Sunday, 16 March 2008

The arrogance of man (Global Warming)

I have to be honest. I am sick to the back teeth of hearing the words "Global Warming". The BBC seems to think attaching the words to every disaster going is a good idea. The LibLabCon coalition, probably under instructions from their masters in the EU, use it as an excuse to beat the working man at every opportunity. Failed losers like Al Gore, use it as a cash cow by making films and going on talking tours to blab on about a subject that he has no real clue about.

I thought technology and knowledge would have dragged humanity out of the dark ages by now, but it seems I was wrong. Still we have a religious like mania whipped up over things that we can't explain or predict. The planets climate has changed many times during its existence, yet now we are too believe that us plebes are driving it.

Oh sure, the special people like Gore will continue to live in luxury and use more resources in a day than the proles do in a year, but that doesn't matter. We have to submit to more taxation and more controls over our lives, because the same fools that tell us that war is good and steal our money in every bigger amounts, tell us to.

Any dissenting voices are ridiculed or suppressed. Careers are destroyed if anyone dares say anything against it. This is true fascism manifesting once again, by people who want to control other people. When are we going to learn? When are we going to say enough is enough and stop doing as we are told?

When taxes are going up to pay for the folly. When we are more limited in our choices, because we are told we are not special enough to warrant the nice car, or the flight for a holiday. When we have to work harder and go through more inconvenience, as sacrifices to the new religion being pushed by the same old players.

Remember this.

Of all the co2 emitted on this planet, mankind is accountable for just 3%. That's right, 97% of all co2 is not our doing. Yet we are beating ourselves to death over that tiny 3%.

Many times throughout the planets history, co2 levels have been high. Much higher. None of those times were down to man and the planet survived.

When they tell us about all that evil co2 in the atmosphere, they don't mention how much too often. Ever wonder why that is? Maybe it's the fact that the current levels of co2 in our atmosphere is just 0.03%. That's right, it is a trace gas. A trace gas that plants need to exist and thus a trace gas that we need to exist!

Even if co2 DID have some significant effect, there simply is no evidence to suggest that effect would be bad or very bad. It could be the best thing to ever happen to this planet, but that isn't even considered by the fascists after our money and control of our lives.

Stuff them. I want action on REAL pollution that actually kills people, or damages the environment. Not this red herring that they know can't be proven. They are using the oldest scam in the book to get the mug population scared. The fear stick seems to work every time. Well I'm not buying it.

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