Saturday, 26 April 2008

Blue Labour talk rubbish in Knaphill

Blue Labour (The party formally known as the Conservatives) have dropped a last minute leaflet in Knaphill.

Beryl "The Peril" Dunham is their candidate here. She looks a bit fierce (like an old fashioned prep school teacher or something), but lets not let a poor photo cloud our judgment of the candidate.

So what has the leaflet got to say? Well it's the typical Punch and Judy stuff, with BL claiming the Lib Dem's put the tax up, not them and has all the Lib Dem style staged photo's, instead of any real explanation of policy or what she can actually do for Knaphill. Of course, she is VERY limited to what she can do, because she has to do as she is told from above.

On the front page of the leaflet, Bezza goes into a few policies though. Now tell me, do these policies sound like a party that believes in low taxation and self responsibility, or a cheap imitation of their fellow EU partners on the left.

1. Free parking for blue badge holders. (Free = taxpayer subsidised)
2. Free swimming for the elderly (Paid for by the taxpayer again, no matter how rich the "elderly" are.
3. Firmly controlled Council finances. (Yes controlled being the operative word. They control the money flowing into the coffers from us mugs nicely.

The back page has all the crappy photos on. One of them has her looking up at the Post Office sign. She doesn't mention the pressure being put on for it to close, due to EU directives that her party fully supports as a willing member.

She then says she will oppose large building projects in Knaphill. Again she fails to mention the reason there is pressure to build in the first place. IE mass, unlimited immigration from the EU, fully supported by her party.

She has another little dig at her EU partners (the Lib Dems) about them being soft on drugs. Personally I couldn't care less about that, I'd rather criminals got the tough measures, not some old granny smoking a spliff to ease her pains.

Then the finale. Now normally UKIP isn't given the time of day in local elections. GE's yes, both of the partners mention UKIP, suggesting it is a wasted vote etc, but this year, they have mentioned UKIP in a local. Maybe the ever increasing vote in Knaphill has them a bit concerned? Especially now Labour have been finished off, I guess they are both looking over their shoulder now!

The dizzy old bat makes the usual blunder of calling the Liberal Democrats "the most radical and pro-European party in main-stream British politics".

Err, well I have no problem with parties being pro-European. I am as pro-European as they come. My issue is with pro-EU and both Blue Labour and the Lib Dems are full on fanatics for that cause. The Lib Dems are hardly radical either. They are just the yellow version of the LibLabCon-sensus.

So don't listen to Batty Beryl. A vote for UKIP is not a vote for the Lib Dems, it is a vote for UKIP, or even more, a vote against the cozy mainstream consensus of which she is a part.

I urge all people in Knaphill to not vote for the old parties, unless you want higher tax and to be told what to do even more. I will be voting for UKIP, but spoiling your paper is also a valid protest, if there is something you don't like about UKIP.

It makes no odds if the Lib Dems or Blue Labour win. They are both controlled and will do roughly the same as each other.

Wednesday, 23 April 2008


Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Are the Lib Dems Sucking Ftupid?

Going on their latest piece of rubbish they have posted through my box, yes.

They have basically replaced pictures of the last village idiot, grinning like he has shat himself, with the latest clone Oily Well. All the same poses, one with a copper, one outside a "insert local place here" and one with him looking like a tit on a cycle.

Yes they must be stupid to think the people of Knaphill will swallow this horse-shit again, but it gets worse.

On the front page they have the usual "Two Horse Race" crapola, with a caption saying "Labour Can't Win Here". Well no shit Sherlock, because Labour are not even running here. They even admit this on the back page! Stupid, stupid, stupid. If they had brains they would be dangerous.

They keep trying to make me vote for their partner Blue Labour, but I will hold firm. Duncan from UKIP will get both mine and my wifes vote. We aren't falling for your rubbish anymore!

Labour destroyed in Knaphill!

Knaphill Duncan CLARKE UKIP
Beryl Rosetta DUNHAM Conservative
Olly WELLS Liberal Democrat

Rejoice, rejoice. It looks like the humiliation of me beating Labour on a regular basis in Knaphill, has finally driven them out. They are not even bothering to run a candidate this year, so the guy taking my place for UKIP has a good opportunity!

Blue Labour will be disheartened though, as they will feel that the Lib Dems could gain from this. Especially with UKIP nibbling away at their principled vote.

Good luck Duncan, I hope you do well.

Congratulations UKIP on securing your first MP

My old party, UKIP, have just gained their first MP. Bob Spink, who is a leading light in the Better Off Out campaign (which I support in full), has finally made the move I hoped for.

