in virtual monopolies being allowed to have this much power. More power than any democracy should be allowed to have.

For starters I will be canceling my BA frequent flyer account and will never fly BA again. That's great for now, but I think we are just slipping down the slope of a police state all the time. Yes I will probably be heavily inconvenienced with my work now, but it is all I can do.

My big fear is this is just the start. I fully expect this to be hailed as some sort of success and while it is in its initial phase, it will be made convenient for people. Once the sheep backing has been bought, then it will be rolled out across the other airports. Just as the government have been wanting for some time.

Wake up Britain. If you wondered how people like Hitler slipped into such total control, this should be ringing an alarm bell with you by now.

Finally I get to use a service I pay through the nose for!

I was fortunate enough to have a nice holiday in Barbados in January, courtesy of my father-in-law, who had just turned 60.

I had a great time, but near the end of the holiday, I had a swim in the sea and got some water in my ears. Now normally it clears out after a while, but for some reason, I am still getting the feeling of trapped water. Worse than that, I started getting muffled hearing during the weak, while I was teaching a class.

So I decided I would go and use the NHS walk in centre, to see if they could give my ears a quick check. I wish I hadn't bothered.

1) Like most hospitals now, I had to pay to park there. The joys of paying immense taxation, only to be charged again when you get there can't not be described in words.

2) Saturday morning seemed to be a bad time to go. Because work gets in the way for a number of us still and the GPs no longer bother to open on Saturday, there was a room full of people ahead of me. Times that joy of having to pay by two, as I had to wait there 2.5 hours and pay more for the parking.

3) While waiting with all the other happy punters, I looked at the materials on the walls. Huge amounts of offers of help and groups, for anyone other than someone like me. I think if you are a British, white male, who actually works, you are seen as full on scum by our government and their dependents. I find this strange, seeing people like me heavily bankroll this "wonderful" service.

4) It could have been worse, I could have been a smoker. Smokers have the joy at seeing signs all over the place telling them how evil they are. To add insult to the injury of having to wait 2 hours, is the fact that not only is smoking banned inside (fair enough), but that you aren't even allowed to smoke withing the grounds. Truly you have been deemed a subclass of species, who deserve no pity.

5) Finally my 2.5 hours were up and I get to see a nurse. A grumpy nurse, whose face would shatter if she tried to smile. "Hi" I said, to be greeted with not even a grunt. You can tell when someone really doesn't give a fuck what the customer thinks, when they know they are getting paid no matter what.

6)She pulled out the ear scope thing and looked in the ear that was giving me the most grief. Oh yes, there is some crud in there. I was almost relieved, as that sounded fixable to me. Then she checked the other ear and declared it perfect. Then she said that when she said crud, she meant a little bit of something, but not wax and that it shouldn't be causing me any problems. "Well it is" I said, "I don't make a habit of coming to such pleasant establishments unless I have to".

Well you had better make and appointment with a doctor then.

Magic. What a total waste of time, effort and money (on my behalf). I have to wonder if I could choose the service provider myself, whether the "service" might be just that little bit better. I think it couldn't be any worse.

Saturday, 22 March 2008

Stop voting establishment!

I have been paying a small amount of attention to the London Mayor election so far. Intentionally, I have decided to put myself back into the world of the average Joe. You know, the person who is too busy to care about politics. Or just someone who doesn't give a toss most of the time

I have tried to put myself in the position of the person who NORMALLY can't be bothered to think about political issues, but come the election, decides they should vote out of duty.

Therefore, I tried to ignore the internet for my Mayor news and rely on the MSM. Now I refuse to buy "News"papers these days. However, I watch the T.V. news channels and have picked up papers on trains etc, when I have had a chance.

Is it any wonder that we get what we do? 14 candidates are running for Mayor, yet you wouldn't think so if you stuck with the MSM. According to the MSM, there is only really three choices. Red Ken, Boris or the strange policeman from the Lib Dem's.

Now, the Lib Dem guy is being painted as an out and out no hoper and thus we are all being encouraged to see this as a "two horse race". Now this isn't an election to elect a party, but a single position for Mayor of London. Therefore, you would have thought that a real effort to look at ALL the candidates running would be made. After all, there are many GOOD people who don't want anything to do with the LibLabCon.

