Friday, 21 March 2008

One rule for our overlords, another for the rest of us!

Cameron repeatedly breaking the law

If there is one thing that gets my goat more than people trying to take my freedoms, is the same people displaying gross double standards and hypocrisy.

And getting away with it.

Call me Dave, the guy who loves to lecture us all on global warming, yet has a car to bring his shoes to work.

The guy who votes for wars in Iraq and then pretends to be anti-war after it all turns to rats.

Well he has been caught breaking road laws repeatedly. Intentionally breaking them, with reckless disregard for pedestrians and motorists alike.

Can you imagine the trouble a motorist would be in if they had done anywhere near what this supposed leader of democracy has done? In fact, if this had been just an ordinary member of public on a bike even, you would expect the police to be in with an ASBO at the very least.

Because this preening hypocrite is one of the ruling class though, the police have done nothing. His smug face stays smug, because the law doesn't apply to him!

Well that isn't good enough. I have sent a letter to the police complaints authority. I will be interested on their comments. I guess we will find out if we actually have the rule of law at all in this country, or more like the rule of the Mafia, where the law doesn't apply to them, just for them and their personal gain!

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