I still have a great deal of time for UKIP and their aims. They are still my party of choice for the EU elections and where the Libertarian party don't stand, they shall have my vote in other elections too.

Nigel Farage takes a lot of flack from his own people sometimes. Maybe he deserves it on occasions, but I think his strategy of working with BOO, can be shown to have payed off in a big way here.

Certainly, if I had an MP who was part of BOO, I would not run a campaign against him. Before this country can start mending itself, it has to regain the controls and that won't happen until we are out of the EU.

Well done UKIP.

Monday, 21 April 2008

Olly Wells and the Lib Dems can GET LOST in Woking

I have just recieved a fake hand written letter from Oily Well, the Lib Dem candidate for Knaphill, Woking.

He manages to say precisely fuck all in the two pages, but plays all the usual Lib Dem tricks.

We all know the Lib Dems are the most Statist, don't believe in democracy and are anything but Liberal. Yet still they pay the same old game of promising lower taxes, while also promising the government will look after you from cradle to grave.

Bollocks Oily. You are a liar and your party is a sham.

What makes me feel ashamed though, is he actually makes me want to vote Blue Labour. Yes, I have to really fight the urge to fight for EU puppet B, to stop EU puppet C from winning.

Thankfully though, I am now battle weary enough not to go through with it. As I won't be running this year, as I settle down into my new party, I will be looking at ANYONE but the LibLabCon. Sadly I haven't seen any sight of anyone else, but Blue Labour and the usual mountain of junk mail from the Liars at the Lib Dems.

However, I am told that UKIP have a kid running for them and my old party shall get my vote.

I urge all the people of Knaphill to shun the old parties and their drive to make us the EU's complete bitch. Certainly Oily Well should be the LAST on your list of people to vote for.

John Prescott has bulimia?

Don't make me laugh. The bloke is simply a greedy fat bastard. If he has been making himself sick, he was about as good at it as he was at being a politician.

Will this Jabba the Hutt lookalike sink any lower to make himself rich? The champagne socialist has managed to get a load of publicity for a book, that lets face it, no one would have given two moments thought about!

Prescott addresses Labour party conference.

Maybe I should have more respect for his ability to con a gullible, almost brain dead portion of the public. No, sorry, I don't have any respect for fat useless hypocrites who sell their country out at the first opportunity.

His pitiful "I'm so humble" act, when he talks about anything he thinks will help him earn a few bob makes me want to puke. Sorry fatty, but I remember the trademark snarl and venom against anyone who didn't subscribe to your self preservation pro gramme.

You ain't got Bulimia fatty. Go and find some other mug to try and con.

Saturday, 12 April 2008

Observations from abroad

I have been doing a bit of travel with work of late. Over the last few weeks I have been in Portugal, Spain and Germany. I think the British people need to wake up to something.

We are the least free country in Europe right now!

That's right, we have surrendered our liberty MORE than any other country. Indeed, we seem to be at the forefront of total surrender.

In Spain, you can still smoke in a restaurant, never mind a pub! As long as the owner decide to allow it. The result? A mixture of places where some allow smoking, some don't and some try and accommodate both. Now who would have thought Spain would be more free than Britain just a few decades ago.

In Portugal, you can drive around with little fear of being fined for driving a few miles faster than some bureaucrat thinks is safe, on an empty road in the middle of nowhere. No such luxury here in Britain, as I have noticed NEW speed cameras going up everywhere.

Even Germany has less monitoring of its people, as you walk around its cities, you see vastly less cameras monitoring your every move.

Sure Britain shouldn't be taking its orders from the EU, but the British people have to realise something and realise it fast. The EU would have NO power over us if we didn't have a band of communist traitors in parliament. These career interested scum have no ones interests but their own at heart. This is why Britain is being sold out to special interests, fascism and servitude faster than any other. Make no mistake, if we as a people don't start taking action soon, our children will have a much more difficult time freeing themselves.

When are you going to step up to the plate? When are you going to take action?

Join the Libertarian party now and make this country free once more!

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Porsche takes on Red Ken

Judicial review

Please can all supporters of liberty get behind this campaign. Porsche are taking on the watermelon (green on the outside, red on the inside), because of his environazi measures.

They have a very strong case that government (EU lead) interference, is doing more damage than good. Go an read the whole of the review section on the Porsche sight, as it really does show you how the morons who pretend they know all the answers, really have no clue.

Politicians need to have as minimal influence as possible. They aren't experts, they are selfish greedy cretins, with their own self interest out heart. Lobby groups and special interests know this, so they easily manipulate them with rewards. This is exactly why minimal government is the not only the moral way, but the best way.

Saturday, 5 April 2008

Awesome alien footage caught on CCTV

I salute the guy who did this.