This is the problem we have in this country and many others that pretend to be a democracy. It really isn't a democracy at all, at least not a fair and functioning one. As long as the MSM continue to push the line that you only have a few carefully selected establishment choices, this is likely to be a self fulfilling prophecy.

While "others" have been growing of late, with the chunk of public who don't rely on the MSM and think for themselves, increasing switch off from the establishment parties, we still have a long way to go. The internet has opened many peoples eyes to many different views and opinions that simply were not given the light of day before. No longer is there the excuse of being "kept in the dark", as more and more people can now search out information quickly, without having to rely on their one favorite newspaper.

I see some worrying signs though. Signs that I see time and time again and fully understand, because I feel the lure of it too. What I am talking about, is the urge to get the incumbent out, by following the herd and voting for the other establishment choice. Boris was a smart move by the Establishment, because sometimes he comes across as a little anti-establishment himself. The fact he is in team blue and isn't Red Ken is a very strong draw, even to someone like me.

Hold back though for one minute. Exactly what has Boris done to deserve his anti-establishment tag? He hasn't rebelled against any of the traitor hand overs of power. He hasn't been a loud advocate for much lower taxes. He didn't actually make any effort to oppose the war on Iraq. In fact, he is a useful tool in the establishments armory. Why do you think he even got the gig in the first place? This guy is establishment to the core.

So when you decide that you might vote for Boris and give him the benefit of the doubt, remember that all you are doing is voting for the less of two evils. That means you get evil anyway, just in a more slow and painful manner.

Until this country wakes up and stops voting for ANY of the EU loving wings of the establishment, we will continue the slide into tyranny. We will be taxed even more, we will loose even more freedoms. Our children will have and even bigger task of becoming free on their hands.

I have come to the realisation that I have never tasted true freedom. I was born into a rigged system, where my wealth and freedoms are taken away in small, but ever accumulating slices. We as a people have to decide whether we are going to continue to allow this, or shun the operators of the machine once and for all.

Thus for this election or any further elections, I URGE you not to vote for any of the old guard. If you do, then you are voting for more of the same. I would suggest there are exceptions to this rule, but they are very few in number. Look at the character you think might be different and if they have actions to back up their words, THEN you may want to consider keeping them on the inside. The only people I can think of are the members of BOO (Better Off Out). Also, I would be tempted to vote Bill Cash in his area, because of his clearly good efforts. Why he won't join BOO, I have no idea though.

Friday, 21 March 2008

One rule for our overlords, another for the rest of us!

Cameron repeatedly breaking the law

If there is one thing that gets my goat more than people trying to take my freedoms, is the same people displaying gross double standards and hypocrisy.

And getting away with it.

Call me Dave, the guy who loves to lecture us all on global warming, yet has a car to bring his shoes to work.

The guy who votes for wars in Iraq and then pretends to be anti-war after it all turns to rats.

Well he has been caught breaking road laws repeatedly. Intentionally breaking them, with reckless disregard for pedestrians and motorists alike.

Can you imagine the trouble a motorist would be in if they had done anywhere near what this supposed leader of democracy has done? In fact, if this had been just an ordinary member of public on a bike even, you would expect the police to be in with an ASBO at the very least.

Because this preening hypocrite is one of the ruling class though, the police have done nothing. His smug face stays smug, because the law doesn't apply to him!

Well that isn't good enough. I have sent a letter to the police complaints authority. I will be interested on their comments. I guess we will find out if we actually have the rule of law at all in this country, or more like the rule of the Mafia, where the law doesn't apply to them, just for them and their personal gain!

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

We are going to be obsolete soon anyway!

Technology isn't far off making androids that can do things better than we can now.

When that happens, exactly what use will we be?

Freedom. What it isn't!

Woking given the tax shaft again.

Robin Hood Collection Agency

The changes in the level of charge from last year as follows:-

Woking 0%

Surrey County Council 4.8%

Surrey Police Authority 9.7%

This gives an overall increase of 4.7%

Rejoice, rejoice the Tories tell us in Woking and for a nanosecond I did. It looked like for once, Blue Labour had gone back to the old school and actually stopped wacking us with tax rises. Now it is a bit much to spin this as a cut in real terms, as some naughty Tories are saying, as if you didn't get a pay rise (as many won't have) then there is no cut at all.

But then you get the rest of the facts.

Surrey County Council 4.8% Well above inflation and above the majority of people's pay rises. Now correct me if I am wrong, but Surrey is hardly a no go zone for the Tories. In other words, they have talked it out between them and decided Surrey level will be bad cop this year, so that Woking level can lock in their gains from the last election. Cynical moi? You know I am right!

Then the real kick in the plums is deployed. Surrey Police 9.7%

That's right 9.7% In other words any benefit of Woking not hitting the working man, is fully wiped out.

Now lets break that down for a typical (band E) property in Surrey.

Surrey County Council

Surrey Police

Woking Borough Council


So the police bill isn't as bad as it first looked, but the Woking council bit is a tiny benefit too. The big beast is Surrey County Council, which the Tories control and yet try to tell us how grateful we should be at Woking level.

The question I have to ask though, is exactly what benefit do we get for all this money. Obviously some people pay more and some people pay less, but as an average lets work it out.

Now I know that Surrey pay a chunk of this over to SEERA. An EU creation, that tells our council what to do, with regards to housebuilding etc.

They are also in charge of roads too. Now I know, I know, they get a load of tax via Road tax and fuel tax, but we just have to accept they will be used to fund something else right?

So what exactly does Surrey do for me for over a grand a year? Letters on a post card please.

Woking council gets 232 for collecting my rubbish once a fortnight. Not great value, but tangible at least.

Then we have the police. 229.68. Now I wouldn't be to upset at that amount for a year, if I actually saw the police in my area once in a while. You know, on the beat. The only time I see them, seems to be when they are hiding in bushes, pointing a camera at motorists. The money they get from that should really be taken into account too.

In fact I think back through my life the police have been useful to me personally on one occasion. When I say useful, they turned up after my family had our house burgled and told us how the bloke who did it was known. It made us feel warm that they new him.

So for nearly 2k BEFORE we even take into account all the other taxation I have to pay, I am struggling to see the real value.

Go on people tell me what I am missing. What exactly can the government spend my money on better, than I couldn't have done myself?

We are not free and that is why we are not happy!

When you are a kid, you don't know much about the world. If you are lucky, you live in a cocoon that your parents provide for you. Within this cocoon, you have to play by their rules, which in the main are designed to keep the household a good place to live and help you as a child, begin to understand what life is all about.

After a while, you start seeing and hearing about things that your parents didn't tell you about. Things that sound fun or exciting. Even the best parents in the world can't prepare their children for everything; So as they get older, most children start making their own rules up. Sometimes these rules clash with the parents and for this reason, most young adults want to move on from the nest and have more control over their own lives.

If you are lucky, your parents cared for you and made rules to protect you. Their intentions were almost always good. Even at this very local, one to one level though, they realise that a young adult will want to make their own way one day. The best of parents knows when to let go. The worst don't and quite often drive their children out on bad terms.

Government likes to think of itself as the country's parent and the population its children. I am pretty sure that a lot of people that go into government, probably do it for good wholesome reasons. They truly believe that the laws, principles and morals that they hold dear are what will be best for people in the end.

Government will never be a good parent though. It is much more complex than that one to one relationship, that even on that simple level can go wrong sometimes. As soon as you start grouping lots of people together, bad things start to happen. There are many malign influences that get applied to the individuals that make up a government. They are in no particular order

Personal selfishness. When being in government becomes your career, sometimes you will put career before principles, that is human nature.

Special interests. As soon as big money, big corporations, big anything realises whose strings to pull, they will do all they can to pull them. That means huge temptation to do not what is right for all, but what is right for a very few select interests.

Desperation. Once people realise that they are very small cogs, in a very large, dangerous and complex machine, they suddenly start losing sight of what is right. Suddenly the ends will justify the means and that includes lying, cheating and other immoral behavior.

The machine taking over. How many times have you heard the words "There is nothing I can do about it, it is the way things are"? I hear it all the time in all walks of life. When the machine takes over, you are in deep problems.

Add all of these things together and the end result is a distant, soulless and uncontrollable entity, that rewards greed, ruthlessness and deviousness. The bigger the entity is, the worse it will get. The pole will get greasier and the rewards for climbing it, that much more tempting. Only the very worst kind of liar, cheat and power-monger will have any chance of making it to the top.

To make things worse, you then have the old adage that power corrupts that comes into play. Therefore, you have people who once went into it with best intentions, being turned into what they once despised. At this point you then have alliances formed and anyone who doesn't play the game hard and brutally is quickly eliminated.

Because of this, those that remain, want to make sure they are rewarded for serving to that point. Self preservation, whether that be for personal reasons, or the quickly fading notion of being able to drive good into the beast again, even if it means becoming evil, to beat evil. This is why it is very, very difficult to break through into politics, unless you are willing to do as you are told and play along with the establishment game.

Sadly this isn't restricted to government alone. Business interests, media, pressure groups, you name it, all get caught up in the same game. There may not be any one single driving force or game-plan, though there will certainly be those with the power to push the game in a direction they deem helpful to their goals.

So as I was saying at the start, as normal people we find ourselves in a sticky position. We all want to live our lives, with minimal interference from others. We certainly don't like having the fruits of our labour being taken from us. We certainly dislike it when a faceless bureaucracy makes out lives difficult. We all probably moan when something we like doing is made more expensive, or worse banned.

We are now at a point in Britain, where we are taxed more than ever. We have more rules and regulations than ever before, spewing out of the machine and what's worse, funded by us again. More and more activities are being restricted or banned outright. Activities that hurt no one, other than ourselves. Smoking for example, or drinking, or even eating certain foods. The government thinks it knows best and will use the full force of the machine against us to make us look after ourselves.

What is even worse, is there doesn't seem to be any light at the end of the tunnel. Indeed, it is actually getting darker and darker as more freedoms are ripped away, more money is taken from us and worst of all, the small levers we all do have on "democracy" are dismantled. The reason we are going to hell, is because the machine has taken over. The solution therefore is not to expand the machine and give it even more powers.

Notions of one government controlling Europe, never-mind the world, should drive fear into everyone's heart. This is the dream of tyrants and fascists throughout the ages. Total control over more and more people, with those same people having less and less means to stop them. Imagine the glee a Hitler, Stalin or any other dictator of the past would have had with the following weapons at his disposal.

Cameras on every street, watching our every move, linked to huge databases with ever more intelligent software to utilise that data. Paid for by the people they are controlling themselves.

ID cards forced on people, with every biometric stored and linked to a database that grows with more information all the time. A system that will eventually leave the individual at the total mercy of the system. Without your ID card, you are nothing. You can be denied services from all but the black market. Therefore, you will become a criminal, the minute you don't agree with the system. Imagine how the Jews would have felt about that in Nazi Germany! All at the people's expense of course.

With the system fully locked in, all of those thousands of rules and regulations can be enforced to the nth degree. Indeed they can increase them, or even make them up on the fly if need be. What are you going to do about it? Remember, your right to live can be taken away just like that.

The reason people are becoming less happy, is because we are not free. We are less free than any British person has ever been before. The odds are stacked against us, the machine is already fully functioning, but the longer we leave it, the more pain we will suffer and the harder it will be for our children to escape an even worse fate.

It doesn't have to be this way. Everyone has to look at themselves in the mirror and ask themselves why they continue to support the status quo. The answer is hard to stomach for most, as there is a slice of the evil that makes the machine in every one of us. We all like to think we know what is best. We all like to have our own way. We are human beings and we all have the same flaws, more or less.

Only when we stop demanding that others support our exact choices and worse, outsource the job of enforcing these rules to others, will we have a chance of pulling back from the brink. Only when we don't expect government to run our and others lives, will we start to scale it back to a level where it is useful, not dangerous. Only when we start taking responsibility for our lives, will we then be in a position to REALLY help others. That means using our own money to help those in real need, rather than expecting the government to do it, using money stolen from others. There is no such thing as others, only us in the end!

There is only one cog in the system that realises this. That cog being the Libertarian movement. The sooner we all back freedom, is the moment responsibility will return and happiness will follow not long after.

Will that mean bad things never happen? Hell no. You simply can't stop it completely, but you can isolate it and give everyone the least excuse to do bad things and THEN you can truly have a rule of law that punishes evil. Evil being people hurting others, for no good reason. That includes hurting them or stealing from them.

The reason the house is sinking isn't the brickwork, the roof, the decoration or the plumbing. It is the foundations of fascism need to be ripped out and replaced with freedom!

Monday, 17 March 2008

Ventura to run for President

Oh I hope so. If he could team up with Ron Paul, that would be just the ticket.

Here is why

Yeah, he has a funny beard. Big deal. Listen to his words. The man speaks truth.

UK Libertarian Party “utterly opposed” to DNA database for potential criminals.

UK Libertarian Party

UK Libertarian Party “utterly opposed” to DNA database for potential criminals.
Posted by Administrator on Mar 16 2008
Press Releases >> Press Release

The UK Libertarian Party stated that it was utterly opposed to putting “potential criminals” on the DNA database, as has been suggested by Gary Pugh, director of forensic sciences at Scotland Yard.

Party Leader, Patrick Vessey, said, “The suggestion by Gary Pugh that we should weed out potentially criminal primary school children on the DNA database is absolutely repulsive.

“This country already has 4.5 million DNA samples in its database, the largest in Europe.

“The idea that you can take pre-emptive action against potential criminals is utterly flawed and deeply suspect. As is any state wherein the police are making policy.

“Minority Report was a dystopian vision of a near-fascist society, not an instruction manual.”

Notes for editors

The Libertarian Party was founded on 21 November 2007 and officially launched on 1 January 2008. The party's website can be found here.
Libertarianism is a political philosophy based on support for individual liberty.
The Observer – Put young children on DNA list, urge police

Issued by Chris Mounsey, Director of Communications, on behalf of the UK Libertarian Party. Enquiries to

Forget that film, Orwell's work is the blueprint for this rancid government. Thought-crime, Doublethink, Newspeak. Labour has done them all!

What is even more disturbing is the fact the other two branches of the LibLabCon alliance also do the same, as do their masters at the EU.

It's time to wake up people, the future our kids look like inheriting looks bleak.

Sunday, 16 March 2008

Don't tread on me!

You won't see these videos on the MSM

Ask yourselves why? Why do the MSM just ignore heckles against certain people, yet build them up into something significant with others?

Remember seeing this on Sky? On BBC? On ITV?

Of course not.

Well what about this?

No I don't remember that being reported either. Yet if some brainwashed hippy holds a sign up about global warming, the BBC et al run endless clips on it, with addition comment and information to support them.

I think one of the key issues that people have to realise, is the media does not = news. It is nothing more than a propaganda channel for special interests. The internet at least gives people a chance to see all sides of the argument. How long that will remain the case, is anyones guess.

Amazing Ron Paul video

The arrogance of man (Global Warming)

I have to be honest. I am sick to the back teeth of hearing the words "Global Warming". The BBC seems to think attaching the words to every disaster going is a good idea. The LibLabCon coalition, probably under instructions from their masters in the EU, use it as an excuse to beat the working man at every opportunity. Failed losers like Al Gore, use it as a cash cow by making films and going on talking tours to blab on about a subject that he has no real clue about.

I thought technology and knowledge would have dragged humanity out of the dark ages by now, but it seems I was wrong. Still we have a religious like mania whipped up over things that we can't explain or predict. The planets climate has changed many times during its existence, yet now we are too believe that us plebes are driving it.

Oh sure, the special people like Gore will continue to live in luxury and use more resources in a day than the proles do in a year, but that doesn't matter. We have to submit to more taxation and more controls over our lives, because the same fools that tell us that war is good and steal our money in every bigger amounts, tell us to.

Any dissenting voices are ridiculed or suppressed. Careers are destroyed if anyone dares say anything against it. This is true fascism manifesting once again, by people who want to control other people. When are we going to learn? When are we going to say enough is enough and stop doing as we are told?

When taxes are going up to pay for the folly. When we are more limited in our choices, because we are told we are not special enough to warrant the nice car, or the flight for a holiday. When we have to work harder and go through more inconvenience, as sacrifices to the new religion being pushed by the same old players.

Remember this.

Of all the co2 emitted on this planet, mankind is accountable for just 3%. That's right, 97% of all co2 is not our doing. Yet we are beating ourselves to death over that tiny 3%.

Many times throughout the planets history, co2 levels have been high. Much higher. None of those times were down to man and the planet survived.

When they tell us about all that evil co2 in the atmosphere, they don't mention how much too often. Ever wonder why that is? Maybe it's the fact that the current levels of co2 in our atmosphere is just 0.03%. That's right, it is a trace gas. A trace gas that plants need to exist and thus a trace gas that we need to exist!

Even if co2 DID have some significant effect, there simply is no evidence to suggest that effect would be bad or very bad. It could be the best thing to ever happen to this planet, but that isn't even considered by the fascists after our money and control of our lives.

Stuff them. I want action on REAL pollution that actually kills people, or damages the environment. Not this red herring that they know can't be proven. They are using the oldest scam in the book to get the mug population scared. The fear stick seems to work every time. Well I'm not buying it.

Adam Smith Institute: If the government sector had grown only in line with inflation… taxpayers would be £200 billion better off.

Libertarian Party release

The UK Libertarian Party believes that recent events support its call for personal income tax to be scrapped.

This week, on the weblog of respected economic think-tank, the Adam Smith Institute, Dr Eamonn Butler wrote that, “If the government sector had grown only in line with inflation, rather than far above it, taxpayers would be £200 billion better off – enough to abolish income tax, corporation tax, capital gains tax and inheritance tax.”

Party Leader, Patrick Vessey, said, “Dr Butler's comment clearly shows that the UK Libertarian Party is not the only organisation thinking in terms of total abolition of certain taxes.

“Dr Butler has simply described how easy it would have been to abolish these taxes had Labour not been so profligate.”

The Party's Director of Communications, Chris Mounsey, added, “This week we learnt that HMRC wrongly forced a London taxi driver into bankruptcy over a debt of 88p. This was because HMRC lost track of his paperwork and took him to court for £12,000 that he did not owe.

“Last year, a Cumbrian builder, Neil Martin, was left facing a tax bill of £250,000, and bankruptcy, because HMRC lost yet more paperwork.

“Almost unbelievably, the judge in the latter case ruled, according to one broadsheet, that 'the taxman is not liable for his mistakes even when he seriously disadvantages customers.' This is outrageous.

“These were personal tragedies caused by the incompetence and vindictiveness of HMRC. Neither would have occurred had the Libertarian Party been in power: we would scrap income tax entirely.”

The Libertarian Party's pledge to scrap personal income tax was announced on the 3rd of March and is the first policy to emerge from the new party's manifesto discussions.

Friday, 14 March 2008

Are parts of the MSM gaining a concious?

MTV becomes one of the fist channels to sound the alarm!

Yes it is hard hitting, but it is true. People allow tyrany! When are the British people going to say enough is enough?

Sunday, 9 March 2008

Stop telling me what to do!

This poster says EXACT what I feel like at the moment. If it rings a bell for you, then join us and help give this country a party that knows governments place!

Saturday, 8 March 2008

Excellent video on the way Britain has outsourced government

Remote Control

Probably the best thing UKIP have done to date. I will be voting for them in European elections.

In local elections, if the Libertarian party is not available, then I urge people to think of UKIP as the next best.

UKIP are important, as they blow the whistle on the EU. The Libertarian party will be 100% focused on British politics, thus won't be running in EU elections. For any British party to truly be in control again, withdrawal from the EU is mandatory.

The Liberarian party will have the full package of freedom policies ready to deploy for that day. UKIP will continue to blow the whistle in Europe and thanks to their reasonable size, will be a worthy second choice for all Libertarians in Britain.

If you believe in small government and freedom, you must be against the EU

Why the ban on Smoking is fascist.

I don't like smoking. They smell, they make you sound like a wheezy old man and they aren't good for a lot of us.

I have asthma so I really would rather not be in a smoky room. I begged my mum and dad to stop (which they did).

So you'd think I would be all for banning them in pubs. Wrong!

I don't like many things, but unless you try to force them on me, why should I care if others want to do it? If you believe in freedom, then you should be happy with the concept that others do things you don't like, as long as they don't hurt others.

"But..but..but, smoking does hurt others Matt. Passive smoking is evil and it makes my cloths smell. You should be happy to see them banned!"

In truly public places (IE public owned transport, buildings etc), then yes I agree. Democracy should decide what collectively people want in these kind of places. If that means bans then fair enough.

Also, if private businesses want to ban smoking in their buildings or transport, then fine too. It is their property, so they should be able to decide what is good or not in them. If they have any sense they will try to accommodated as many people as they can. Companies will want to be able to select from high quality staff, not just the ones who will put up with things out of desperation. Pubs etc, should want smoking and non smoking business alike. They should be the ones to decide, if you believe in freedom.

What isn't freedom, is forcing pubs to ban smoking. That simply destroys the concept of freedom, not only for the smokers who are treated like lepers, but more importantly the business owner who has this choice ripped away from him/her.

Smokers have been treated shabbily for many years now. They are fleeced with ultra high taxation, that more than pays for any health issues they MAY have later. The fact that smokers die earlier, means they save the country huge amounts in pension payments anyway!

If we tolerate this for smokers, should be be surprised that motorists, drinkers and any other number of people will be attacked next. It's time we told the government to get out of our lives. No one is forced to go into a smoky pub. That is the individuals personal call. Thus banning smoking in pubs is a disgrace. When are people going to stop being so selfish and expecting the world to provide conditions suitable to their own fascist desires?

What is the point of ID cards?

ID cards seem to be a constant desire of authortarian governments around the world. What exactly is the point of them?

It seems to me that they acheive very little for well meaning governments, but are disasterous in the hands of tyrants.

Criminals don't play by the rules, so they either avoid systems that require ID cards, find loopholes to exploit or even use the systems to commit crime themselves. In the end these systems only ever end up making normal, law abiding people's lives more difficult, at massive expense to the taxpayer.

If you believe in freedom, then you have to be against these tools of tyranny.

Is theft O.K. sometimes?

If you believe in taxation, then you are in the yes camp.

It doesn't matter how good your intentions are for taxation. The bottom line, is you are taking money from people, by force if necessary, that they may not want to give you. They may not agree with your ideas of what it should be spent on. It is theft and from that foundation, you can fully expect a dysfunctional and criminal society.

I believe if people are allowed to keep the fruits of their labour, they will generally spend it much better than government ever could. They will create true free markets, where efficiency and quality win out. They will have more money to spend too and will be more likely to want to help their fellow man.

Britain and much of the world has gone horribly wrong. Until we sort out the foundations, we will never have a truly free and fair society.

How Britain is losing its freedoms.

Important film that looks at taxation

This film is about America, but it applies to Britain too.

Thursday, 6 March 2008

UK Libertarian Party condemns ID card “soft sell”.

News Release

The UK Libertarian Party today condemned the Labour government's proposals to introduce ID cards through a “soft sell”.

Party Leader, Patrick Vessey, said, “Both ID cards and the accompanying database fundamentally change the relationship between individuals and the state.

“The Libertarian Party is utterly opposed to this cataloguing of the people of Britain.

“In a truly free society, and provided that they harm nobody else by doing so, every person should be able to go where they like, and call themselves what they like, without having to beg permission of anyone else.

“Instead, the Labour government feels justified in tagging and labelling us as though we were mere livestock—bovine automata to be herded and tracked at our masters' convenience.”

The Libertarian Party was launched on 1st January 2008 and launched their first policy—a pledge to scrap personal income tax entirely—on 3rd March. It was the first policy to emerge from the new party's discussions, and forms part of a radical manifesto to be released, in full, later in the year.

Notes for editors

The Libertarian Party was founded on 21 November 2007 and officially launched on 1 January 2008. The party's website can be found here.
Further details of their radical Income Tax proposals can be found here.
Libertarianism is a political philosophy based on support for individual liberty.
Libertarianism is a broad church, but the UK Libertarian Party is broadly minarchist in outlook.

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Libertarian Party start rolling out manifesto


Starting off with the abolishment of income tax, that temporary tax that became permanent and is ruining this country each day it stays in place.

Abolishing Income Tax
Income Tax, like much of the badly thought out legislation brought forward by modern day governments, was initially "sold" to the public as a temporary tax, something that was needed simply to deal with a specific pressing problem—the financing of the Napoleonic Wars.

However, as governments over the years became accustomed to having the tax provide a useful revenue stream, all pretence at hypothecation vanished—the Income Tax became a part of our daily lives, which most people now accept unthinkingly.

Other parties wouldn't ever dare propose this, as it means the end of big government and a return to freedom.